Sunday, October 07, 2007

Husband Crushes

I don't know if it is called a crush, but I can tell when my husband finds an actress attractive. Some of the crushes don't bother me at all. Farrah Fawcett, for instance. She was way before he met me, and, after that poster of her, most boys fell in love with her. Well, I think my husband's most recent crush is Julia Stiles. I mean, the other day, we were at a Blockbuster (I hate the store, I really do, but they are convenient), and he wanted to rent "The Prince and Me." We actually rented it, and after the first couple of scenes, the movie really lost momentum. His little crush on her bothers me – she is significantly younger than I am, she is blond, and she is hot.

You know, I guess I should start over and make some order of this post. It was originally meant to be added to a Random Friday post, but I have more to say.

The first series of women who I don't really want my husband to have a crush on are the trampy women. You know, Paris Hilton. I don't really know a lot about Ms. Hilton, but I do know that from the limited amount of information, she is not smart, brags about not being smart, and we would not even know her name if her father was not an extremely rich man.

I don't want my husband to lust for tramps because I want him to have better taste. Really. Obviously, I want him to only think of me sexually, but, well, that is probably never going to happen. In light of that, I just want him to have better taste than to think of tramps.

Funny thing is that most of us can name the tramps. I don't think that is a coincidence.

Women Who Resemble Me
Now, when we were going out, I could tell my husband liked me physically. And he like other shortish, brunette, cute women. Unfortunately for me, there are a lot of us out here, so his eyes constantly are wandering. Well, not constantly, but wandering a little bit too much for my taste.

I have gone back and forth about being pissed when hubbie looks at women who resemble me. I used to be pissed because, hello, he has me, but I have grown more tolerant in my years. Well, sometimes I still get pissed.

Women Who I Wonder About
Occasionally, very occasionally, my husband will find someone attractive that I just have to scratch my head about. Most recently there is Patricia Heaton, who played Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond. I am sort of assuming Everybody Loves Raymond has ended because she is now in the new sit-com Back to You (I get my information about TV shows from ads).

I am not really upset at these crushes. More bewildered than anything.

Then there are the movies where both a female and a male character strikes a chord with both of us. Finding Forester is such a movie. When we were watching it, I could tell that my husband was attracted to Anna Paquin, who plays Claire Spence in the movie. I was a bit more lucky, as I was attracted to the main character, Jamal Wallace (played by Rob Brown). Now I don't know anything else these two have played, and I suppose the story has a lot to do to the attraction – the main characted was a young, brilliant, writer. Yum.

And for me, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.


Sue said...

My girlfriend finds Patricia Heaton hot too. I never got it. Then again, we always say that Ray's family is our family except instead of Everybody loves Raymond, it is Everybody loves Donna :) Marie? my MIL --all the way!!

Anonymous said...

Patricia Heaton is HOTTTTT!!! It may be a guy thing. She's the hot wife you want to come home to that is up for sex, but not a slut or overly overt. She loves her husband even though he's a dufus.

I don't know, it's a guy thing I think and I'm not sure even I can explain it.


T said...

Wow Leesa, you have been thinking about the crushes your husband has. You are being polite calling the first group "tramps". I have no clue why guys think these women are hot.
Patricia Heaton is attractive, but not crush material to me. There are two women that my wife knows I will comment about everytime I see them. Salma Hayak and Keira Knightly. Now can any two women be more different? Plus, neither one looks like my wife who is a tall blond. I also have this thing for female movie characters who kick ass like Kate Beckinsale and Milla Jovovich.. go figure. I like strong women. A fun post to start the week.

RWA said...

That Farrah Fawcett poster was a classic. I should have taken better car of the one I had - but I was 12 (or 13).

I think they sell for $30 or more on ebay now.

Anna Paquin was also in "X-Men," but I am guessing you didn't see that.

Prata said...

If were weren't into asian chicks as much as I am..I'd so date Ms. Heaton.l She's pretty hot. I think edge hit the nail on the's just a guy thing.

Leesa said...

sue: how interesting!

edge: I guess I don't understand it.

t: When I see Keira Knightly, all I can picture is Bend It Like Beckham.

rwa: X-men? I thought that was a cartoon.

prata: Some things I just don't get.

Ian Lidster said...

I have to agree about Patricia Heaton. She is hot, but I can't say exactly why.

Anonymous said...

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