Thursday, November 01, 2007


Savannah has some of the prettiest cemeteries. Not sure of you are an aficionado of cemeteries, but I am.

I have walked through cemeteries my whole life.

I see cemeteries as parks on top of the deceased. Walking in graveyards does not bother me, and I am normally drawn to some of the simple beauty of tombstones, trees allowed to grow at their own pace, and an assortment of flowers, usually in varying states of decay.

I really wanted to prance through a graveyard last night, but it being Halloween, I opted out. Perhaps tonight. Perhaps I will visit a cemetery tomorrow night, on All Souls.

Have a happy All Saint's Day.


Leesa said...

I love to walk through cemeteries.. also love to photograph them.
There's a certain peacefulness about them.

T said...

I like to visit cemeteries to see the history of the area and wonder how these souls fit into it. Long ago when I was about 12, before cemeteries had tractors and such to dig the plots, my best friend and I got to help bury someone. In reality, it got the gravediggers out of doing some work.... but we thought it was pretty cool.

RWA said...

I was in Savannah once on business, and they do have some interesting cemeteries. I think an evening stroll through one of them would be great.

garyg said...

My favorite memory of Savannah was visiting the cemetary near the river and going to Conrad Aiken's grave... is it "Cosmic Voyager, Destination Unknown" on the bench? What a wonderful place to meditate, learn, wonder. I share your fascination with cemetaries.

And by the way, although I happened upon your blog through totally bizarre circumstances, namely a wayward and aimless porn search, I am now a Leesa junkie. Write that book. By all means. You have a prose style gift, my dear.

LarryLilly said...

My view of death allows me to visit cemeteries in the same manner, a place of history, not a place of grief,

After my daughter died, we went to the cemetery often, and while my wife went there to grieve, I would walk around looking at the other markers/monuments. While in general it was a walk that allowed me to see others in a reflect sense, particularly haunting was the section reserved for infants and small children, less than 2, for parents that did not enough money to buy a regular sized plot.

I posted to my blog a story that this post made me remember.

Anonymous said...

I like Halloween. And I'm fascinated with ghosts and such.


Leesa said...

leesa: I have taken pictures as well.

t: that is sort of creapy.

rwa: yeah, and historic cemeteries, at that.

garyg: porn search. Yeah, not surprised.

larry: thanks for the story. Very interesting.

edge: I am, sometimes.

kathi said...

Being in a cemetary with my camera, one of my favorite places to be.