Friday, November 30, 2007

Bizarre Lying

I called into work this morning, and I lied. Funny thing is that I was sick, but I lied about it.

I said that I was "under the weather", meaning I had a cold, but that was a lie. Let me explain what really happened.

Yesterday, I was working out in the early evening. I normally work out a few days per week, on the ellipticals. I used to call them stair-steppers, but that is so 1990s.

I normally listen to my iPod, but I did not get a chance to charge the battery, so I used the ear buds to listen to what was on the tube. Well, some movie came on, and I started watching it. My elipticals last 30 minutes, but the 1/2-hour workout was not enough time to watch the movie. So I continued to use the machine and watch.

And I continued and continued. Well, during the workout, I had to grab my cell phone and call hubbie, explaining that I was watching a movie. He sort of laughed at me. I mean, it is sort of pitiful, us without cable, me watching some lame movie.

Well, I went home later than I wanted to go home, had eaten something on the way, and went to bed a little earlier than normal.

I woke up the next morning, and I could not move my legs. The alarm went off, and I could not move my legs.

I did not want to call work and say, "I am sorry, I cannot go to work this morning because I cannot move my legs." The translation is normally "I had hot sex all last night and my legs don't work." And that was just not the case. I mean, I was watching a movie, not having sex.

So I lied.

I am told that the only way to feel better is to work my legs. Holy crap, this is a bizarre and topsy-turvy world.


LarryLilly said...


Oh come on Lessa, they know that you still have sex, dont they?

They dont!

I am shocked!

You could have said that you were dead from walking for the March of Dimes.

Your walk, their dimes!

Advizor said...

You have to tell us what the movie was that kept you going for so long.

Years ago some friends got together for a day of basketball and squash (not the food, the court sport, similar to racquetball, but way better).

Anyway, the winner in squash stayed on the court and the loser went to play basketball. Well, since I was good at squash, and horrible at b-ball, I played squash for about 6 hours.

The next morning I couldn't move. Every muscle from my hips down was on fire. My landlady, Izabelle, who was 96 at the time, laughed at me all day. She even challenged me to a race. It was probably the most painful day of my sporting life.

So good job Leesa, now go and find another movie to watch.....

RWA said...

Wow. That is a long time to be working out.

I think you should have told the truth. If they wanted to put themselves in the gutter and assume it was from "hot sex," that's their problem.

Iron Pugilist said...

To lose my belly, I have to have a good back to do sit-ups. But I have a bad back. The best way to improve my back- yep, you guessed it- is to lose my belly. Funny how things work.

It would spoil my ego if my supervisor assumed I called in sick because I had great sex last night.

Leesa said...

larry: I don't publisize the fact that I still have sex. Some married people don't.

advizor: I never got the name of the movie. Had I gotten it, I would have went home to rent it.

rwa: yeah, I thought about it. But it was legitimately for health reasons.

iron: how ironic.

GW Mush said...


I know a lot about football & hot women, but I dont have a clue what you were saying, hehe

Maybe that is why there arent any female college football coaches, hehe

ut oh!