Monday, December 03, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

Have you ever heard someone say something like, "I have a decision to make. Do I continue in this marriage and try and work it out, or do I smother him with a pillow in his sleep." This is an example of one type of argument fallacy. I can't remember the name of the type of fallacy, but it is because the question has only two options: (1) work it out, and (2) smother by pillow. Well, we know that there are other options: (1) poison, (2) shot by firearm, and (3) defenestration (to throw him out a window, preferably a high one with alligators at the bottom of the building).

All joking aside, when someone looks at merely two choices, one necessarily limits one's choices. And having limited choices is not always bad. I mean, if I am crossing the road and an 18-wheeler is bearing down on me, I would rather only examine the first option that gets me out of the truck's way. Time is of the essence, and all.

But for many of life's choices, there are more than two options.

I had been thinking about quitting this blog, because I was looking at two choices, (1) continuing to write crap five days per week, and (2) quitting my blog.

You see, I have noticed that writing every day, every work day, is difficult. And, being difficult is not necessarily a bad thing. But it is difficult, and the end product is not so good. I mean, every once in a while, an entry is really good, but on the whole, the words are average. Vanilla.

Someone recently said that their ex called her vanilla, and she was pissed, angry. Vanilla is supposed to be such a bad word, but I enjoy vanilla ice cream. Eating ice cream with fruit does not hide the taste of the fruit or the ice cream. To be described as a person who is themselves but lets others be themselves too seems to be is good flavor. I sort of want to be vanilla.

Oh, back to me.

I was thinking of either quitting my blog or not blogging. Yeah, sort of tired of it, actually. Notice, dear readers that both choices were essentially the same? Well, if the choice was to quit blogging or to continue as is, I don't know what my choice would be. Both choices, to me, are not good choices. Not today.

But there is another option. Several other options. I could continue writing and smother my husband. That would be another choice. An even better choice (hey, I love him most of the time) might be to write three times per week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Me, I want to find some really good vanilla ice cream.


Advizor said...

I'd like to keep you writing, so here's what I can do....

I write in my lonely little blog as a chance to put things on "paper" that I can't, or won't share with people in my real life. I like to see my words getting out into the ether. I like to hear myself think, and sometimes, I just like to type.

If no one reads my blog (and they don't) that's OK, that's not what it's for. I write as an outlet for my own inner dialogue and to see if things make sense when I see them on the page.

If you enjoy writing every day, then write, when it stops being fun, stop. It's your blog, your time, your stories.

If you write, I will read. If you stop, I'll be sad, and then go read someone else, but I'm sure it won't be as good, or as entertaining.

And, if you decide to smother your husband, let me know, and I'll come out to see you. But you'd have to do it soon, 'cause I have a free plane ticket but it expires in January.

RWA said...

Hope you found your ice cream.

I trust you will let all of us know when you have made a choice/decision?

Grant said...

I say go with another option. Instead of feeling compelled to blog, why don't you just do it sporadically when you feel the urge? Also, you can cheat by doing things like having guest bloggers post on your site. Or you can do other things, like link to stories you find interesting and add a few thoughts of your own instead of feeling the need to produce a full page per day. Also, chainsaws work well.

In closing - butterscotch topping rulz!

Ian Lidster said...

Find the ice cream before you make the decision.
Utterly selfishly, I hope you don't go away because I like your blog very much. I suspect if I knew you in person I'd like you very much, too. We might even fall in love and cause a horrible scandal and that would mess everybody up. That wouldn't be good, because then we'd have to make decisions.
But, seriously, I hear you about your blog, and sometimes I grew weary of mine, as much as I love doing it. And sometimes I think of killing my blogroll and just respond at random, rather than feel obligated. Which I don't, but if I let myself I could.
But, I do know I'd miss it, and I'd miss people like you.
So, I dunno.
I just hope you keep doing it, even if you only did it once a week -- your blog, that is.

Leesa said...

advizor: you know, I don't feel compelled to express myself. Not now. I once did, but working on a blog for three years sort of scratches that itch.

rwa: I am not willing to pull the plug on my blog yet, but I will be cutting back - Mon, Wed, Fri.

grant: you are indeed wise. Butterscotch topping does rule. And you know, I do think back to what you did with your blog as well.

ian: I don't think I will be going away soon. I will be cutting back, and perhaps, writing in a different form. Less self-indulgent, more focussed.

Prata said... ate my comment...screw it.

LarryLilly said...

Wanting to do versus having to do.

Answer the call of wanting, not having.

Then you will be better, and we will still be happy.

~Deb said...

Alternative option:

Vlog it. Eat your vanilla ice-cream, while speaking into the camera and vlog it all. Want to be anonymous? Wear a mask. Make sure to insert a hole by the mouth area.......of course, for the ice-cream.... and then when you feel like writing again, we'll be here to fetch it all!

Don't leave us hanging babe!

You're loved! :)

Leesa said...

prata: I hate when that happens.

larry: thanks!

~deb: I don't even have a video camera. Or want to learn how to use it, edit video, upload, etc.

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