Friday, November 16, 2007

Random Friday #11

Link Exchange
I don't get why people ask me to exchange links. Not on this blog anymore, but on another one I maintain. I mean, you should link to a blog if you believe it is of interest to you or your readers. Conversely, the other blogger should link to back your blog if she believes it's good for her readers. Linking should be about quality, about fit, not reciprocation.

When someone asks to trade links, what they are really saying is "I don't really like your site enough to link to it. If I did, I'd already have your link up. But, even though your site isn’t worth linking to, I’ll do it anyway if you’ll link back."

Reminds me a little like exchanging oral sex offers. If the guy really doesn't want to do it, the oral sex isn't all that great. The same is true of link exchanges.

College Football
I follow one team in college football, and thankfully for me, they are not in the hunt for the national championship. Unlike most sports, there is no tournament for the national championship. This is not the case because of "academic integrity"; that the players need to study. Even NCAA I-AA football has a championship, and one could argue that their schools are more interested in players needing an education.

If my team were in the running, I would not be able to explain changes in the rankings. Hawaii, not my team but a proven underdog, has slipped in the rankings by winning. Now, I know they have no quality wins, but neither did Ohio State. Not really.

I don't know enough about football to be able to tell which team is better. All I know is that when looking at who beats whom, both Ohio State and Hawaii have not beaten a top twenty team this season. Even if Ohio State beats Michigan, well, Michigan is not a top twenty team. Oh, and if Hawaii beats Boise State, they will have beaten a top twenty team. Now, that does not mean that Hawaii is better than Ohio State, but there are lots of teams who have beaten several top twenty (and even top ten) teams.

I would sort of hate to root for Hawaii. Sort of like being an Auburn alum a few years ago. Perfect season, and did not get to play for the national championship. I am so glad that I don't take football seriously.

Great Hair
David Krumholtz has the nicest hair. Why isn't he all over the tabloids. I mean, if you are going to make someone popular, make someone popular with yummy hair.

The Great Bra Chase
Every time I find a new, wonderful bra, the company who manufactures the bra changes the design. I believe that this is some sort of male bra manufacturer conspiracy. My latest find is the Wacoal iBra. Expensive but nice. I bet by this time next year, Apple Computer will have filed an injunction against Wacoal and the iBra will be no more. Then off to hunt a new favorite bra. I don't want to be a hunter; I want to be a gatherer with support.


Prata said...

Leesa, will you link exchange with me? *blinks* Sorry, I couldn't help myself! =-P

Sheen V said...

Let's go Buckeyes!! Beat Michigan!!

Advizor said...

I've been approached a few times to "exchange links" and they have all turned out to be links to adult sites that make people pay to join. Now, I don't have anything against sites for grown-ups, but when they approach bloggers like me, pretending to be individuals, it's really annoying.

I've actually exchanged links with two sites, one immediately went out of business, and the other one routinely sends a few visitors my way every month. I don't get many visitors at all, really, which is fine with me, but it's nice to know that some of my traffic is coming from a site I like.

As for the "Wacoal iBra" it is very cute. I looked it up on line from here at work, and, of course, my company blocks most of the lingerie sites that sell it. I can, strangely enough, see it, and lots of other lingerie, through which they don't block.

So, by searching for "thong panties" at Amazon, I may not get all of the options I may see at, let's say, Victoria's Secret, but I see what they don't want me to see. So it seems kind of pointless. But, I'll say it again, the iBra is very cute. We would all love to see a picture of you wearing it, and very little else....

And as for David Krumholtz and his great hair. Huh? To me, a guy, it just looks all greasy and icky. if that's what it takes to get a woman as beautiful as you, I'm never going to wash my hair again.


GW Mush said...


I wont exchange links but I dont see why you and me cant exchange saliva, hehehe

Leesa said...

prata: we have already exchanged links.

sheen: looks like you got your wish.

advizor: interesting stories. I don't exchange links, and over the past year, I have not really tried to send people to my site either. I get 200 people per day visiting my site, and I don't know why they do, actually.

gw: ha ha. My exchanging saliva with men I am not married to has ended.

RWA said...

I don't think I've ever even considered comparing link exchanges with oral sex - but that does make sense.

An Auburn alum, huh? Good for you!

Anonymous said...

My wife likes this progresso soup. I don't even remember the name. Anyway I was sent on a mission to get a few cans. I figured after 3 stores if I found some I'm buying all they have. So I bought 10 cans of this stuff.

Moral of the story is, if you find a good bra, buy like 100 of them or something.


Leesa said...

rwa: not an Auburn alum.

edge: bras cost a tad more than a can of soup.

Advizor said...

For the classic discussion of the hard-to-find bra, look no further than Al Bundy in all his wisdom:

It's a classic

Leesa said...

advizor: er, Al Bundy? Um, yeah, that's who I would trust with these important issues.

Advizor said...

You really should check out the link. It's all about finding the perfect bra...