Monday, November 26, 2007

All Things Football

Cute Football PlayerSEC discussion – not really important
Okay, my Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets lost to Georgia this weekend. Okay, I am bummed. But we will not talk about how Georgia Tech lost the game. Let's talk about the BCS for a moment. After another shake-up with the two top teams, here is how several teams are now ranked in the BCS system:

1. Missouri
2. West Virginia
3. Ohio State
4. Georgia
7. LSU
12. Hawaii
14. Tennessee

Now, I don't know a lot about football, but I can read the top rankings. Here is what is weird: next week LSU (#7 in the BCS) will play Tennessee ($14 in the BCS) for the SEC championship.

Yeah, I know, I know. The SEC is not the ACC. (Slight jab at the SEC.) But next week, someone will be crowned the SEC champion, and there is a chance, if Missouri and West Virginia both loose next week, that Georgia could be playing Ohio State for the national championship. So there is a chance that someone who is third in the SEC could be the national champion.

Now, except that I hate Georgia, that would be fine with me. That will show that the whole BCS national champion business is flawed.

Hawaii's woes
I don't know who is better, but here is something that is really weird. Hawaii is the only NCAA 1A school without a loss, and they are ranked #12 in the BCS. Yeah, Yeah, strength of schedule. But here is the weird part: Ohio State is ranked #3 with one loss, and they only beat – let me look it up – zero teams that were ranked in the top 20 (not sure what the poll is, but it is the one that they use to hype games – AP poll, I think). And the 11-0 Hawaii, with their easy-breezy schedule, played one team in the top 20. So Hawaii had one more victory over a top 20 team and one fewer loss, and they are ranked 9 places below Ohio State.


RWA said...

Hawaii's conference (WAC) is much weaker than Ohio State's (Big 10) - as was Hawaii's non-conference schedule. I am pretty sure Hawaii played two Division I-AA teams.

Leesa said...

Many around here would argue that Ohio State's non-conference schedule is weaker than many other teams. They played Youngstown State (Gateway Conference, I have no idea if this is a NCAA 2A or not), Akron and Washington (which Hawaii plays next week).

I have nothing against Ohio State - they beat everyone they played (well, not everyone). Sort of like Hawaii. To me, both conferences seem inferior to the ACC, SEC, Big East and Big 12.

Anonymous said...

All this will silence when someone at the NCAA pulls their head out with a tractor and decides that a playoff system would be better than blind guessing and casting lots.

It pisses me off.

I knew Missouri was good when I watched them beat Tech. They are a machine.

I outlined a playoff system last year. It's a shortened version of the basketball playoffs in college and takes the #1 and #2 teams in each conference. I think it turns out to be 16 teams. That's 4 weeks so we could end by January 1st.


~gkw said...

Third place in the SEC is BETTER than 1st place anywhere else! :)

Anonymous said...

I was with you all the way up to the word "football", and then my eyes glazed over. However, I like that ranking system. I should be ready to fight the champion for the heavyweight title of the world, seeing as how I'm undefeated against the local girl scout troop.

- Grant

LarryLilly said...

While they sell it as "only a game", its all about money.

How else could Notre Dame get a contract that calls for each and every game to be on TV.

But I see it as still a game. However, without making it a two semester sport, do away with non conference puff cake games. Play the conference from day one, no ifs ands or butts. Then that would take about six weeks, then have a playoff for conference champs. Roll the major conference champs into a pre-determined alignment, that would be about 16 teams, that would take 4 additional weeks, then you would have a season that would be as long as a semester, 10 games or so.

But since bowls are big business, its just not going to happen, so that way several teams/bowls can claim mythical winners.

But its still a game, right?

Yeah, Right!

Leesa said...

edge: I would rather see the top 16 teams in the BCS do the playoffs. That way, Hawaii would get a chance as well.

~gkw: Not every year. And I think Tennessee will get killed next week. Tennessee is a pretender, but lots of SEC schools are very good.

grant: good point.

larry: it is all about money, but those who make the decisions don't realize that there is more money to be made with a playoff system.

Scott Jones said...

Hawaii doesn't deserve a chance ata BCS bowl, IMO. I don't care if there undefeated, at least 10 of the PAC10 and SEC teams would be undefeated with that schedule. If you're in a non-BCS conference and you want to EARN respect, you must schedule and play the big boys. If you don't get respect because your strength of schedule is dead last in the NCAA (as Hawaii's is), then you have to play the big boys, just as former pushovers ASU, South Florida, Florida State, Boise State, etc have done. Instead, Hawaii refuses to schedule the big boys unless they do a home-and-home. Sorry, you won't get anyone wanting to take that deal, as it costs a boatload to play there. ASU got stuck in the Hawaii Bowl last year, and even with the payoff and stipend reimbursement, we still lost nearly $600,000. Not to mention their thug fans...the University had to actually cut PSAs for their fans asking them NOT to beat up opposing fans at the game last week-no joke!

Hawaii has instead decided that it's strategy for respect will be running up the stats for the computer rankings, putting a boatload of money into advertising their system QB (whether former CU rapist Colt Brennan, or Timmy Chang) for the Heisman, and then scheduling as many cupcakes as possible so their record looks great at the year's end. That strategy should not be rewarded.

Leesa said...

scott: some SEC fans would consider Ohio State's schedule a cupcake schedule. If Ohio State would add an SEC team, even a mid-tier SEC team, it would improve their impression in the south.

RWA said...

scott jones, for the record, Colt Brennan was never convicted of any sex-related crimes. Don't be afraid to let facts stand in your way of insulting, even libeling, the man.

Sheen V said...

Go Buckeyes!!!

Leesa said...

rwa: I had to google Colt Brennan to see what you are talking about. Anyway, all I can say is that he has a way-cool name for a quarterback. According to an ESPN article (quoting), "Brennan was convicted of first-degree criminal trespass and second-degree burglary, but was acquitted of charges of sexual assault and indecent exposure. He was sentenced to seven days in jail and four years probation."

sheen: there are lots of Buckeye fans.