Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Friday #26 (Half of a Deck of Cards)

Legislative Inefficiencies
We have inefficiencies in a lot of our systems. When many spending bills are passed, there is a certain amount of "pork" attached to it. And senior legislatures think of this as the cost of doing business. I mean, you can see senators and congressmen attaching amendments to bills to fund the building of a road, the additional of a program, whatever. Even in local media, people talk about government grants (based on the passing of some of these bills) as if it were free money. Someone has to pay the bills, or at least print the money.

Healthcare Inefficiencies
We all want health insurance. But if you look at it on the whole, the insurance industry costs us a lot of money. I mean, if you go to the ER, the bill is more than $200 to be seen. Even if the answer is, "Looks like you are not going to die. Schedule an appointment with your PCM to get drugs." I don't know the answer, but I expect when the Chili's waitperson asks me to pay the bill with a Celebrex pen, I am seeing some of the cost of healthcare.

I am a big believer that numerology is a bunch of crap, but then I look at how I make decisions. If I go on an elevator, I don't like taking elevator 1 or 4 (if there are many elevators). Completely irrational. When looking at bathroom stalls, I pick an even number from the end, all else being equal. When leaving a tip, I always pay in whole dollars, so a 23.11 becomes 27.11. Why not $27.00 even? Anyway, it seems that so many little decisions are based on completely irrational things, why shouldn't I believe in numerology. I mean, I am half-way there right now.

Being Polite
I have a friend who always says "How are you" as a greeting. The other day, she said this while passing someone. I was with her, and the person did not respond. She said, under her breath but loud enough for me and the offender to hear, "Bitch." If you act polite and then are rude, does that make you a rude person who appears polite on the outside? I think it does.

Boob Jobs
I have known three women at work (over the years) that have had boob jobs. Well, two I knew, and one I suspected. Both women that had them wanted me to feel their boobs. I mean, when I complimented them (more out of social obligation than anything else), both said, "Go ahead, touch them." After an awkward pause, I touched them (more out of social obligation than anything else). I avoided both women for the rest of the day. The third woman – who took a week off for an "elective procedure" I suspected just did not want for us to feel her boobs. Actually, when she came back, my first reaction was to look at her face – I mean, I thought she was having some other work done. After writing this, I think I have revealed too much.

US Post Office
If it will save a bunch of money, I would be okay with having mail delivered 4 days per week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I mean, they are off so many Mondays anyway, and I suspect that they skip a day anyway. I would even endorse them switching it up, the days they deliver, around time zones, if that helps. I mean, when I mail a package, I know there is a 30% chance that it will be lost or damaged anyway, if mailed through the US Post Office. True story: I overnighted something (at the cost of $30 or so), and the US Post Office delivered it one month later. It was a flat envelope that looked like it got caught in some gears or something. It was something like a contract – and when it did not arrive in a day, I had to re-notarize the stuff and re-mail. Not only did I have to pay another $30, but when I found out that the original was delivered a month late, they would not refund the money. Something about them not guaranteeing their service. So now I am a fan of UPS or Fed Ex. Both work so much better.

Market Forces
I am a big believer in market forces. If you make something illegal (drugs), you drive up the price to the point where some will still meet the needs of the people who want illegal drugs. [I am not saying that drugs are good or bad with this example; personally I think most illegal drugs probably do harm to the body.] Anyway, I sort of like The Mentalist. I don't love the show, but I like it. What I did not like was that CBS stopped streaming the show. So then you find sites pop up, just looking for a show or two. I wish CBS would come to its senses and stream the video. In an environment where everyone is scrambling for viewership, this makes little sense.

Being Objectified, or Chickipedia
While looking for an image for a recent post on news and Gnooze, I found a site called Chickipedia. I did not use the pic on the Gnooze blog entry because the pic was a bit too sexy for my blog. I don't buy into objectifying women. Well, I did not until I saw this site. The site boasts near 8,000 women (called chicks), more than 100 thousand images, a bunch of videos and three articles. Okay, there are probably a bunch of articles as well, but they are not featured on the site. Whenever you see an image that lists their approximate bust, waist and hip measurements and then will link to similar chicks, I am thinking "objectifying." And then I think – um, guys, come back to my post. Really. Guys. Please finish my post first.

Caroline Smailes Interview
I just read on SSC's blog where she interviewed Caroline Smailes. I am a tad bit jealous, because I know meeting an author can be a wonderful experience. She even has a contest for a signed book on her site. Not that I want any competition, but I suggest you go over to her site and check out the interview and the contest.


Debbie said...

I just heard that the postmaster general is getting a large bonus this year while we are going to have our delivery decreased. But, I'm with you - I don't think they count Mondays as work days anyway.

~Deb said...

The whole numerology thing may just be based on OCD. Who knows,.....sounds all too familiar. ;)

And the polite thing----that's hysterical!

Sheen V said...

I've been a reader of Chickipedia for a while now. I don't consider it objectifying women - if they're models, they're getting paid to have their picture taken for the purpose of someone else looking at it. I mean, if one doesn't want another to see them, don't have your picture taken.

Leesa said...

Debbie: ph, I hope you are not right about the Postmaster. But I bet you are right. Drats.

~Deb: the numerology/OCD thing makes sense to me.

Sheen: I have never heard of Chikipedia before the other day.

Julie said...

Thanks for reading my blog! I'm trying to get caught up with everyone, so I'll be back to read more of yours...

Have a great weekend!

LegalMist said...

Dropped by through the "Black Boxes" widget. I like your style.

I've had quite the opposite experience with the Post Office. I generally just stick things in the mail with 1st class postage (no paying extra for overnight delivery for me!), and they almost always arrive the next day. Sometimes takes two days. I've very rarely had anything lost or delayed. UPS and FedEx also do a fine job, but are generally more expensive than regular old mail.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered how fake boobs feel. My wife wants them if we have the money. I want to know what they feel like. She has a friend that's getting them. I have a chance if she gets them.

One of my favorite arguments against the separation of church and state is that the mail has to be delivered 7 days a week. Lately, I've also been thinking the post office really missed an opportunity by not getting into email or cell phones or texting. I don't like UPS, but when companies like FedEx can do a job better than the government, why use the government?

And ... I'm always curious about fortune tellers. I want to talk to a REAL psychic. I have a few questions.

Good content today.

J said...

Thanks for the comment, and providing me with the opportunity to while away an enjoyably lazy Saturday afternoon reading your blog. And on the subject of post, I'm waiting for a package posted two and a half months ago in the UK to reach me in China - argh!

AcuityTodos said...

When someone says "How are you", I, regretably, often make the false assumption that they want to know. And that is usually followed by a very unfriendly stare, should I be honest!

AcuityTodos said...
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Awake In Rochester said...

Women ask you to touch their boobs at work? Where can I get an application? ;)

I like even numbers. I have to have my unread e-mail number even. So even if I don't have time to read all. I will read one to make it even. I also like three numbers in a row on my digital clock. 3:33 is one of my favorites. I'm not sure why. lol

Leesa said...

julie: thanks, sweetie.

legalmist: Black boxes - pretty creative, really.

knot: I am still pushing for a 4-day mail service.

J: 2-1/2 months. Wow. Hope it is not a fruit of the month club package.

acuity: I want to know how some people are. A surgeon, for instance. Or to make sure the airline pilot is not drunk.

awake: I like certain numbers. 6 is one of my favorites. A perfect number, 1+2+3 = 6 and 1*2*3 = 6.