Thursday, February 19, 2009

Phallic Symbols on the Brain

I read with interest how ~Deb's psychiatrist pieced together that her venue for her wedding ceremony (a lighthouse) might be a subconscious attempt to suggest that she is missing something. Think of a sex organ that she and Madeline both lack.

I had not a clue, either.

Then I thought of the lighthouse at Tybee Island, a place that I am completely at peace. So I love this phallic symbol. When I went to Washington, DC, years ago, what was one of the highlights of my trip? Visiting the Washington Monument. You know, Washington, DC's 555 foot pecker.

And when I went to Paris, France. What attraction was I drawn to that make me weak at the knees when I experienced rising to the top of it? The Eiffel Tower. More than 1000 feet of iron penis.

My favorite pasta? Butternut squash ravioli – that is, ravioli stuffed with a vegetable that looks like a dick with balls. Speaking of vegetables, what are two of my other favorite vegetables? Asparagus and mushrooms, both resembling little cocks.

Pretty soon it appears that my whole world is all about the male organ. The dream that always scares me? Dreams of snakes. Thanks, Sigmund Freud and your dream interpretation. Long, wiggling penises pursuing me is scary.

Pardon me while I look for a good stiff drink. I just hope the container doesn't resemble a . . . you know what.


74WIXYgrad said...

Do you like Hostess Ding Dongs?

Do you shop for sporting goods at Dicks?

Or go through the phone book, stop at the listings under the name "Johnson" and wonder?

Or even wonder if a certain basketball star in the 80's thought he had a magic johnson?

Sheen V said...

Same thing's happened to me - when we were in Italy we climbed every bell tower we came across. And the climb up St. John's Cathedral's dome is amazing.

Grant said...

I like to drink beer out of long-neck bottles, so apparently I'm gay. I'm glad we have the psychiatric community to help clear these little messes up, because I could have sworn I found women attractive.

Ian Lidster said...

Yes, we males lack in equivalent bits of indentedness to ponder. Of course, there is the peach -- Georgia or otherwise.

Leesa said...

wixy: I think you may have penis on the brain.

sheen: St. John's Cathedral? Is that the one in northern Italy where you climb up a bazillion steps (all around the dome)?

Grant: You like J-women too much to be gay.

ian: peach fuzz always makes me giggle.

Sheen V said...

That's the one! And it's totally worth the effort.

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Ha I like it!