Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Friday #25

Verizon Conversation
I saw this video on YouTube some time ago, and I knew I could write about it. Problem is, I did not want to develop the idea. Guess I should just start a Random Post. Better than developing a post.

Anyway, it is a tape recording of a conversation between two Verizon employees and a customer. And in this case, the customer is right, but neither employee (manager and someone working the phones) can tell the difference between dollars and cents. I think the basic problem is . . . that the employees are idiots. Sorry, it is just that neither employee understand that units of measure are important. Anyone who has ever baked knows units are important - think of adding one tablespoon instead of a teaspoon of salt.

The Watchmen
I just saw a trailer for the movie: The Watchmen. In the trailer, they make the claim, "the most celebrated graphic novel of all time." I have never heard of the graphic novel – just saw some movie posters in movie theaters before reading the above blog entry. I had not a clue what it was about.

I have never read a graphic novel, and I sort of write this with pride. I mean, when I first heard the term, I thought it was an erotic novel. I just did not connect that graphic was in "picture" not expressing the words on the page. I have seen graphic novels in bookstores, but I have not really opened the books. I guess I consider them "comic books" and I am not interested in comics. I am not a 12-year-old boy. Sometimes I think this makes me close-minded. Not giving graphic novels a chance.

Pop Culture: Invading HS Students Lives
I don't do pop culture. I think it is fappid. I found a site that was supposed to teach me about pop culture. Actually, I think it is a guy's top 50 hottest women in all sorts of categories. For instance, in sports, there is a girl by the name of Allison at #3 (her last name is on the site, but she is a GIRL - a high school girl. From the site: "Allison is a pole vaulter for the California high school. She doesn’t have any major sport achievements to date, but she became immensely popular on the Internet after a big website featured her pictures. Well, after I saw the images I became her biggest fan immediately."

She is a high school girl, for gosh sakes. What is wrong with these people?

Reading Comments
I try to read and to respond to comments. And occasionally, very occasionally, I re-read a comment. I have re-read this comment perhaps a dozen times:

Well that's what I mean by text being misconstrued, however I beg to differ re: my extreme creativity, because I certainly cannot transition so beautifully as this: "I believe the ability to create and express yourself in an artistic way is a product of the number of orgasms you can achieve on a given evening."

That my dear, is creative! ;) I love your transitions.

After reading this, I decided to write a few complementary comments of other bloggers. I am not sure my comments had the same effect – probably didn't – but I hope they did. I was on cloud nine.

New Blogs
I was going outside of my comfort zone recently, and I found a New Blog. By new, I don't mean new to me. Well, it is new to me, but it is also a brand new blog. Jasmine is the author, and it is called An Experiment in Poverty. It is always hard to give your heart to a new blog . . . because so many of them don't seem to get off the ground. There are a few good posts, and then nothing. Not sure about this one, though. Perhaps it is the start of a wonderful blog. She posts no pictures of scantily clad Japanese women, she is not a Washington DC insider, and she is not from the refined South (Georgia). But in reading her, I remember what was going on with me right after college. When I was just starting out as an adult.


LarryLilly said...

Leesa said ..." I remember what was going on with me right after college. When I was just starting out as an adult."

Leesa, in some ways you were an adult long before you graduated from college.

74WIXYgrad said...

BTW, thanks for straightening me out about the links in my latest post.

And it's bad enough that high school students make their lives too public by posting things on MySpace. There's no call for anyone else to give them unneeded attention.

WILLIAM said...

Graphic Novels are Comic books. They just call them graphic novels to make them more appealing to other people (not just 12 year old Boys).

I stop by here from time to time to catch up but recently I have seen your comments on other blogs I follow.

I am still trying to figure out how I found your site a few years ago.

~Deb said...

I totally got a flashback from when I was working inside a call center for a telephone/internet company. The thing is, the reps are seeing the BILL. (If it was relating to it.) All they can see and understand is what they dictate off the bill and NOTHING else---none of their college education goes into this---JUST THE BLACK AND WHITE PRINT---like a bunch of fricken robots. And sometimes, they totally know what you're talking about but have to defend their mighty company. It's sad. Even the manager was looking at the BILL, but not answering the customer's question. There's more to that video than what we took out of it. There's a set in stone problem solving mystery of his bill that he did not explain... BUT, you are right, a lot of people in that field do not get the whole concept of that.

And...your transitions are far more creative than what I can ever muster up! :)

Leesa said...

larry: I really did not feel like an adult until I finished school and was holding down a job.

74: no problem; I was just trying to follow the link.

william: perhaps through ~Deb. She is very popular. Or Grant. Or someone else.

~deb: I worked at a call center for a while. Oh, I could so write about that.

Sheen V said...

The bad thing about that pop culture site is that the pics aren't posted in the best resolution. Yeah, what is wrong with those folks?

Ian Lidster said...

In honesty I didn't truly feel like an adult until I got my first newspaper job and I was over 30 at the time. When I was teaching HS I always felt like one of the kids. Maybe it was something to do with having lustful thoughts about the girls in my classes. I never, ever indulged those thoughts, by the way.

Happy Valentines Day Lovely and cherished blogger friend.

Dr. Deb said...

I never heard of The Watchmen either. I'm so out of the loop!

Leesa said...

dr. deb: doesn't being out of the loop feel good?