Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Operation Skinny Bitch and Blogging

I will admit it; I don't surf blogs like I once did. Part of the reason is that I am so damn busy; part of the reason is that those who I put energy in following have called it quits. The no longer spend countless unpaid hours writing for my amusement. And they should, damn it.

A blog I rarely read but should (meaning I have not had a personal connection with the blog at all but it is well-written and interesting) is in the same funk as I am. Several people who were writing for her amusement have also quit. Why is that unwritten rule (okay I will write the rune down: "that you should to amuse us whatever personal sacrifice you have to make" being violated? I have not a clue.

But anyhow, from her site, I found Operation Skinny Bitch. Okay, most of my blogging buddies are guys. I know. You don't think about losing weight so you can wiggle into that shape-flattering one-piece. You think about breasts, football and spitting sunflower seeds on the sidewalk. And I write about breasts, football and cum shots. Nearly matches what you are thinking about – that's why you read my stuff. Well, that, and I know how to scan google images and place non-copywrited hotties on my blog as well. I get all that. But today, we are going to talk about getting ready for bikinis.

The difference between guys and gals is simple – and we are not talking about chromosomes or sex organs. In February, guys are thinking, "When does the swimsuit SI come again?" Gals see the damn issue in the check-out line, look at the date and think, "four more months to swimsuit weather." Okay six months for you northerners. In Georgia, we can don our swimsuits around spring break.

And that's where Operation Skinny Bitch comes in. This site is where you can share your loss without reprise of those judging people of Weight Watchers. I mean, we all hate skinny bitches, but at the same time we want to be the skinny bitch. In college, if I gained a few pounds, all I had to do was skip a meal or weight until that time of the month was over. Now, those last five pounds (which are really, to be honest, those last 12.5 pounds) are hard as hell to get rid of.

So this year I am trying to (1) lose pounds, and (2) gain blogging buddies. In particular, I would like to lose pounds off of my ass and pooch and gain blogging buddies that are entertaining and won't give up because no one else reads them. Let's focus on me, people.


random moments said...

You're my first read of the morning. Coincidence? Hmm... :)

I think we all struggle with our personal goals. But you are so correct in the fact that for non-skinny bitches, this really comes to the surface when summer/bikini time is just months away.

Joe said...

I'm not sure we need the reminder. I mean, have we ever really focused on anything else?

Yeah the blog world seems to have fallen into a bit of a malaise these days. I find myself blogging less and less and following fewer blogs. Consequently, fewer people are reading what I write, which makes me less motivated. It's a vicious cycle.

Sheen V said...

I like reading your blog. And as for bikini season, I do think we need some "before" and "after" pictures ;)

LarryLilly said...

Leesa, lets face it, as long as a woman doesnt need suspenders to hold up a 2 piece, women bloggers will always attract men.

Men bloggers OTOH have it much harder, let me rephrase that, men bloggers have a more difficult time in general. First all most men are verbally challenged. And like the old adage a picture is worth a thousand words, so a man spitting three sunflower seeds into a cup at ten feet can have a whole night of conversation.

And lastly, men dont look good in slimming one piece suits. Especially speedos.

Leesa said...

random moments: I actually wrote this a few days ago, after I read your stuff. Good stuff.

joe: well said. I read less, and I am read less.

sheen: thanks, sweetie. I was tempted not to even publisize my weight goals.

larry: and those who look good in Speedos are getting their pictures taken using pot.

AcuityTodos said...

It does take a lot of effort to write meaningful blogs. And the feedback is often sparse (although, when you meet people who do read them, they exclaim interest and pleasure). I often wonder why I write - or at least publish. Part of my reason for blogging is simply working out issues, and hoping others will find something in my struggles or observations to make them think.

Anonymous said...

I still believe women look better than they think they do. Thanks for the comment.

Leesa said...

acuity: I have seen lots with the blogger blahs. Me, I have my posts written for the next week already.

knot: I just could not believe. 16.

Ian Lidster said...

I'll always focus on you, lovely and erudite Leesa. As for skinny bitches, please read my most recent blog.