Monday, February 09, 2009

Connoisseur of . . . Soap?

Today, I was taking a shower, thinking of what I was going to blog about . . . and I was stuck.

I do some of my best thinking in the shower. The thinking is so good that I have told hubbie on more than one occasion – the shower stall is for thinking, not a quickie when Mr. Johnson wakes up all dressed up and no one to play with. Okay, that last sentence was a little vague. Ah, perfect.

Anyway, I was thinking, "How will I delight my blog-reading audience today?" I thought about writing a dirty limerick, but then I would have to research how many syllables each line needs to be, look for the rhyming scheme, then think of cute dirty words, but at least the first line writes itself, "There was an old man from Nantucket." But what rhymes with Nantucket? Too difficult. Not original enough. Scrap that plan.

Then, I looked into my soap dish. I have three bars of soap in my soap dish – two of mine and one of my husband's. Okay, it is a pretty big soap dish, but that is not the remarkable part. The remarkable part is that I have two kinds of soap, not because one is almost gone and I don't want to be in the shower with just hubbie's soap option. I have two bars of soap in the soap dish because I have options on what soap to use, based on my feelings at the time.

If I go under the sink of my bathroom, I probably have twenty or so bars of soap for myself. For myself. And of those twenty bars, I would guess that I have ten different kinds of soap. I have French Milled soap, glycerin soap, organic soap, Scottish soaps, fruit-y soaps, vegetable soaps, soaps made from milk and other artisan soaps.

Before I was married, my husband would use Irish Spring. I told him that if we were to marry, he would have to abandon Irish Spring (and soap-on-a-rope, a bastardization of soaps, really). He, of course, asked, "If I give up soap, is that one thing you won't do in the bedroom going to be on the table?" Of course not, was my response.

So I buy nice soaps for him as well. He really don't care one way or the other (I do other things in the bedroom that keeps Irish Spring out of our home), but I like the smell of good soap on him.

Some people learn about wine and enjoy it by the glass; I am always in search of a good soap. Call it my dirty little secret.


74WIXYgrad said...

As long as it gets me clean and doesn't make me smell like a boquet of flowers, I'm fine with most soaps.

Thanks for your comment at my place and Ray Charles was the black singer.

Joe said...

Note to self: Buy crappy soap; Use as a negotiating tool.

AcuityTodos said...

Your blog is so delightful to read because the topics you choose (or maybe choose you?) are quite off the wall. Thanks!

BBC said...

I think about making soap at times, but I get over it, it's so darn cheap to buy, I like Irish Spring, it works well and smells good.

Thanks for your comment, but it's pretty hard to hurt yourself working with 12 volts DC, Leesa. As a master mechanic I've worked with it all my adult life.

You can of course burn things up if you do not use a fuse in the system.

random moments said...

I understand your soap addiction/collection. I have the same with shampoos (2 kinds in the shower, 3 back up kinds in the linen closet). It does depend on your mood/skin/hair and is also an inexpensive way of pampering yourself without blowing your pocketbook!

Leesa said...

74WIXYgrad: guess my joke on your comments was not funny. Or understood.

joe: that was not the point of . . . forget it.

acuity: thanks for the wonderful comment.

bbc: I don't really know much about batteries.

random moments: I used to have a shampoo addiction. Drugs did not work. Eventually I supplanted the addiction with Diet Dr. Pepper.

Leesa said...

I do the same thing. I have different soaps in the shower and many different stocked up under the sink.
You just never know what soap you'll be in the mood for :)

~Deb said...

Your comments back to your readers, as well as on their blogs you visit have a lot to be desired. Be grateful that they read what you have to say, instead of correcting them as far as what they got out of it.

Hope you're having a wonderful day.

74WIXYgrad said...

Leesa, your joke on my comments was just read by me at the wrong time. Break time at work on Monday morning. BTW, I did laugh when I read it.

Besides, I first thought Ray Charles played for the Baltimore Ravens..No, that is Ray Lewis.

QUASAR9 said...

That's a lotta soap

Leesa said...

leesa: exactly. Plus going to a really neat soap store and not buying . . . there is just something wrong with that.

~deb: sorry my comments are offensive. They are not meant to be that way.

74WIXYgrad: sorry. I did not mean to offend. I grew up in the late 70s/80s, and everyone knew who Ray Charles is. I just meant that my joke was not that funny.

quasar: not billions and billions.

74WIXYgrad said...

Leesa, inasmuch as I feel funny about using the comment sections for messages like this, you did not offend me. I was worried that I offended you.

Anyway, welcome to the bunch.

~Deb said...

I probably read it wrong. I've been reading a lot of crap wrong today for some reason and misinterpreting people's words the wrong way. Is Mercury in retrograde??? *crosses eyes*

My apologies!

Sheen V said...

I just love the oatmeal soap! Smells great, leaves my skin soft and smooth, and then I'm all ready for breakfast.

btsea said...

Irish Spring is too strong for me...

There once was a girl who loved soap ;)

Dr. Deb said...

I totally get this!

I also have several soaps in the shower and definitely use them according to my mood.

Have a good soap day!

Leesa said...

74: It takes a lot to offend me.

~Deb: Thanks, sweetie. Perhaps my comment on your blog was a bit insensitive and that started it all. Failed joke.

sheen: you have soap for breakfast?

btsea: what rhymes with soap?

dr. deb: thanks for contributing, sweetie.

LarryLilly said...

OK, I have tiled two showers, and here is what i have learned. Liquid soap is best for keeping showers cleaner longer, as it doesnt have the fatty acids that bar soap has. Easier on glass and tile, less gunk for mold to build on.

That said, after doing the master bath shower, me and the wife use liquid soap. When she feels the need to use the jetted tub, then she gets out her other stuff. Because I dont use the tub, I dont clean it. I only shower, so I get to clean that.

Sheen V said...

No, silly, not for breakfast. The scent of the oatmeal soap does kinda make me hungry.

Advizor said...

I just bought some honey oatmeal soap from Trader Joe's and I love it. My wife thinks I'm turning metro for even thinking about soap.

And Leesa, i love it when you offend, take offense, and respond offensively. you are the most wonderful blogger ever, so you get to do what ever the hell you want.


Leesa said...

larry: liquid soap is the work of the devil. I know it is.

sheen: oatmeal soap is a good autumn soap.

advizor: I don't like offending.