Thursday, August 23, 2007

Science Experiment in the Tub

During the past week, I have been house-sitting for a friend. The house is probably twice as large as mine, and it has lots of upgrades. Crown molding, granite countertops, two fireplaces. A nice place.

Well, I took a bath in their master bathroom the other day. We are talking about a large tub, with lots of jets. And did I mention that I love baths.

I had a book – I normally have a book when in the tub. So here I am, reading a book, and I turn on the jets. Oh, having jets on was pure heaven. So I am sitting there, jets massaging me, and I have a flashback to when I was in a public pool. We used to stand by the jets in the pool, strong water massaging us when we were kids. It felt good when we were kids, and then I thought of the urban legend that girls and women used those jets to masturbate in broad daylight. Completely insane.

So I decided to do a little experiment. I positioned myself so the jets were moving water across a very sensitive part of my body, massaging me in a place where, if a finger were massaging me, I would eventually have an orgasm. Okay, many orgasms.

The book I was reading was not sexy at all, and I thought I should keep reading the book as a control feature. I did not want my imagination helping me reach orgasm. Furthermore, I did not touch myself at all, another control mechanism.

I will have to disclose that I have not masturbated in a very long time – in some of my previous posts, I talked about why. Don't want to re-hash here.

Anyway, in short order, I was excited – very stimulated. After about ten minutes, I was actually expecting an orgasm, but it did not come. I shifted positions, choosing another nozzle, and again, became excited again in short order. After another ten or fifteen minutes – I did not have a stop watch or other time measuring devise (next time I will be more scientific, not that there will be a next time) – I thought I would reach orgasm but didn't.

This rollercoaster ride lasted an hour. By that time, I had read much of the book and still had not achieved an orgasm. Had I been thinking sexy thoughts, perhaps it would have helped. I don't know.

My point was not to orgasm – but after the exciting and frustrating hour, I sort of wanted to cum. Okay, I really wanted to cum. I have not really proved anything – other than water passing over certain body parts to elicit a pleasant response, and in the conditions I tested, achieving an orgasm for me without any other stimulation may not be possible.

A different way of using the scientific method – not bad for something I learned in high school biology.


TrappedInColorado said...

What a riot! You sound like an episode of Mythbusters. :) Yeah, next time you need to document the experiment with a film crew and official timers. One, you reading the Wall Street Journal and another you reading one of your own erotic stories. They will measure the eye pupil dilation, pulse and breathing. Just let me know the air date for that episode!

Anonymous said...

If I tell you an experience I had in our hot tub when I was a kid am I incriminating myself. Interesting results to say the least. I wouldn't mind sharing my research either.


RWA said...

I think this is good that you have exposed this "myth" for everyone.

But, hey, at least you felt good during the process - even if it didn't result in orgasms.

T said...

You just made my afternoon much better Leesa and after going back to your previous post, I guess I've committed the "Jimmy Carter Sin"... lol
I think that your experiment proved that we are not robots. The mind can do wonders to enhance the physical acts.... And you say that you have nothing to write about! ha ha enjoy the evening

Advizor said...

I think we can prevent it from happening if we keep distracting ourselves and really work and separating the physical stimulation from the mental. I can say that water jets are very effective when combined with the right mind set.

Leesa, I'm sure you would be able to finish if you made that your goal. Please try again and let us know how it turns out.