Monday, August 20, 2007

Hotels and Control

I do not travel very often for work – I sort of like it that way, actually. But every once in a while, I do need to travel (do get to travel?). And it is not very healthy for me.

When I am traveling alone, once the conference day is done, I go back to my hotel where the television sits. Those of you who have read me for a while know I don't watch a lot of television. I don't have the time, the energy or the interest.

When I go back to my room, however, I watch everything. I watch shows I would not normally watch – I watched two innings of a professional baseball game on purpose once. I watch the history channel, trying to remember all of the different rulers in ancient Egypt. I watch Barefoot Contessa – she sort of irritates me. But I watch her.

I even go to the pay channels to see what adult movies are available. I don't rent them, but I look at the titles. During the night, I come back to them to see how many are still available. It is amazing how many of these titles disappear, presumably because they are being "rented" out.

I watch MTV – and I am surprised that I can not catch any videos. I watch home improvement shows and wonder why I don't improve my home as often as they do. Oh, I guess it costs money.

I watch portions of movies – just portions because there is just so much garbage to sift through. And I only have 12 hours to do it.

By the morning, my shoulders are aching, I feel hung over and I am exhausted. It just reminds me why I don't have cable: I lack control.


Kat said...

Funny, Leesa, I can relate though. The only time TV interests me is when I'm out of my comfort zone.

Ian Lidster said...

I never-ever watch daytime TV, except when I'm away from home. And, if I'm away on my own, I think it's a matter of needing company, even if it's electronic company.
Anyway, there are many far worse things you could do when away on business. Mind you, they could be more fun than TV.

Sheen V said...

I remember when MTV started back in 1982 and they had a hard time filling 24 hrs with videos. It became a great station. Now its just junk. When I travel, the TV's there just to break up the silence.

mal said...

there have been times I averaged 2 nights per week in a hotel. The boredom becomes overwhelming. It would get so bad that on occasion I even toyed with idea of hitting the bar.

I hate business travel

Advizor said...

I'm leaving on a trip next week and I'm already dreading it. I fly in on Monday and out on Friday, so I have to deal with 4 nights of an empty hotel room. One night will be spent at a friend's house for dinner, but that leave three nights to fill.

The first night is the worst. I'm off my sleeping schedule and out of sorts.

In the past, I've given in and just surfed for porn for hours at a time, until, exhausted and tired of being aroused, but not satisfied, I fall asleep.

Other nights, I get hooked on bad TV, movies I've seen, home shopping, or, like Leesa, I flip endlessly through the pay channels, debating, but never buying.

The hotels always say that the title of the movie, "Teenage Vixens and the Attack of the Lesbians" will not show up on your hotel bill, but, the cost of an adult movie is different than the cost of a regular movie, so an aware accounting guy will catch what you are doing.

For this trip I think I'll load up on my art supplies and movie tickets and just get out of the office and ignore the hotel room until I'm tired enough to sleep.

The key is to NOT turn on the TV when I get into the room. If I do, I'm dead.

Haaaaaaa said...

I do the same thing - can never sleep in a hotel. I use the TV as company. The history channel or Myth Busters are my ususal haunts.