Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Not That Simple

I replied to a comment on YouTube recently, and the response to my comment was, "It's not that simple." I have something like 500 characters – not words – to respond to the cost of healthcare and government influence, and his response was, "It's not that simple."

I can't describe how to turn on a computer in 500 characters – let alone completely describe healthcare in the US. Healthcare in Canada, no problem: "The government provides healthcare for all its citizens. Take a number, wait in line, we will be with you shortly." Oh, and they will not be with you shortly. Government officials, in Canada and in the US use "we will be with you shortly" as a filler. They don't mean it.

The world is an extremely complex place, and just saying, "It's not that simple" seems to be a weasel way out of an argument.

Can you imagine the following scene:

Teenage Boy: "Want to have sex?"

Teenage Girl: "It's not that simple."

Teenage Boy: "I have a condom."

Teenage Girl: "It's not that simple."

Teenage Boy: "I know how to use it; I have been practicing."

Teenage Girl: "It's not that simple."

Teenage Boy: "I love you."

Teenage Girl: "It's not that simple."

Teenage Boy: "I think I am going to call your friend Michelle. She puts out."

Okay, I don't condone teenage sex. Mostly because I am no longer a teenager. And deciding on making love with someone is an extremely important decision. Who am I kidding? I was just sort of going after a laugh.

The point is that just disarming a discussion with "It's not that simple" is in itself simplistic. For those of you who remember the '80s, it reminds me of "Talk to the hand." Another way of disarming a discussion. And heated discussions can lead to teenage sex. Or so I have heard.


Sue said...

I completely agree. Alot of people who have a viewpoint have it because they heard someone else say it. They can't back it up with anything of substance because it wasn't their thought in the first place. Saying "Its not that simple" and "nationalized healthcare" in the same sentence is paramount to "na na na na na" IMO

RWA said...

Ha ha!!!! I love the analogy with the teenagers.

And, you're right. That response is a copout to trying to present a valid response.

Ian Lidster said...

And you know, Leesa, that blog entry wasn't that simple. You state volumes in what you wrote. Thoughtful volumes. Thanks for your honest comments about the overhyped health care system in Canada. Massive wait-times are endemic here, and people have died waiting to contact a specialist. The US shouldn't be too quick to try to follow suit.

Haaaaaaa said...

It's just like saying "I hear you, but" or "I appreciate your point of view" then never referencing anything they other person said in your response. People do that in business a lot.

For the lighter side of YouTube, check out Stevie Ryan who goes under "TheRealParis" and "StevieRyan"

Advizor said...

We have lost, however, the ability to make a decision and say, "It really is that simple."

Teen Boy: Let's have sex.
Teen Girl: No
Teen Boy: Pleeeeeeeease?
Teen Girl: No, we are not having sex, it's just that simple. No.

Society today puts us under pressure to explain every decision we make, especially our moral and ethical choices, usually the explanation is demanded to it can be attacked.

If more of us would stick to our good decisions without debating them, we would be better off.

Am I going to have sex? No
Am I going to do drugs? No
Am I going to get drunk? No
Am I going to cheat on my wife, lie to my boss, steal from my company, dodge my taxes, hit and run, take steroids, hit my kids?


It's just that simple.

Shadowdog said...

You both make really good points. I think sometimes it's that simple and sometimes it isn't. What I do know is that if weasels don't want to explain their idiotic POV no amount of removing glib sayings is going to make then engage you. They'll just come up with new glib sayings like "talk to the pig" or "it's too complicated, let's watch TV."

Pyth0s said...

How is:

Quote "If more of us would stick to our good decisions without debating them, we would be better off.

Am I going to have sex? No"

A good decision! NO ? /sigh

Thought that was a GOOD decision...

You took my drugs away.. Leavge me with the Sex Advizor :)

I wanna go back to being a teenager... Sex was "That much more simple"

Leesa said...

sue: I sometimes am easily swayed from listening to others about thinks I care little about. I guess I sometimes adopt their views.

rwa: I thought the teenager analogy was cute, too.

ian: thanks, my dear.

haaaa: when someone says, "I appreciate your point of view", they really don't.

advizor: sometimes you just have to make things simple to enjoy life more.

shadowdog: long time, no see. Thanks, sweetie.

pyth0s: life was simpler when we were teenagers.

Advizor said...

I agree that we over-think and over-complicate our lives and take out most of the fun. I have discussed (argued) about this with my wife for quite a while. I say that if you are going to do something (right or wrong) then do it, enjoy it, and then write a blog about it so others can enjoy it. But don't feel guilty about it.

I know that my good Christian mother would flip if she hear me say that because she was big into guilt, but I figure that if I am doing things of my own free will, then I should accept my decisions, and not feel "guilty" if I meant to do it all along.

So, if you are going to have sex, do drugs, climb mountains, date transexuals, rent foreign movies, or vote for Hillary, just do it.

Keep things simple.

Make a decision, take action.

Simple Living is peaceful, because you act out of a sense of self-awareness of what you need.

I just think that we over-think, and re-visit every decision too many times because we don't know what we want or why we want it....