Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bilbo's farewell and Bloggers

At Bilbo's farewell party in The Fellowship of the Ring, he announces: "I regret to announce that - though, as I said, eleventy-one years is far too short a time to spend among you - this is the END. I am going. I am leaving NOW. GOOD-BYE!"

That scene has always disturbed me. Not that some shire-folk were frightened at seeing Bilbo disappear. But because people need a chance to say goodbye.

I have been really busy lately, and I have not had an opportunity to blog. Usually when I get busy, I might but not really visit other people's blogs. Well, that is not as much fun or as fair, actually.

Last week, I did not make an entry. And this week I wanted to write something on Monday. But I didn't. What is worse is that I really didn't care.

I don't like when bloggers just stop blogging, and we don't get the chance to say "goodbye". With or without Bilbo's ring.


RWA said...

Please tell me this isn't your way of saying "goodbye."

mal said...

I do know the feeling...I am hopefully assuming this is not your "opus fini"?

Advizor said...

I'll add my sentiments as well, please don't leave us!

Anonymous said...

I read, I just lurk. Maybe just a little time off?


Ian Lidster said...

I can only reiterate what others have written. You have to follow your own dreams, Leesa, but I would be very sorry if you were to leave. I value connecting with you.

Kat said...

I've just been through a similar period Leesa, maybe you need to take some time off. Blogging is supposed to be fun.

kathi said...

I was just commenting on someone else's blog today about this. It's not for us to judge the blogger, and yet it's hard on us because we've invested time and emotions into bloggers that we've read and followed for a period of time and for them to just stop and us not know...it's hard. It's not like when a t.v. show ends, they're fictional and we know they're not real...but bloggers, we care about them, we've learned about their families and we're invested. So yes, it's hard when they just 'go'.

~Deb said...

Well, sometimes the novelty just wears out. I think it's great for bloggers to take a week or two off here & there, just to get some thoughts together or just take a bit of a hiatus. Writing seems to be in your blood, so I wouldn't chuck it all away...(if that's what you're implying here.) That's just my two cents. You're a great writer, and yes, we would be sad to see you go, however, you have to do what makes you happiest.


Anonymous said...


I see, I scared you away huh? You can leave but I will always carry your spirit in my heart.
You cant escape me Leesa, we have been through too much on this blog.
Without you, my blog life wouldnt have any meaning.. well.. except for Deb's blog.... but you know what I mean.
I hope I am wrong and you arent leaving. Leesa, Hold me, you are making me nervous.

GW Mushy

Leesa said...

rwa: not saying goodbye.

mal: you have left before.

advizer: sweet comment.

edge: time off I think.

ian: not sure what I will do, actually. Not leaving yet.

kat: I will be taking time off, I think.

kathi: It is sad to see people go. I understand.

~deb: thanks for the kind comments.

GW: er, I did not want to scare anybody.