Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rounding the Bases

When I was a teenager, we talked in code about sex. Remember asking, what base you and your date were on? And you thought only boys talked about the bases. This code, though, was sort of lost on me. I knew that first base is kissing, with or without tongue. And I knew home run is coitus (that sounds so much more scientific than vaginal sex). But second and third base, I had not a clue.

And the funny thing is that I told girlfriends that "Joey got to second base with me last night." But I had no idea what second base meant. Really, I am not sure I know what it means, either. To this day. I ended up deciding that second base means that the guy touched my breasts.

Well, early on, first base was holding hands and second base was kissing. I guess age and experience changes the bases, somewhat. Now-a-days, first base may be anal sex, for all I know. I have read that anal sex is not sex, after all, and that form of sex did not make my list on the bases.

Okay, if second base is touching my breasts, third base is probably oral sex. You know, it seems to be right, because, as is with baseball, there are more home runs and doubles than triples. I did not have oral sex done on me until I had a regular boyfriend. Weird, I know, but true.

I guess we used bases so we could talk in code. It makes sex talk less embarrassing. Point should have been that if you had to talk in code about sex, perhaps you should not be talking about sex.

So all of these years, when I was saying second base, I meant some boob sex. Maybe others thought it was oral sex, anal sex or French-kissing. Talking in code can lead to mis-communication. Perhaps I should sit out a few innings.


LarryLilly said...

Hey, I am still clueless about the bases thing. And when i played baseball, for a VERY short time in my life, all I could ever do was bunt to get to first.

Whats that, a bunt, is it like attempting a kiss, then having her turn her head, and all you get is her neck?


Ian Lidster said...

Ah, those innocent times when we didn't cut to the basics. I think girls possibly talked about 'bases' even more than boys, who weren't as given to euphemism. On the other hand, with boys of my day, most of it was lies or gross exaggerations, anyway. Now, 2nd base, as I recall, was indeed boob play, as you suggest. But, there were gradations in that: over the clothing; under the sweater but over the bra, and ultimately (home-run) under the bra. On the other hand, I was always unclear whether third base was 'going all the way', as we said, and if so, where did genital touching come in on the 'base' scale? Such imponderables.

mal said...

clear definitions are so much more convenient *L*

Anonymous Boxer said...

Bases were big in my day, but I'm older and I think sex was more "simple" then. OK, it wasn't, but we talked less about in real terms.

That said, from my fuzzy memory:

1. Kissing
2. Touching Breasts
3. Hands down pants (that's all I knew)
4. Going all the way.

Oh God, I'm going to be thinking about this all day.

Advizor said...

I rarely got past first base until college, so the bases metaphor was much tamer for me and my friends.

1st base was kissing
2nd base was French kissing
3rd base was touching

A home run was touching any form, piece, or section of underwear, be it a bra strap or the waist band of her panties. Like I said, we were pretty sheltered in my group.

When I started dating a girl from my workplace (not recommended) we were paranoid about "talking" via e-mail so we came up with our own code, all based on coffee beans and how we liked to grind them.

I'm sure, if anyone cared to read our e-mails, that it was painfully obvious what we were trying to hide, but it felt daring, and cute at the time, and I got horny every time I smelled coffee for years afterwards...

RWA said...

You have it correct as best I can recall.

First - Kissing
Second - Boobs
Third - Oral
Fourth - "Coitus"

I don't ever recall anal sex being among those codes or discussions.

nosthegametoo said...

Wow... if second base is Anal sex, then I must be playing in the minor leagues.

Who knew.

Advizor said...

Maybe Anal sex is a "corked bat double"?

LarryLilly said...

Advizor said...

Maybe Anal sex is a "corked bat double"?

Nope, anal sex is a texas league single!

Advizor said...

What is a "Texas league Single"? I've never hear that phrase before.

Frankly Speaking said...

We had this in grade school but it was explained to me early what the bases were, at least in our school. First was kissing; second was "petting," which I understood as feeling the girl's breasts; third was "heavy petting," which seemed much more obscure but seemed to be fingering her below. Of course, a home run was going all the way, intercourse.

We thought two girls had gone all the way in our school, Laurie and Sue. They were "sluts."

In sixth grade, my girlfriend broke it off with me because I wouldn't go to second base with her. She had been saving herself for me, she said. I laugh now at how scared I was then. And how innocent we were compared with today's kids.

About that time or maybe a year or so later, I heard the term "blow job" for the first time and was trying desperately to figure out what that meant without outright asking anyone because they seemed to know. I was so innocent then.

Later, it seemed strange to me that third base was supposed to be "heavy petting." Given its prominence in people's sex lives, oral sex seemed the much more natural choice for third base.