Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Importance of Size

I first knew "size mattered" in high school. I would overhear boys talking, nay, bragging, about their sizes. And at the time, I thought that size mattered. I had not yet had sex or seen a real penis yet, and well, I was a bit scared of a larger size.

In college, my girlfriends and I would talk about boyfriends and dates, and we would talk about size. A lot. Late at night, over pizza, we would talk, nay, giggle over size.

But, you know, if I would have plotted penis size by arousal level, I am not sure that the two dimensions would be positively correlated (I picked that up from Numb3rs). And my friends noticed, as I did. We thought, perhaps, that smaller size meant the boy would "try harder." Not sure that was the case.

I never did think much about the size of my sexual organs. Women have different sizes, too, and I guess, because I was interested in men, I sort of glossed over that obvious fact.

That is, until I met Emma. Emma was a friend of mine I met years and years ago, through church. We got to be fast friends, and we talked about a lot of things. We did not, however, talk about sex. Not really. Until she was getting a divorce.

Turns out, she has a medical condition. She did not even know it was a medical condition, actually. She just thought that's how she is. She was a very private person, but because of the looming divorce, she had to talk to someone.

I don't want to get too graphic here, but her sex organ was not fully developed. In a sense, she was a grown woman in a girl's body. I can't even imagine that. It actually blows my mind that neither Emma nor her husband knew there was a problem "down there." They were married for years, and they did not have sex because of her problem. Why doesn't someone go to the doctor for this? And had this woman never had a pap smear?

So sometimes size does matter, I guess. I never felt that I got the whole story, though, from Emma. It just seems too bizarre.


Ian Lidster said...

Women do have different sizes, most definitely, but I've never found that size 'down there' mattered in the slightest. As for penile size, I don't know where I would fit (no pun intended) in that regard, I can only take solace from the fact I've never had a complaint. As for your friend, it's quite bizarre that neither she nor her husband realized something was amiss.

RWA said...

That does seem strange that neither your friend nor her ex-husband ever suspected something was wrong.

I guess - at least in cases like that - size actually does matter.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend whose wife confided in me that she was "too small" when my friend and she got married. She went to the Dr. before hand and his rx was basically a d1ld0 roughly the same size as my friend.

Having been a partner to a few, post baby is interesting as well as pre-baby. But a difference non the less.


Anonymous Boxer said...

I am shocked that in this day and age, there are many who are still quite uneducated about their own bodies. Poor Emma.

Leesa said...

ian: I still think there was more to the story with Emma. Not sure what it is, but more to the story.

rwa: They were in a sexless marriage, but if it were me, I would have investigated my body a little bit more than Emma did.

egde: seems to make sense. If a baby can pass through the birth canal, one would think most normal-sized penises could as well.

boxer: One of my great-grandmothers did not know where babies came from. After she had two of them. Never made the connection - hard to believe, I know. Really hard for me to believe.

Prata said...

I had a friend with this same issue, and I suspect that another female friend of mine also has that size problem. I'm not sure how to tell her though that maybe she needs to see a doctor about it.

My first female friend with this problem went to see someone and found out about it. I recall she went to have some sort of surgery, but I can't attest to what it was exactly.

mal said...

Some things are flat out hard to talk about with anyone.

You would think her OB would have caught on though

Anonymous said...

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