Friday, August 24, 2007

Off To Bed

I get home a little later than normal on a Friday night. I check the mail, count the bills and enter the house. I eat a small meal, draw a bath, and get my spare key from my drawer.

Then I open my front door, place the key under the door quickly, and return to my bath. I take a slow, casual bath, insuring that I wash my entire body completely. I want to smell good tonight.

After getting out of the bath, I look at the time. 8:00 pm – the sun is still in the sky, and I go to the medicine cabinet and take a sleeping pill. I was prescribed these when I was much more anxious, and they work well for me. After swallowing, however, I wonder if I should have taken half a pill.

I put on a terrycloth bathrobe, and start going through my mail.

The grandfather clock chimed once.

"Crap, it is already 8:30," I say to myself. "I have to get moving."

I go to my room and retrieve a boot box from under my bed. I have lots of shoe boxes under the bed – mostly for occasional shoes.

I take off my robe and hang it in the closet. I am completely nude, and I am starting to get sleepy.

I have four custom-tied ropes in the box, which I have used in the past to bind me to the bed. I also have a cotton scarf, a gag ball, several dildos, a rabbit, twelve condoms and a tape recorder. I place the gag ball, dildos, condoms and rabbit back in the box and neatly place it on the floor next to my bed. I place the tape recorder on the nightstand, right next to my phone, and I put all four ropes on the bed.

These ropes are special, as I have sewn some cotton to somewhat pad my skin. I take the two foot ropes and secure them to the bed and to my ankles. I can do this without any help.

I then take my phone, and press the green button so I am ready to dial. I take a deep breath.

I take another breath, and then hit the play button on the tape recorder.

I count to five, hit the auto-dial button, close my eyes and hit one random number. The auto-dial dials one of three men I know, but I have no idea which man.

I set the receiver next to the tape recorder, plug my ears with my fingers and lay back.

I don't hear the message clearly, but I recorded it in the morning. This is what the message says:

Hey, sweetie, this is Leesa. This is a recorded message, but please listen closely. This part of the message actually repeats itself once, just in case I started the tape recorder prematurely. I have placed my house key under my mat, and I want you to come over and have your way with me. I know in the past I have had you follow several rules about what I would and would not do. As long as you don't hurt me, you can do anything you would like with me tonight. I may be asleep when you get here – just wake me up any way you want to. Oh, I will be the nude women tied up to my bed. Did I mention I want you to have your way with me? Don't bother calling. Leesa.

I kept my fingers in my ears through the message. I did not want to know who got the call. When I could not hear the tape recorder anymore, I quickly pressed the red button on the phone.

I tied the hand ropes to the other posts on the bed and slipped them around my wrists. If I wanted to, I could get out of these ropes. But I did not want to.

The sleeping pills were doing their magic, as I drifted off to sleep.


RWA said...

Oh my.

Getting a message like that might be better than winning the lottery.

richmanwisco said...





Advizor said...

What an amazing set-up. I have to admit that sitting here in my office, actually a conference room in Houston, my heart is pounding.

Your imagery is terrific. Are you going to finish the story or just leave us with a wonderful, teasing image?

Anonomous said...

Oh pls pls PlzZZ finish the story! ^^

Anonymous said...

The imagination is a wonderful thing.the story is well written and leaves plenty for an active imagination to work with.

Anonymous said...

How come you stopped writing? I really enjoyed your stories