Friday, August 10, 2007


When I was dating a long time ago, my dates would compliment me. Now, if I had performed a scientific study, I could have compiled statistics on the types of compliments.

My Intellect
My Artistic Flair
My Clothing
My Eyes
My Hair
My Smile
My Face
My Legs
My Boobs
My Ass
My Body (as a whole)
My Feet

And if I placed tick marks for each time I received a compliment, I would guess that my breasts would receive the most tick marks. And I have a problem with that.

Not that I have a problem with having well-complimented breasts, but you know, for me, certain parts of my body have more to do with genetics than with anything I do. It is sort of like someone complimenting your husband and you saying "thank you." I mean, you really did not do anything yourself.

Eyes are different. Sure, our eyes have a genetic component, but I believe that a person's personality, their character, their essence, can be seen in their eyes. People have kind eyes if they are kind, cold eyes if they have a cold heart. Oh, and I love when people look at my eyes instead of my breasts. Sort of indicates people are interested in me, not just my body. Not that I am offended when someone likes my body.

Now that I am older, I guess I want to make a new list of things to compliment. I am more picky over time, I guess, because I like extremely specific compliments. Instead of just "liking my eyes", I guess now I want my husband to say exactly what he likes about them. And I actually want people to appreciate my financial acumen (well, a stretch, as I am not that much of a Susie Orman1-type), my writing, my wit.

My last post said something about saying goodbye. Yeah, I have thought about it on more than one occasion. I am not trying to create any drama – but I will not be around for a few days. Just have other things to do. Not that I am leaving.

1By the way, I hate Susie Orman.


mal said...

I never got much in the way of compliments, but I did get a lot of "Damn you're big!"

For my size, I have never been particularly well endowed in the chest but it always annoyed me when dates would be talking to my chest instead of me.

One thing that really struck me about the OH when we met was the eye contact. It was nice having some one talk to me and not my chest.

Leesa said...

mal: I don't like the "my eyes are up here" with the arrow t-shirts because they actually make men read the shirt (and look at your chest). Sort of defeats the purpose.

RWA said...

I would be more than happy to compliment your eyes - but I can't see them through those sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are not leaving.

My sister taught me to look in women's eyes. I was like 6 and I had no clue what she was talking about until 4 years later.

It's funny how a man can say, "Wow, you look hot," and a woman may not like that. Men totally we be about being told they are hot.

I saw a funny shirt yesterday that said, "Tell your boobs to stop looking at me."

And for argument sake, are you saying you have 34D's, 36C's? What's the story?


~Deb said...

Well, I haven't seen your breasts, and yet, I find you to be an "attractive person" through your writing and the way you view life. We can't even see your eyes, because of the sunglasses. That has to say something, right?

You're a beautiful person with an amazing mind...and a great set of............writing abilities.

We'll be waiting patiently, as you live life and take a break from bloggerville.

Enjoy your weekend! {{hugs}}

Pyth0s said...

I only visit one blog site. And it's this one. I stumbled upon you about a year ago and i keep coming back to read your daily mind dumps.

I love some of your writings, they are inventful, creative and sometimes just plain fun. I would love to sit and have an indepth chat with you but unfortunetly I know that I would most likely be attracted to you, which is a bad thing for me as I am a strayer @ heart. Not that I want to be, but I am.

The odd little blurred out picture you have of yourself here on the site definetly shows that you are a physically attractive woman, but there HAS to be more to make a person attractive. Dear lord, come walk downtown Montreal on a hot summers day and we honestly have some of the worlds best looking women walking in every direction. But those pretty looks are just shells carrying the true value and assets of that person.

Don't get me wrong, looks are an important feature, to me it shows that the person does take care of themselves and gives that extra little oomph to make themselves more attractive to others and to their selves as well. But without that extra internal beauty, they become very ugly very quick.

I’ve never seen your breasts… But I am sure “They’re real and they’re spectacular”



Ian Lidster said...

Well, dear, since I have never seen your breasts (rats!) I guess I shall have to compliment you on your intelligence, wit and honesty. Pretty nice traits, and the only ones I know of you. Can't see your eyes in your photo, either but I bet, considering your coloring, they are great.
Glad you're not leaving.

Prata said...

Pyth0s: Seinfeld!

You already know what I think about you Leesa, so there's that then.

kathi said...

Since I don't know, personally, about anything other than your writing and your wit, it is those things that I appreciate about you. :)

i am said...

Hey! look what i've just found in the network to find out who deleted you from MSN without noticing it.

Haaaaaaa said...

First time here in a long while. I would think you want a smattering of compliments in each category.

Kat said...

Have a nice break, Leesa. Everyone needs to get away once in awhile. You're a fabulous, witty writer.

Cain Jones said...

Suze Orman has evil eyes. I worked in a bookstore for a long time, and one day, my fellow booksellers and I gathered around the Business section for a test.

We pulled out every single one of Suze Orman's books and laid them out on the floor, arranged by date of publishing. The pictures on the cover show her slowly begin swallowed as if by darkness, no lie- and her eyes keep getting more and more haunted, as if she's hiding some sort of manic hysteria behind them.


Joe said...

I, for one, have always appreciated your blogging and, to my credit, I've never complimented your breasts.

Erm...hold on. That didn't come out quite right.

Advizor said...

We look into each other's eyes and see what we want to see. If we want to see evil, we see evil, we can find love and joy, or cruelty and anger.

I think the eyes of others judge ourselves more than those we see.

And why do you "hate" Suzie Orman? That random bit of anger is going to cost your Kharmic bank account a bundle.

Advizor said...


If someone compliments your breasts, your hair, your skin, just say thank you and appreciate it. Though being blessed with good genetics isn't our doing, taking care of ourselves, staying healthy, and presenting ourselves well is a choice.

My sister-in-law was blessed with amazing beauty, but has let it all go to the dogs, so winning the genetic lottery is only the starting point.

Leesa said...

rwa: yeah, I don't share much of myself.

edge: you are better than most - to learn this by age 6. Give your sis some props.

~deb: thanks, hun.

pyth0s: wow, that is a compliment. Only visiting me. Wow.

ian: thanks, hun!

prata: yeah, I know what you think of me. Er, and you are brutally honest.

kathi: I am actually trying to work on my writing.

haaaaaa: welcome back.

kat: the break has been good.

cain: funny. You should write about your experiences doing this sort of thing.

joe: thanks, sweetie. I have not got to your site as often as I have wanted to. Once you fell in love, I frequented your site less (I hope this is coincidental). I have not been visiting many sites at all.

advisor: I just don't like her. She says stuff like, "If you are conflicted with money, you will never have any." Interesting notion about eyes.

Warrior said...

I think compliments often say much about the giver as the reciever, saying you have great tits, means oh my god I wanna touch them they look great wow. It's not giving you credit for them but perhaps for showing them. Saying you have great eyes means oh my god what a great feeling I get when I look in your eyes, you move me... Saying you are a great writer means oh my god I read you and I can relate and I like it and it moves me... So Leesa.....slag off who you like, show as much or as little as you feel, but don't stop writing...You move people..accept it, enjoy it, thrive on it.......little side note, lots of people out there feel not so attractive would love compliments..and lots of people who get them don't know how to recieve them.... if you don't have an opinion no one is going to read you.... hugs...

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you why I hate Suzie Orman and everyone else like her. I just read something that scared the H*** out of me. and it seems true. Its too long to post but search this line. "Don't believe one optimistic word from any public figure about the economy." Its about the richest 1%. scary