Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bigger than Television

Everybody knows, I love taking baths. No, that's not how I wanted to start this blog entry today. Everybody knows I have recently found YouTube.

I started out with a post on YsabellaBrave, and I still listen to her. I mostly listen to her VLOGs. I love the way she sings; I am hooked.

Anyway, I am not really wanting to post on her again – for one, you will think I have a girl-crush on her, and, well, I don't. I wish I could sing like her though.

A few weeks ago, I heard a couple of VLOGgers talk about YouTube being bigger than television1. Er, not sure what they were smoking (actually, one of the people who made the claim is a medical-marijuana-carrying-card-member), but television is still bigger than YouTube. I just thought the VLOGgers were feeling all self-important and predicting the future. I have no problem with being self-important or predicting the future (my futurist post). But this thought leads me to thinking about technology that seems to be going out-of-favor.

I have a VCR, and I have not used it in more than one year. I am thinking if you don't have a ton of homemade porn, you probably don't use the VCR too much either. Convert those VCR tapes to DVD – they will last longer. Oh, and do the same to the homemade tapes of little Johnny and Mary when you taped them at birthdays, Christmas or on family vacations. Just don't mix up the DVDs.

Land Line Telephones
I have a telephone that actually attaches with a phone cord and plugs into the wall. I only get phone calls from telemarketers. I just thought about it, and no person I want to talk with ever talks to me on the "land line." Now, I make calls from it, but only when I am at home. It is not that I love my cellular phone, but it is so convenient. I think about calling people, but if I wait until I get home, I often forget. Bad memory for making phone calls. Plus I like to call people while I am at work, and since my employer doesn't like paying for the calls, I use my cellular phone. I just don't know if cellular phones are spelt "cel" or "cell" phones.

I have heard that some people think books are becoming obsolete. I don't think so. Books have been around for hundreds of years, and I remember several companies (including Apple) try to have some digital devise that would replace a book, but for most books, this is not going to happen. Yeah, I know about e-books, but I don't think e-books will ever replace "normal" books. I love the feel of books, and cannot ever imagine replacing my books with an electronic version of the books.

Besides, I love reading in the tub, and from my limited knowledge of electronics, electronic devises in a tub is a bad idea.

1It reminded me of a quote from John Lennon of the Beatles, "We're more popular than Jesus now." Actually, later, John Lennon did say, with regards to his statement, "I should have said television was more popular than Jesus, then I might have got away with it...." His statement had as much to do with Christianity not being as popular as it once was than anything else. The whole line was, "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue with that; I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first - rock 'n' roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me"


Prata said...

Cell not cel.

We also wouldn't ever travel in space or split an atom. *nods sagely*

Paper will eventually become obsolute especially with polymers advancing the way they are. Books will also eventually become obsolete, but not in the way you think. Instead they will cease to use paper.

Did you send a friend of yours to come hassle me? I think you did. And I'm sad. Delusion always makes me sad.


First bitches!

~Deb said...

I'd rather read a book in its physical form any day, rather than online or through some electronic device. I wasn't able to listen to the Youtube video-sound is off over here- but you are addicted girl!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Books can NEVER become obsolete...that'd be awful! And I've tried to get into e-books and also books on tape...and I just can't! There's nothing better than getting an hour to yourself, finding a nice sunny spot in a park, plopping down and reading the whole time you're there! :)

LarryLilly said...

We watch bad TV, but think that what we watched has gone through an editing process of executives (will it sell ads?), marketers, (can I use it to sell products?) screen writers (does it make sense/is it funny/is it quirky?)

But You Tube, well, there may be a few gems out there, but lets face it, if we watch all the crap out there, we wont have a live to matter what we do find entertaining/enjoyable/funny

No, YouTube will never replace pay for viewing on cable/networks/etc.

And books will always be written on paper. I have to read/review 10-200 page draft federal register bullchit, and its impossible to read electronically for detailed context, the eye can scan a written page much faster than a e-form. Its good for making actual edits, but its worthless for reading.

As Dennis Miller used to say..
"That is my opinion, I could be wrong"

Anonymous Boxer said...

I've tried to read electronically, but then what would I do with all of my fabulous bookmarks?


T said...

I also think the Vlogers feel they will be bigger than television so they can feel good about everything they dump on YouTube. I always wonder what kind of life some vlogers have.... how do they find the time??
I hope that printed books don't disappear. I read newspapers online, but there is something about holding a book and reading. And, you just have to put it down and pick it up! No logging in just to read. ha ha
By the way, I just found your blog through another one and really like it. Now I just have alot of catching up to do.. Thanks

kathi said...

Loved the video, she's hypnotic.

I've been considering getting rid of my land line phone, since I'm trying drastically to cut down on bills. What you say is so true, the only real calls I get on it is telemarketers. Nearly everyone calls me on my cell.

I love reading, love it. I've listened to books on tape too, in the car, at the gym, cleaning house. But it will never take the place of a good book.

Miss Gina said...

Who wants to read a 400 page book on a computer screen? Ouch, that would hurt my eyes!

RWA said...

I don't think books will ever disappear. The rest of that seems "highly logical," though.

Webmiztris said...

no way books will ever go away. trying to read an e-book on a laptop while lounging on the beach just DOESN'T cut

Leesa said...

prata: I link to your site and sometimes talk about you here, but I am not trying to send people to hastle you. Not that people shouldn't hastle you.

~deb: completely addicted.

stacey: oh, I need to blog on books on tape.

larry: most of YouTube is crap, but I love ms y-brave.

boxer: e-books have e-book-markers.

t: you are keeping your blog a secret. No fair! And I barely have time to blog, how would I learn how to vlog?

kathi: I have known many who have gotten rid of their land line. It scares me for some odd reason.

gina: some paper 400 page books are aweful as well.

rwa: I think you are right.

webmiztris: and getting lotion on your laptop is a no-no

Prata said...

*snickers* Oh I'm just teasing. :P

And people shouldn't hassle me. It makes me irritable. Okay, not really but still.

T said...

Sorry Leesa, I used the wrong sign-in. The fact is I don't have a blog. I have trouble keeping up witht he ones I like let alone have my own. I do believe that yours has jumps to the top though.