Sunday, April 01, 2007

An Incongruent Truth: John McCain on MySpace

I just wrote a guest piece on Shadowscape, and I figure I would re-post it here because I don't know if I saved it properly.

I am a fast reader. I read lots of blogs, and when I saw on shadowscape the call for guest bloggers, I immediately emailed and said, "Pick me."

What I did not do was read the one line, "You just can't trash the place too bad." I mean, I read the line, but I thought it was sort of a dare, meaning, don't worry what you write about because you can't trash this place too bad. But then I started thinking about a double meaning in this and thought to myself, "What if he means that I need to be careful not to trash the place too much." I sort of leaped at the opportunity because I wanted to try to trash the place, but you know, now that I re-read the line, I am not really sure what he meant.

I mean, I wanted to post pictures of upskirts and have a contest to see which one was Britney Spears, though from the looks of things (no pun intended), people have become experts at spotting Ms. Britney. But really, if I was famous at 17 or whatever, was making tens of millions of dollars each year, had to "play the part" of a teen with the media, how different would I be? Please pass the assorted drugs, and I'll hike my skirt up. That's what everybody expects, anyway.

I just learned today that John McCain has a MySpace account. John McCain, presidential candidate, has a MySpace account. This completely baffles me. I mean, I know John McCain is running for president in 2008, not 1976, but still, I can't quite get my head around the fact that a 70-year-old presidential candidate is on MySpace. So you can be virtual friends, PM and whatever, with someone who wants to be the most powerful leader in the freekin' world. I am so sorry, but knowing that McCain is a war veteran and having him in the same type of environment with teens picking each other up or showing their bodacious ta-tas seems incongruent with the universe I know.

Actually, I learned most of the stuff I know in public school, and this information – for instance, how the government runs – seems similarly inconsistent with what I hear in the news or read in the newspaper. I thought the electoral colleges were designed to help pick the best candidate from each party, but if you look at outcomes (well, we did not really go into outcomes and performance in school – you see, those things were of little consequence) – if you look at outcomes, perhaps the current electoral college system in place does not pick the best candidates.

Now I could continue this train of thought, but let's face it, you are just searching for titillating words and I am actually mildly disturbed by the prospect of enduring another round of primaries next year. Good news is that they will end sooner. More good news, is that I have run out of steam and have lost most of the eyeballs that started reading this guest spot.

Let's see, what I have I forgotten about? I mentioned what an honor it . . . Er, no, I didn't.

Let's start over. It is an honor to be a guest blog on Shadowscape, and I, Leesa, am blessed to have this opportunity to share my views with you. My views are not necessarily the views of this blog or the shell company which backs this blog financially. If you want to read more of my spastic drivel, I can be found at Leesa's Stories. And, no, I don't have pictures of Britney on my site.

Er, I just added John McCain as a friend on MySpace. Does that mean I have influential friends now? What is this world coming to? Geesssssss.


RWA said...

So you and John McCain are MySpace friends. That is impressive.

zonker said...

I think it totally makes sense for John McCain to have a MySpace account. I'd probably have to draw the line at him having a LiveJournal account, though...

"Mood: Legislative."

Anonymous said...

I scanned your writings.
Interesting. Too bad i have to read other stuff. So i just want to ask, ever written in stream of consciousness style?
I am a writer like you too. Got some personal stories swimming in my head too.
Thats about it.

Anonymous said...

Btw, i am in Georgia.
Near Signal Tower if you can figure that out.
PS. Ever dated a a browned skinned Asian before?

Leesa said...

rwa: I loathe MySpace. But after hearing this, I was thinking of getting an account. Well, sort of thinking about it.

zonker: LiveJournal? I thought that was more "adult" than MySpace (not meaning to bash those with MySpace accounts, huh, ~deb).

annon: thanks, sweetie. Interesting that you posted annonomously but left an email address.