Friday, April 20, 2007

A Befuddled Mind: Randomness Friday

Recently I was walking out of the car for church, and it was drizzling. I man had an umbrella up, and a woman was trying to do the same. He commented, "Wow, that's a big umbrella." Her reply, "The size won't matter if I can't get it up."

All I could do was giggle to myself. I nearly said something rude. In a church parking lot. Certainly Satan1 was tempting me.

In a Mexican Restaurant
Okay, I will admit it. I eat at Mexican restaurants in Georgia. I feel sort of bad about it because it seems weird. Sort of like I should not be eating at them because I am so far from Mexico. Were I in Texas – that would be better. Chinese restaurants are different. I know I am half-way around the globe from China, but it does not seem as weird.

I was eating in a Mexican restaurant with my hubbie recently, and there were three extremely attractive women at the next booth. We could not see them, but we could here them. They were talking about their recent VS2 purchases – bras and how they made their boobs look good – and talking about men's penises. I don't remember talking about these subjects eating nachos and waiting for the waiter to take my order.

I want a new television. Not often, but our television (yes, we have one) is sort of old. Since we don't watch much television, we really don't need a new one, but in the last 5 years they have looked really cool. They are slim, have a great picture and seem so "James Bond"-y.

Virginia Tech
I have not been watching/listening to the news, partly because I don't want to know more about Virginia Tech. I sort of feel bad about it, but not really. I empathize really easily, and I just don't want to go through the emotions. Once the media's feeding frenzy is over, I think I will think more about this tragedy.

Please don't take this as sacrilegious (it is, but don't take it that way), but I was thinking about how new religions are formed. What I don't understand is that for many Christians, we have some form of communion3 – and the food is normally some sort of wafer. If I was coming up with a new religion, I would probably replace wafer with chocolate. Not really, but what a marketing campaign. The downside would be that you would need towelettes after communion. Oh, and another downside is that chocolate is not really supported in religious writings I have read.

There are certain sounds I really miss. One of them, I thought about today, is the dot matrix printer. For those of you too young to remember dot matrix printers – too bad. They are sort of like 8-track tape players. Something that was left in the 80s because they were really not a great item, but we did not have better stuff. If I was writing an SAT question, I would say:

8-Track Players : Audio CDs :: Dot Matrix Printers :

(A) Guttenberg Printing Press
(B) Pens
(C) Laser Printers
(D) Princess Leah

The correct answer, of course, is C. Remember learning that a colon (:) means "is to" and two colons (::) means "as". Who came up with this? Somebody at Princeton, I would guess.

1I don't think it is a coincidence that Satan and satin are so close in spelling. I misspell Satan all of the time. Satin is a sinfully delicious fabric.

2VS = Victoria's Secret. I used to shop there a lot, but not so much anymore. Guess I am getting older, so I don't plan on wearing "something special" for a sexual rendezvous. I always thought their panties were sub-standard, and would not last a good three washings, and their bras while they look nice, are not really made to be warn for more than a little while. Good for them that their bras usually fly off the woman within minutes of being seen. Coincidence? Probably not.

3Communion is either a sacrament or a symbol, depending on the flavor of religion you practice.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I MUST HAVE been Mexican in a former's all I want to eat anymore (as long as they keep bringing the margaritas, that is...;)

And no, I never discussed penises or boobs while eating nachos...not that I can recall. Of course, get enough tequila in me and I'll talk about anything. :)

Prata said...

Actually Leesa, dot matrix printers are still used rather often in high speed printing because there are no lasers that can match their output. Take an IT department that prints off several thousands pages at a time say for reporting purposes, the dot matrix printer is easily the most productive item to use. It's a technology thing laser is both expensive and slow.

kathi said...

My favorite restaurants have always been Mexican, whether I was living in Indiana, Florida or here. The cooks may be more authentic here and there are definitely more 'hole in the wall' or 'mom and pop' mexican restaurants here. As long as they're clean...I'm there.

One of the sounds I miss the most is the train. You just don't hear a lot of trains anymore.

Kat said...

VS bras are really comfortable if you've got the right size, but you're right, the panties are definately substandard. I love Mexican food, no good restraunts here in Ohio so I have to make it myself.

Leesa said...

stacey: I love Chinese food and I would eat it most days. Mexican is probably my second favorite.

prata: and, yes, some people still use dot matrix printers because they make an image by impact, and for certain multi-page forms, they can be useful. But the time for personal dot matrix printers is over. Hey, I am talking to a freaking Linux-user.

kathi: I love looking at trains when I can get a glance at them.

kat: the bras are comfortable, yes, but if you need a little "support" they are not as nice. Though I have not bought anything from VS in years, so things may have changed.

LarryLilly said...

Mexican food, well here in Texas, its the standard, and I dont mean the chain Don pablos or On The Border, I mean Rodriquez Restaurant in Balch Springs, where the order board is in Spanglish.

Chocolate religion? Also from Mexico. Great cocoa from Mexico. I could almost go back to church for that. Nah, they would add to my guilt.

Leesa, your never too old for VS. And if the bras fly off so soon as they are seen, well, the men need to exercise some patience. Having sex without passion is just friction. And the art of undressing is passion. The rest is just A into B. Repeat as needed.

I built for my first wife, a writer and reporter, a monstrous sized 8 foot long oak credenza, computer work station and built in book case. It was built when the dot matrix printers were the technology, and the special drawer that was to house the printer was made sound proof, built oversized to hold acoustic deadening baffles. You could hear a slight buzz, but it wasnt that constant loud buzz. Now, my current wife asks, what was this foam drawer for? LOL

I tell her it was to hold my truly loud ideas.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Completely agree about your comment regarding V.Tech. I have kept the TV off for the past few days. I GET the horror, but just can't absorb anymore. I've changed my car radio to NPR, because if I'm going to hear bad news, I'd rather hear it with an English accent.

~Deb said...

You made me look forward to my Mexican dinner tonight! Hopefully, we'll catch a couple of hotties talking about bras------(minus the penis taWk!)

I do admit that it's a bit too much with the V-tech, however, it raises awareness of how deep seeded some depressions are and how it should be taken very seriously.

Have a great weekend!

LarryLilly said...

The V-Tec incident this week, well, its a bit too much at times. This has not been a good week in history, the OKC bombing April 19, the Columbine murders April 20, and then this, the Virginia Tech murders April 16.

We view life differently when something like this happens however. Each and every day we have many people murdered, singly of maybe pairs, but the reality is that death by violence is all too common around us. The death of these others are no less nor more important than anyone else, but we raise mass deaths up to a higher level. We dont GARA about the kid in the hood gunned down by a street war that has a few bullets going off randomly. Is his life story any less important?

No, I dont grieve any more over the loss of the V-tech people any more or less than the person no one knows about until 3 days later after finding the body in a ditch under the interstate.

They ALL had opportunity taken from them, but we as a society cant be placed to know which ones were to raise up higher than the others.

Leesa said...

larry: sounds like a wonderful credenza.

boxer: love the PBS quote!

~deb: I am all for raising suicide awareness, and I have like what you have written/filmed on the subject. But I still have not seen any TV on the subject.

larry: well-said.

RWA said...

I feel strange sometimes about eating Mexican food here in Alabama. It's much different from the Mexican food you get in Texas, Arizona or California.

But, it's better than nothing, right?

Prata said...

You mind your tongue about linux woman. :P

Leesa said...

rwa: the strange feeling you get is gas.

prata: At least I did not say anthing bad about Linus Torvalds.