Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No Shortcuts Here

Last night, the Florida Gaters won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. Okay, I did not see the game, but I will pretend I know about it for the purposes of this blog. Florida's team was essentially the same team as last year. Somebody Noah is the tall guy, and he would have been offered wheelbarrows full of money for entering the NBA last year. Three other guys, all tall as well, would have been offered wheelbarrows or buckets full of money for entering the draft last year. Well, they must have gotten together, discussed the pros and cons of it all, and since the cafeteria food rocks, they decided to stay at Florida.

You see, they delayed gratification1. They decided to work together for another college championship, to delay their dreams of playing in the NBA for something else. You know, this was a sacrifice for something that they achieved this year, something I think they will always treasure.

The four talented college players did not take the shortcut.

Okay, most of us don't play college b-ball for a 1-A school, or are that tall, or can even dribble a ball without "walking." I never understood while they called it "walking" because you are walking or running while dribbling normally. Again, it is basketball, so it does not have to make sense. But sometimes we take shortcuts.

I mean, we borrow money to go to school. Remember "It's a Wonderful Life"? George saves money to go to college and then plans to go – but he sends his brother. He delays gratification. I did not borrow money to go to school – I worked my ass off while going to school, and when I was finished, not only did I have a degree, but I also had no huge bill to pay for school. And I had a better appreciation for the sacrifice I made.

If you would have given me a choice, I would have much rather been one of those Daddy's Girls – sorority type whose outfits cost as much as a semester hour or two. I would have signed up for that, and I don't think there is anything wrong with it, but if your circumstances don't find you taking wads of cash from Daddy, paying your way through college seems like the way to go.

Each year, thousands of college students don't take the student loan shortcut.

I am watching, at work, an interview process. I am not doing the interviewing, but I do see the resumes and experience. Several of the applicants don't have the experience necessary. As I listen to others discuss the candidates, they bemoan an attitude of entitlement. That a degree alone entitles an applicant to a mid-level management job. Forget learning from previous jobs. Forget climbing the corporate ladder, slobbering kisses on bosses' tuchies.

Each year, thousands upon thousands of graduates expect mid-level jobs with entry level skills, education and experience.
Sometimes we need to delay gratification so that we can achieve, earn or learn so that when we do advance, we do so because of our actions, choices and . . . .

Screw it. I am going to buy a lottery ticket. Can't wait until the drawing Wednesday night!

1By writing that they delayed gratification, I am not saying they were celibate the whole time they were at Florida. I am talking about not "cashing in" on their athletic ability. If they needed to remain celibate, I am thinking they would be NBA stars, driving Hummers, getting hummers. A little joke that detracts from the intent of this blog.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I'm usually not a fan of ANY Gators whatsoever (I'm a Seminoles fan, if that tells you anything...whole different sport, I know, I know) but I just HAVE to say



~Deb said...

I always wanted a Hummer. I don't know if it has anything to do with penis envy or the fact that I want a huge truck the size of my house.


Ian Lidster said...

As Carrie Fisher's character said in 'Postcards from the Edge,' "Instant gratification takes too long." Young people have been raised with a sense of entitlement. They have been told they're wonderful from the day they were born, so they want it all 'now!' and can't understand why they don't get it. Sorry folks, you aren't all wonderful and, as you point out Leesa, you have to prove your 'wonderfulness.'
Good thoughts,

Leesa said...

stacey: yeah, I don't know much about Florida football, but I was pulling for the bb team. That was basketball, right?

~deb: I love the yellow Hummers. They sort of look like toys for giants. I am afraid my foot would not touch the pedals, though.

ian: these are unpopular thoughts, though, Ian. I sound like a wet blanket.

LarryLilly said...

I went to school when instant gratification wasnt even an idea. When i was let out for good behavior from catholic school, the last thing the nuns did was screw with me. They send stuff to the public school (middle) I was going to, and well, when I was assigned to class that year, I was in 7D. D as in dumb. After a couple of weeks, I told my mom that school was boring, that I was doing stuff that i had last year. She asked the school about it, they gave me a day of tests, the following day I was moved to 7A (*1). We kept the A, B, C and D class distinction up through 12th grade.

I am an engineer, and engineers take professional exams, and you either pass, or fail. If you pass, you can become an engineer and later if you want, an engineering manager. If you fail, you become senior management. Yeah, you get paid more, but you still dont know jack shit.

*1 But I was still in 7D homeroom, so that was cool. All the really neat people are in the D class. These are the kids that are now your mechanics, electricians, plumbers, hair stylists etc. they know what it takes to make the world go around, and they know how to have a great time, without being hurtfull in phoney "Oh, isnt that dress pretty". If the girls didnt like your dress, they either told you that you dressed like a skank, or that you could do better.

RWA said...

I expect that Joakim Noah, Al Horford and possibly others will bolt for the big money of the NBA if their coach leaves to take more money and glory at the University of Kentucky.

Good points about college, though. I agree - a degree is no substitute for experience.

Christie said...

It's time yet again for the stupidest of blog awards.... Go nominate

Leesa said...

larry: I did not realize that some schools really segregated students that much, based on test performance. Wow!

rwa: I think the Florida coach postponed his extension because he did not think that his players sacrificed cash and he sort of wanted to do the same.

christie: thanks for the heads-up.

Friar Tuck said...

I ended up working hard and then having bills as well to get through school.

I agree with you for the most part, although I don't think working through the system works as well as it used to. The world moves too fast.

squire said...

As "jocks" the only real courses they took were intercourses. That said, I admire them for coming back.