Friday, April 27, 2007

Shocking: Recently Shy

I met my husband at the door the other day at the door, and it was fairly bizarre. I felt, really, like a dog meeting her master at the door. Not that way, but I was eager to see him.

Me (looking at him with wide eyes and a smile): "Let me take your briefcase."

Him: "I thought we talked about this. I just need a few minutes to change and gather my thoughts."

Yes, we have had the same conversation for years now. When he gets home, he needs a bit of space to, as he puts it, gather his thoughts. I know, he needs to transition from work to home, and it takes him a little time. But I have been home for an hour or more and I just wanted some attention.

Just fuck your wife.

Anyway, he goes to the bedroom, the room I want him in, and he changes. He reappears in ten or fifteen minutes in comfy clothes, and without talking with me, he goes into the backyard. Okay he went to check on the garden.

I go into the kitchen and see him examining the beds. Again, wrong bed, oh, husband of mine. He is poking around in the wrong bed. Sometimes men can be so clueless when it comes to signs. I am feeling a bit shy today, but you know, I am also feeling amorous. Husband, come inside, and . . .

just fuck your wife.

I start to make dinner. My duty, I suppose. When we were first married, he cooked a lot. He would cook the manly part of the meals – if you could grill it or the food, at one time in its life, walked, flew or swam, he would cook it. I don't mind cooking; I rather enjoy it most of the time. Sometimes, strange as it may seem, cooking seems to be part of the courtship ritual, and it can be highly arousing. Strange as that may seem,

just fuck your wife.

Husband, you and I can talk about so many things, things of great importance and of little significance. I almost force you to talk when you really would rather stick your nose in a book, and I thank you for it. Yes, husband of mine, you and I can talk frankly about sex most of the time. There are times, however, that I want you to read my mind. There are times when I want you to read glances as easily as you read the book you place at your bedside each night.

Sometimes, when your wife is eager to talk, looks at you with puppy dog eyes, greets you at the door, we doesn't want to talk. You should take my advice, dear husband, and . . .

just fuck your wife.


Ian Lidster said...

Sometimes a guy just needs a little time. Sometimes ... well, sometimes simple gestures of availability won't work. Sometimes ... well ... a simple "I'm really horny and really want to fuck," can work absolute wonders ... with me it can, anyway.
Love your scenarios, Leesa.


QUASAR9 said...

lol Leesa,
why didn't I get a wife like you?

Don't your husband read this blog
If you were my missus, I'd know which bed you want me to be poking around in - for sure, for sure

~Deb said...

Okay- that’s it! I’m coming over to fill this position. You know, I do the same exact thing. I think I’m the ‘man’ in my relationship. I need some ‘breathing room’ when I get home, because I’m either still stressing about the day or just need time to regroup. But, it is fascinating to see relationships transgress in a way that the courtship has finally reached its level of contentment- and has lost a tiny bit of that ‘excitement’. Remember when you two were just dating, and just the eye connection would make you melt? I mean, you probably still have that, and if you do, you’re very lucky… But with time, it takes a bit more than just the eye connection. That’s when ‘work’ comes into play. And if you don’t work at it, the fire will dull down to a small ember. (Which can be used in grilling a nice piece of steak!) However, I think the flower bed should be placed in the bedroom, if you ask me.

Enjoy your weekend!!!


~Deb said...

Shit! Third!

Leesa said...

ian: sometimes being shy has drawbacks.

quasar: I rarely talk about my husband on my blog (this is a rare exception), and no, he does not read it.

~deb: our relationship ebbs and flows. And, I learned it as (1) pee pee, number 1, and (2) poo poo, number two. I have no idea what number three is, unless that is some sort of mythical female ejaculation thingie.

kathi said...

Hmmmm, well, okay then.

Sometimes men are like children, you have to take them by the hand and talk v e r y s l o w l y.

Pittchick said...

My husband has finally gotten to the point where he willa ctually let me touch the grill and use it on occassion. I don't understand why men are so protective of thier grills.
I met my husband at the door once and asked him if he wanted a drink. His reply? "What have you done with my wife?" Sheesh. So much for trying to be nice.

RWA said...

I'm sorry to hear that he didn't get the "hints," as subtle as they may have been.

If you can't just come out and tell him, why not leave a note on the door that says, "Meet me in the bedroom." Surely he would understand that after he finished in the wrong bed.

Anonymous Boxer said...

He must REALLY like his garden, because he's a lucky guy.

And this was well written.

Happy Friday.

LarryLilly said...

Sex after romance takes work, communication and more communication. By romance I mean that first 5 years or so when it was automatic. After that, well, communication. You tried the subtle way at first, but then you didnt follow up with him. If you described to him what you told us, then it would (I hope) happen. Maybe Thursday night isnt his sex night. Maybe he is a Friday after dinner out sex guy, with a Saturday nooner, then a 9pm Sunday night kind of guy. Mondays are out, too busy at work, Tuesday since that is whatever and well maybe once a month on Wednesday but never Thursday, no way, that is recharge the loins getting ready for the weekend night. LOL

OK, so you see, its not always so subtle, maybe you have to take the initiative. i assume when he is horny, he just walks up behind you pokes you in the rump with his boy, or maybe just clears off the kitchen table, strips you naked and eats you for a special dinner. So when your hot, maybe you need to be more frank. If he doesnt initiate sex, well, what can I say except sorry.

Leesa said...

kathi: I will remember that.

pitt: touching the grill. That's not code, is it?

rwa: clearly, you don't understand women. Clear communication?

boxer: thanks, sweetie. I tried to not make the writing suck.

larry: I guess I want what I want. And he needs to learn to read my mind. Sometimes.

Kat said...

Pap needed to be smacked in the face with a shovel to get it. "Subtle" was totally lost on him.

T said...

Leesa,I think that your hubbie has been stuck in his afternoon routine too long. Routine can ruin a relationship. It's easy to read your note from a distance and say that I would melt at your approach... very easy. Subtle may not work as well as a direct approach at this point. He needs to tend a more inviting garden

~Deb said...

Kath, don't think you have to do that with only men. Women are quite the handful too. Believe me, I know! *shweew*

Anonymous said...

Getting totally nude and pushing me to the ground is a good hint for me from my wife.


Leesa said...

I know this feeling.
They can be so clueless sometimes.

The Moon Topples said...

Just popping by to remind (or inform) you and your readers about the GBA(s)FC #2, which kicks off May 1st over on my blog. Hope to see you there.

Sorry to post off-topic.

Leesa said...

kat: subtle can sometimes be a good thing.

t: routine can be comfortable or bad. It may have been bad that evening.

~deb: sometimes, being a handful can be nice as well.

edge: no hitting you over the head with a brick, huh?

leesa: yeah, clueless. That's what he was.

moon: thanks for the head's up. I will post it today.