Friday, December 22, 2006

Of Amateur Singers and iPods

I have found a blogger (ysabellabrave in an unlikely place: youtube. I have been enjoying her for a while – on youtube. She sings, and the reason I have not mentioned her before is that, well, I assumed she was lip-syncing. In her latest video, she is holding her cat and you can tell it is her. For those of who have not seen streaming video, sometimes the sound and video are off a bit, something that makes her videos appear as if the audio and video comes from different sources (insert pithy but technologically accurate remark by prata that explains that they come from different sources).

She says she loves the blues, and I bet she does. But her voice reminds me of the sirens of the 1920s (and a bit earlier), and some of the stars of the 1930s and 1940s. Anyway, I open my browser and listen to the songs while I am working (and writing this blog). I don't watch the videos much – but, men, she is a cutie so you may want to watch! What I would love to do is convert the video to MP3 and take them with me on my iPod. I know, there are professional singers who may have more talent than she has, but I just enjoy her singing. I guess I finally get American Idol. And her performances remind me more of a live performance. Sorry. I am off on a tangent.

The only thing I don't know is if she is really who she says she is. Lonelygirl15 was supposed to be some high schooler, and she was a professional actress. Ysabellabrave represents herself as a fraud investigator that started singing lessons about a year ago. Oh, I believe her, but you know, I can be easily fooled.

iPod accessories
Okay, so I would love to get ysabellabrave on my iPod. Did I mention that I love my iPod? A love bordering on unhealthy obsession. Really. iPods are so freakin' addictive. Apple, please deposit money in my Paypal account for the free advertising. First, you invest lots of time converting your CDs to a format for your iPod, and then you learn about accessories.

The first accessory I got was an armband. Mobile tunes. Loved it. So I can ignore the world and listen to music. Great. Next thing I got was an FM transistor, so I could listen to my iPod in the car with my car stereo. Okay, the quality sort of sucks, but I got my iPod in my car now. So I can use my iPod when I am walking and in my car.

What next. iHome, specifically the i iH36W, an under-the-kitchen-cabinet iPod and Shuffle Stereo Player with FM/TV/Weather Band and Remote Control. Say that several times quickly. So I can listen to my tunes when in the kitchen, chopping onions. Hey, people, I chop a lot of onions.

The next thing I got was some cables to pipe the iPod music into the stereo. Cables so that whatever is on my iPod can get all the way to my entertainment center. Boys and girls – lets count the locations: while walking, in the car, in the kitchen, in the living room. What the hell would be next? The bathroom, dear readers, with the iLounge Toilet Paper Dispenser. And y'all thought I was going to take my iPod in the bedroom. No thanks. I love listening to ysabellabrave, but I am not sure I would be able to listen to her again after, well, you know.


Tony said...

WooHoo ! I'm first on iPod Friday!

I love my iPod. I got mine (iPod) back in 2003 when they had the separate four buttons above the wheel. I carry it everywhere. I plug it into my pc speakers at work so I can listen to it there. I plug it into my sound system at the house. I carry it on my belt so I can listen when I'm doing yard/house work. I take it running (I carry it in my hand when I run.)

I love my iPod.

Awesome post Leesa!

Joe said...

...but you know, I can be easily fooled

There's something that most of us will file away for future reference. :)

I'll have to go check out ysabellabrave. You've never steered me wrong before, so I'm sure she's as wonderful as you say.

Prata said...

*makes motions with his hands and pulls t a diagram for everyone to reference with regards to his pithy but technologically accurate comment*

Now that we have that out of the way! *snickers*

I hate the ipod. I hate it because it..just as M$, attempts to keep you locked into proprietary formats. MP3 by the by is not free. Further, the ipod coupled with itunes is meant to limit your freedom. Those songs are drmed into oblivion and you can not move your playlists from an ipod to just any other computer unless the PC has itunes (the database on the ipod is a heap of smoldering crap). Unless of course you simply store mp3's on the thing or the better sounding ogg vorbis music format which is free (as in beer and freedom). I do however, really like portable music players which support ogg and mp3, so I can listen to my music like..everywhere. Radio stations don't play the music I listen too =-(

I like your theme. It looks nice by the way.

Leesa said...

tony: thanks! although I really don't have all of those attachments. Just the armband and the car thing. Though I really want the iHome center for my kitchen.

joe: ysabellabrave is a sweetie, has an incredible voice and is a minister.

prata: I don't do iTunes. I have heard that the music does not port well. You crash you hard drive and you may have problems. I have lots of CDs, so I convert them. Plus there are lots of free audio files that have people reading stories. I love some of those as well.

Prata said...

Stay VERY far away from's crap lol. I have an iriver. It supports off..and is just a joy to own. I use Linux...not that windows or mac crap so I have to be a _little_ bit more concerned about what I buy as well. I heard (read really) that the creators of mp3 have been suing people over it lately. Yay lawsuits!

I listen to a lot of audio books..hey question! Do you know anything about Project Gutenburg? I am thinking of contributing some of my time to that again.

Monica said...

Leesa, I have yet to get an ipod...I have an mp3 player...a MuVo one that works fine for the jogging (rare) and puttering I do when I need music and I am far from regular audio equipment. The cool audio thingy I have (yeah, I'm not as tech savy as Prata) is this neat wireless thing that captures my mp3 playlists from thin air and magicly gets them from the computer to the stereo it is attached to...very neat, very mysterious...thank goodness I have Joe (my own personal Prata) to buy me these things and hook them up....that way I can stand there in dumb-girl amazment and be impressed. Tee-Hee.

Wow, I feel the need to get out my reciprocating saw and redeem myself now.

Leesa said...

prata: I actually use LibriVox for my audio books. Project Gutenberg is actually much larger. I remember years ago, looking at Project Gutenberg - back when I thought they only shared online books (non-audio) that were in the public domain.

monica: I am no techie. I just play one on my blog. I have very little in terms of gadgets, but the iPod is one of them.

MaryAnne said...

Hey, this is ysabellabrave, MaryAnne.
It's me singing alright. Thanks for the word, I'm glad you're enjoying the music. :)

Tony said...

I guess the reason I love my iPod is that I've never had any problems. iTunes has worked flawlessly for me. 99.9% of the music comes from my cd's. I don't have friends that I trade music with and the only other place that I would have it is on my pc. The only real "accessory" I've purchased was the radio transmitter so I could listen to it on my car radio if I wanted. The cable for my stereo I already have and any pc that has speakers can plug into it.

I guess it comes down to what works best for you.

Cinderella said...

I really need to invest in an I-pod, people keep telling me how great they are, I think it's about time.

I like your new look, just in time for the holidays!

Have a wonderful Christmas Leesa!

Leesa said...

maryann: I love your singing!

tony: there are so many products on the market. We are blessed by all of the choices!

cinderella: Have a wonderful Christmas to you too!

Anonymous said...

She sucks... you need to have your ears checked.

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