Monday, December 04, 2006

Mud Flaps and Trailer Hitches

By using a blogspot account, I support a company (Google) that chooses to filter information, based on the country you live in (e.g., China). Prata, don't try the link today as I think his power is out, mentioned Psiphon Friday, and I wanted to at least inform you about it today. That way, I can atone for using blogspot. Psiphon uses something I will call "technology" to allow some people access to websites that some countries block. You know, the US may have a deal with Google to block sites – we just don't know about it. For those inclined, check out the site.

Today, I want to talk about men. Friday, Mark told me of a special vehicle hitch that seemed almost unreal. When I first saw the hitch, I thought to myself, "who would place this on their vehicle (in Texas, they say "truck", I am told). This sort of reads like some traffic cop. "Please step out of your motor vehicle." Sorry. I did not want to drink warm diet Coke this morning.

I just wonder why people place such things on their cars. Then I remember mud flaps. I mean, having silhouettes of naked women on your truck; what's the point. I do not know any girlfriends who have ever said, "You know, I saw that truck with the naked women on it, and flagged the guy down because I just had to have him." Never have I seen it, never had I heard it, never has it been a porno movie plot. Lots of times have a mis-delivered pizza been the start of a clandestine rendezvous. Well, sort of clandestine, considering the camera man just happened to be there, but you get the point.

Sometimes I do not understand people.

I don't have a single bumper sticker on my car (think, OCD and you will know why), but I enjoy reading said bumper stickers. Especially theme cars. You know the type – the 1972 VW beetle with 12 different Wichian bumper stickers. Or the H2 Hummer with environmental stickers. These things really entertain me. But I will not stick any bumper sticker on a car.

Crap, it is getting late, and I have not posted. Christmastime seems to be so rush-rush. I only have 27 people on my list to go. Not really, but it seems that way. This afternoon I will go Christmas shopping. Hope I don't get behind someone with naked girl mud flaps. I mean, don't want to be turned on (tongue in cheek) when looking for loofas.


Edge said...

You see a lot of these on the streets of Dallas ....

Ok, you don't, but isn't it funny?

And yes, in Texas it's a truck.


Anonymous said...

Hi again Leesa,

Dave Lucas said...

Hey Leesa!
Heads up: Psiphon is very dangerous!

Anonymous said...


Those old Playboy mudflaps have always made me think of what kind of individual goes out and buys these for his truck.

I don't think I could ever deal with the mexican balls around the roof of my car either, nor could I do the hydrolic suspension as well. But then again, those strange people who like to hang items the size of footballs off their rearview mirror make me cringe as well (Specially the ever so reflective CD on a string idea). I guess that's what makes the world go round.

As for bumper stickers, you'll never see any on my car. But I do have a great time reading the fun ones. I'm sure we're all tired of the Jesus Fish or the Darwin Fish or the ever so loving "I got LEIed in Hawaii". But to this day, the one soda flying out of my nose one was "Yes, I have finally found Jesus.... He was behind the couch the whole time"

Well that's my input for the day. Tell me why I don't like Mondays.



Tony said...

Ok, so now you're down to blogging about mud flaps. Girl, I just don't know. Of course you're doing better than I. I haven't posted in too long.

Leesa said...

jef: I remember first going to Texas (in the early 1980s). It was before trucks were too terribly popular, and Texas had a lot of trucks even then.

pyth0z: hi, pythos . . . .

dave: it seemed danderous to me, but I did not find anything about it on Friday. Thanks for the link.

pyth0s: hope the first message was not eaten. I love reading the bunper stickers but I occasionally almost have accidents, speading up to read some of them.

tony: pitiful, I know.

Video X said...

hehehe. No bumper stickers for me either.

I actually find bumper sticker people slightly (in nice terms) irritating. I think it is completely egotistical. I really don't care to have their political and other views shoved down my throat (eyes I guess) while I'm driving.

QUASAR9 said...

Well I guess the joke is that someone expects you to be able to read mudflaps - they either don't see much mud or spend a lot of time in the car wash.

Prefer Britney's T-shirts or boob logos, does she wear booty stickers

GW Mush said...

girl mud flaps remind me of girl's who mud wrestle, hehe

oh, my bumper has a pimple on it.

~Deb said...

All I see driving down the highways are the mudflaps that have the Taz on them. The naked woman thing is quite cheesey- as well as any other "logo" crap.

Bumper stickers? Honk if you're irritated by people who have bumper stickers!!! OCD victim here too! Don't feel bad.

Leesa said...

vx: bumper stickers are egotistical. Yeah, sort of like blogs.

quasar: I never thought about that.

gw: girls who mud wrestle; I know one.

~deb: I can deal with Taz. Or horses.

Edge said...

If you live in a smaller town, like I did, your first car is usually a truck. As was mine. I don't want a truck. Too many people asking you to help them move stuff or haul it home.


Prata said...

I got my frickin' power back finally. =-/

I've been without power for DAYS. I hate it. No net access. Very unpleasant. On the upside, everything is back up and running. I have starteda psiphon server in my home by the way.

Oh and feel free to blog on that topic at your earliest convenience.