Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Kiss Between Friends

Kiss Between GirlfriendsShe tucked her dyed blond hair behind her ear for the second time in one minute, and this actually comforted me. I could tell she was nervous as well.

We had been working together for eight months in retail, which means we had lots of time to talk. And because the level of customer service stinks, we had few customers so we were able to talk to one another a lot. And when there were no customers in the shop, sex was the topic of choice. She enjoyed hearing about my exploits (married men), and I enjoyed hearing about hers (college guys and gals). I am eight years her senior, but she had experiences I had never had.

Long story short, she teased me about saying that my sexual life would not improve with my ever-increasing number of married lovers. She said it is like golfing more without lessons. You just don't learn anything new. But by taking a female lover, you improve your love life. Personally, I think she just wanted to get me into bed, and funny thing was, I was approaching her on her bed, looking at her nervously tell me that she will be my teacher.

She thought it would be better if I approached her on the bed, and as my feet felt like I was wearing cement shoes. I could not even feel my toes touch the dated shag carpet in her bedroom. Yes, I was in my co-workers bedroom, looking at her in a festive emerald green silk negligee.

I precariously sat on the bed, wondering how to make a move on her.

At that moment, Lara touched my hand, saying, "Sweetie, you look so scared. We can just talk if you want." And we started to talk, about almost anything but sex. And I almost forgot where we were until Lara looked at me as if she wanted to kiss me.

And I leaned into her, and our lips met. Softly, sweetly. My closed eyes just imagined what she looked like. I wanted to see us, kissing. Oh, I was lost in Lara's mouth for what seemed like an eternity.

As our lips parted, she grinned and wiped her mouth. Yeah, the kiss started out tender and eroded into a special, sloppy kiss. And Lara whispered, almost cooing, "Leesa, dear, we can stop this at any time."

"I know," was my answer, and my thought was, "I don't want to stop this." I am sure I spoke this with my eyes, because at that inner thought, Lara placed her right hand on my breast. I was fully clothed, but I felt naked at that moment. I placed my hand on her small hand, a hand smaller than anyone had touched me before, as if to say, "thanks, sweetie, you are so gentle, you are so warm, you are so special."

Our eyes met, and we just stared at one another for a moment. I notice that Lara did not tuck her hair behind her ear. There was no need. The nervousness just melted away. While I don't remember the moment by moment experiences that day, I will never forget that first kiss. Lara remains in my mind. And as she predicted, she taught me things that made me a better lover.


RWA said...


Now that is hot.

Well done.

Robert said...

nicely written post. Many thanks. :)