Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dancing at Club One

This is another pure fiction piece. Funny thing is when you stop cheating on your hubbie, and you don't want to divulge those intimate moments, you either have to remember things or make up things. My erotic writing tends to do both.

My friends are a bunch of pussies. I mean, hubbie is out-of-town, and we go out dancing on a week night, and all of my friends poop out by 9:30 pm. "I have work tomorrow." Pussies.

So here I am, slightly tipsy, and I have to wait a fuckin' hour to go home because (1) I will not drive under the influence, and (2) I am too-goddamned-cheap to pay for a taxi.

And then I remember my cel phone. He called tonight. I don't have his number in my phone because, well, he is a guy that I don't want hubbie to know about, but he called. I am so glad I did not clear out the history yet (will have to do that before hubbie returns), but I can call him back.

The phone rings.

And rings.

And rings.

I hang up before it goes to voice mail. Fuck.

So I am going over to the bar to get some water, and my phone vibrates.

I flip the phone open, plug my other ear and respond, "Yeah."

"Hey, sexy." He answered my call after all.

"Can you get the fuck over here?"

"Sure. Where is here, hun?"

Yeah I am tipsy, and my internal conversations are crowding my brain. "Club One."

"Be there in an hour."

"Hey, you are in your hotel room, right? It is like a ten minute walk, if the elevator is stuck. Take your penis out of your hand and get your ass over here now. If you are not here in 10 minutes, don't bother coming."

I met Jamie online, and he lives in Georgia. He travels a lot, and so he has been in Savannah "doing contracting" for a while. I don't know what that is, and I don't really care. All I know is that he would masturbate for me online, and I figure that's what he was doing when I called.

"Okay, but I have to get dressed," he stammers.

"Sweet fuck, I am at Club One. No one cares how you are dressed. Ten fucking minutes."

Of course, this was an empty threat – I was still going to be at Club One for another hour, unless I went for a walk. But I wanted Jamie to buy me drinks.

For those who don't know, Club One was made famous by Savannah's own Lady Chablis, one many memorable characters in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Anyway, I go to the dance floor to dance another song, and then head over to the bar for a water. I drink it a little too quickly, as I spill some on my blouse, not noticeable since I have been dancing for almost two hours and I am swimming in my clothes.

As I put the drink down, I accidentally bump into the woman next to me, and I turn to say I am sorry. Her response, "No problem."

I do a double-take and it is Jamie. Jamie is wearing a black skirt and hose, ugly black and red top and a fucking wig. Then I remember some of his masturbation sessings – he likes wearing hose. I just did not know he liked dressing all the way up.

Jamie grins, "Surprise."

He takes my hand and we make it onto the dance floor. Even in stockings and a skirt, he acts like the man and leads. I don't mind.

After two songs, I excuse myself to pee, and after I enter the ladies room, I turn around because someone has followed me in. It is Jamie.

Our eyes meet, and we both know why he has followed me in the restroom.

We grab each other's hand and bolt towards the stall, he wanting the last stall, and me wanting the one before the last stall. Like the man he is, we take his stall to find someone has puked in it. A second later, we are in the stall I would have chosen, because I just assumed it would be cleaner.

I kiss his lips, and he just says, "Turn around."

I obey, flipping up my skirt. He does the same, and then chuckles. It takes him a second to slip on a condom, and nearly instantly, I feel him enter my pussy from behind.

He reaches from under my blouse to grab onto my breasts, and I feel so sweaty and dirty. The toxic air fills my lungs, the urine, the next stall's contents, you get the idea. But once he begins thrusting, everything else just goes away.

He wobbles a couple of time, he wearing heels. I can't but wonder what size he has on, as he climaxes. I am nowhere near coming, but we are in a restroom, and as luck would have it, no one has entered. Well, except for Jamie's penis, I correct myself.

After he takes himself out, and we both straighten our skirts, I hear someone enter the restroom. I mouth for Jamie to be quiet, and someone stumbles to another stall. After a moment, we hear her pee streaming into the toilet, and it reminds me that I have to go.

She calls to us, not really knowing there are two of us because of her drunkenness, I suppose. "Any TP?"

I sit on the toilet and hand her the TP from under the stall. She grabs it, and Jamie mouths to me that he wants me to pee.

He cannot see anything, and so I oblige. What the hell, he just fucked me in the ladies room. As I start to pee, he touches my left breast, and I stop momentarily. Then I finish peeing.

My stall-mate hands me the TP as she finishes, and I tear off two sheets.

Jamie takes it from me. Christ, now he wants to wipe me, too.

"Front to back," I mouth, making sure he wipes me in the right direction.

"What?" my stall-mate asks. Jamie also looks confused.

"Nothing, I say to my stall-mate. Just reminding myself to wipe from front to back. Learned it as a little girl. Silly, I know.

Jamie gives me the most erotic wiping in my life, as the stall-mate leaves.

We start laughing as we exit the bathroom, arm in arm. What a terrific dance partner.

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Ian Lidster said...

Thank you, Leesa. Fiction or not, you brightened up my day. Oh, I could go into lots of reasons why I liked it, but I better not.