Friday, November 03, 2006

YouTube Faker Video

This video is from LisaNova (You Tube goddess). Her video is about the Michael J. Fox-Rush Limbaugh incidents.


Bruce said...

Well done. It's people like Limbaugh that give humanity a bad name.

Tony said...
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Tony said...

That video is so fake. Rush doesn't act like. He really is like that. Fakers.

Advizor said...

While it's always fun to make fun of Rush, the fact remains that Michael J. Fox has admitted, on camera, that he stops taking his medicine before making public appearances in order to demonstrate the impact of the illness. (I'll try and find the quotes from a couple of years back)

Parkinson's is a horrible illness and it's impacting my family right now, so I fully support MJF's attempts to get more funding for stem cell and other research tools.

BUT, he should be honest about how he is approaching his public perceptions.

And, Rush has never been a Holocaust denier and to imply that he is goes too far.

Leesa said...

bruce: amen.

tony: sometimes I think Rush always fakes.

advizer: but Michael J Fox is not faking his symptoms.

Advizor said...

I never said that Michael J. Fox was faking his symptoms, I was only commenting that he uses his symptoms, which according to him can be controlled, to elicit sympathy for his position.

And as I said, I have a lot of empathy for Mr. Fox, because Parkinson's is in my family right now, and taking a terrible toll. I just don't think it's very fair that people criticize Rush for stating something that is admittedly true, that Fox's manipulating his symptoms in order to gain sympathy.

Now perhaps I would do the same thing if I was in his place. In my daily life I want the symptoms to go away as much as possible so that I can get on with things. But when I am trying to raise money for my cause, I would probably want people to see the full extent of the situation, and while I don't think that is dishonest, I think we should agree that it is manipulative in the sense that he is changing his condition based on his goals. Literally, manipulating his disease to benefit his cause.

I know this is making me sound like a really insensitive jerk, and I don't mean to be, I really am a nice guy, but I'm getting really tired of the mainstream media's attack on the people who are just stating the truth.

another part of my frustration is that while Rush is a jerk sometimes, the media only attacks right wing jerks. The people who rant and rave against Bush and the government, the religious right, and anyone who claims to have a moral position, those people get a free pass to attack at will. No one ever calls the left wing pundits on their facts, no one makes them backup their accusations with details, they were allowed free reign to rape and pillage others in the public marketplace, without anyone holding them to a standard of journalistic integrity.

But that is a rant for another day.