Friday, November 17, 2006

Day Off Day Two

You know, the internet has given us access to lots of information. We can nearly instantaneously receive information on news from around the globe, research candidate before voting, download entire books on tape from public sources. And what do most people use the internet for? Downloading porn and checking the weather.

Actually, I have been getting lots of messages from someone who lives near me. Well, he seems to know Savannah well, so I assume he is local. And he sends me messages all of the time. He will go months without sending one, and then I get a message each day. It is cute the first couple of days, and then not so much. So this person is using the internet to "stalk."

I wanted to put together an erotic story today, but my mind is mush. The whole story would be – she wanted him, she looked at him, she flashed her tits, and he entered her. Not much of an erotic story. Not the type I want to write, either.

So today is my second day off in a row.


Edge said...

Great story line, you need to expand on it though. Get your setting as someplace that wouldn't happen. Next Characters. Develop the characters based on someone you know or someone we all know so that we can relate. Finally, start with action, develop the story line and the characters. It's formulary, just fill in the blanks for us. ( I almost said holes ). Oh ya, blend in a little bit of your fantasy and your past and you have a good story.


Tony said...

Hmmm, Leesa'a mush-mind erotic stories. One line stories designed to get to the point. No fore-play required. Education and emotion are at a minimum so most can enjoy. Batteries not included.

Have a good weekend!

QUASAR9 said...

Well Leesa, I'm too far to stalk you in person - and anyway if I was there I'd much rather pop round for coffee & brandy

But you could say I'm stalking you on the worlwideweb or blogosphere

I was half expecting a YouTube video - but come on you can do better, what happened to
"Lady Chatterley's lover" and innuendo can beat raw

Plus you could just be
tit tit lating
and always have the audience come back for more next day.

So how about "she wanted him, she looked at him, she flashed her tits, and ... come back tomorrow to find out what happened next he entered her.

QUASAR9 said...

PS - I promise I won't call the local blogger police if you stalk my blog

mal said...

I don't know...your plot line sounds a lot more complex than my literary style, "Rip bodice, get laid" *L*

Have a good weekend

QUASAR9 said...

Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half.
Gore Vidal

Leesa said...

edge: that's the formula, sweetie.

tony: can you imagine having a vibrator, an inclination to use it, and no batteries? Interesting idea.

quasar: a cerial erotic story? Hmmmmmmmm.

mal: when I was in my twenties, you know, I would spend more than an hour getting "ready," and about 10 minutes for the "gets laid." Sort of a waste of an hour.

Tony said...

"Interesting idea?"....Interesting? Man, that's not interesting, that's just cruel.

Thats like sitting there on a hot sunny day beside the pool and you see the Coke vendor across the way selling ice cold cokes and you start to imagine the taste of an ice cold coke, that sweet, bubbly elixar as it dances over your tongue and down your parched throat and you feel the bubbles hitting your face as you reach for your drink, and take a sip, UUGH, and realize your drinking water that's starting to get warm in the sun. Blech!

Rob said...

Gee Leesa, that "erotic story" is the equivalent of a man's idea of "making love" (as opposed to "having sex") -- short on foreplay and not much "attention to detail" during the act!

Are you trying to "get in touch with your masculine side" or something?! ;-)

Anonymous said...

She flashed her tits, and he entered her...
into a wet t-shirt contest at the bar down the street. She won first place, and used her $75 to buy a Hitachi Magic Wand with special attachments, and never needed to see the guy again.