Monday, November 13, 2006

Expressing Ourselves

I have not been very creative lately. Not sure why, but as ddot
would say, "I just have not been feeling it right now."

The other day I was watching a little boy draw a picture. It was so interesting to watch and dissect. Dissect what the boy was doing, not the artwork itself. The boy was four or so, and as a four-year-old, he has limitations. His straight lines are not all-that-straight, his pictures lack depth, contour, or whatever. But using his current "toolkit" of artistic methods, he is able to draw very expressive pictures. The house. The tree. The family. Very expressive indeed.

As members of the human race, we have a compulsion to express ourselves. Those on blogger are expressing themselves, obviously, by writing or sharing pictures, words, ideas. Whatever is in your toolkit. Those on YouTube express themselves with video, something that I am not sure I could ever do. I am one of those people who forgets to remove the lens cap, or when in the video, looks incredibly uncomfortable, mostly because I tend to be camera shy. Occasionally, in a party, I can be witty, I can trade barbs with friends, and that sort of thing, but once a camera has been activated, I clam up nearly instantly, as if I do not want a record of my words.

Even my writing is anonymous. I have not really written anything to share that I want to attribute to me. Mostly, I guess, because this blog is about me. I have, a long time ago, written and was published in incredibly obscure magazines. The title of the article was the important part – that got the 36-point print. My name was the same size as the work. At times, I did not even care that the name was on the article. I was young and writing about subjects which I was passionate about – the environment, overpopulation, pollution, whatever. Now I can barely remember what the point was.

I have spent a lot of time just thinking about creativity. For a while, I enjoyed taking pictures. I loved photographing weird things – trees from various angles, common household items, and close-ups of flowers. Okay, the flowers were more normal.

I have been working on me lately. With the getting out of debt, the weight loss stuff, and training hubbie to be a better husband (that was a little joke).

We saw a movie this weekend. What is funny as that when I was in college, I thought movies cost so much. And now, years later, the price seems much more reasonable. I don't think the price of a ticket has kept up with inflation. I read somewhere that when our grandparents talked about the "good ol' days" with nickel popcorn and 25 cent movies, the prices were higher if you take inflation into account. But I bet the food was better, even if it cost more. Off-topic, but something I was thinking about. Guess I had a need to express myself.

Have a wonderful Monday.


mal said...

I think you are right about the "real" cost of many things being less than they were in years past. We just do not appreciate it.

GW Mush said...

You are an blog exhibitionist who needs others to read your expressive self. I am a blog voeyer in hopes of getting a glimpse of your tushie, hehe
Keep up the good work sweetie:)

Anonymous said...

you have a good day too.

Prata said...

So what is a dollar worth today? Anyone...anyone? I get to drive home now...with no higher functioning skills. I'm excieted. ^_^

mal said...

Prata- in what years dollars? Against the absolute dollar or the average household income? thats a real open ended question *L*

QUASAR9 said...

Sooo, if you are camera shy I can't have seen you in Friends or some other sitcom then

Interesting you 'used' to write, but gave up to become a housewife? and put on weight? (only joking)

Are you brooding - people brood about babies, but the nice thing about four year olds (even if adopted) as Angelina & Madona have discovered is you get the fun of seing a child-mind develop without having to go thru the backache, stretch marks or morning sickness of childbearing, the excruciating moment of childbirth (which must be delightful if you have sado-masochist tendencies, or are so stretched you could drop the baby whilst walking and not notice) or the endless nappie changes, sleepless nights or post natal depression.

And what else, oh yeah cheap cinema? that must be there darling

Cinema is £5,00 or more than $8.00 bucks here. So you, hubbie and three kids even at half price is $28.00 that's before the popcorn, or the pizza parlour afterwards.

hmmm - The cinemas don't notice. As long as enough teenagers or 20 to 30 year olds fill their stalls, but the reality is that in England at least probably half the families can't afford to go to the flics (or to eat out) or to any other evening entertainment or event very often at all.

But they are invisible, as long as the half who can go on average twice as ofteb as the mean average. Aaah statistics can be used to say so much or so little.

You know they say there is a one in three chance any one person will get cancer. They could just as easily say there's a two in three chance that you won't.
Not wanting to be cynical but it's about the same average as some kids in some households getting taken to the pics, out for a meal, or to the football game ...

Just that those who go, assume it is the same for everyone else.
And I'm ranting on and on, tsk tsk

LarryLilly said...

Oh, I thought the 4-year old WAS your husband. I see your point now LOL.

Just couldnt resist.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

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