Thursday, November 02, 2006


Inertia [in-ur-shuh]: An object in motion will remain in motion, and an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.

Have you ever started working on one aspect of your life intensely, then as you are working at that part of your life, other parts improve because of or in spite of the intensity of the work you have done? Yeah, me neither.

Actually I think most of our lives have more to do with inertia than we care to admit. I did not really know the definition until this morning, well, not the whole definition. I did not realize it had to do with an object at rest remaining at rest, and this sort of strengthened my arguments.

Most of us, myself included, is probably at rest most of the time. I mean, more of us watch television at night, not reading, not taking classes, not working out, not learning a musical instrument. We remain in our comfort zone, watching the same television shows during the same dinners, and wake up the next morning to go to the same job. Our only mind-stimulating diversion would be to visit ~Deb's blog and picture her in latex. That's it, objects remaining at rest.

Recently hubbie and I have decided to attach our debts. We just got sick and tired of writing the same old checks each month. We exerted force to our lives, changing its direction, creating a different kind of inertia. Now our lives are in motion, working towards climbing out of debt.

Here is the weird part. Since we have started our attach, on our debt, other stuff has happened. We eat out less (to put more money towards our debts), and wouldn't you know it, I have lost 5 pounds. Son of a bitch, I lost weight while trimming our expenses. Yeah, they are related, but not intentionally. You know, ten more pounds and I am at college weight. Weird.

And I am working out more later. Not because of my weight, but because I am a member of a heath club, and it was either use it more, or get rid of the heath club membership. So instead of working out a few times per week, I work out nearly every day. So not only am I loosing weight, but I am actually improving my heath as well.

We did not have cable, so I did not cut the cable bill. I actually sometimes want cable, especially the history channel. We have made a deal, hubbie and I. When we climb out of debt, we will get basic cable, if it includes the history channel. And when I say cable, I am not sure if I mean cable, direct TV, or what. All foreign things to me.

Inertia is a strange thing. Several times I have tried to loose weight. I have normally lost 5 pounds and then no more. I have a feeling because of this inertia, I may have a better chance of loosing the remaining ten pounds, and if that is so, I will think that inertia has something to do with it.

And I thought I would never use high school physics in the real world.


Tony said...

I believe what you are experiencing is "correlation without causation". i.e., attaching your debts and your weight lost are strongly correlated. This is not because you start losing weight when you attach your debts. Instead, as you described, attaching your debts requires you to eat out less and either utilize your membership or drop it. However, vists to the gym and less eating out would cause anyone to lose weight regardless of there financial discourse.

Leesa said...

tony: not sure it would be considered "correlation without causation". Had I not started working on debt, I would not have eaten out less, nor exercized more. One caused the other. I think a better example of "correlation without causation" would be the classic whale movements and sun spots. Whale activity doesn't have any causation of sun spots, but they are correlated.

QUASAR9 said...

Son of a bitch, I lost weight while trimming our expenses. Yeah, they are related, but not intentionally. You know, ten more pounds and I am at college weight. Weird.

lol! Leesa my only regret is you already have a hubbie, and hobbie horse. Love your humour

I'm sure you look good anyway, but ten pounds more ten pounds less ...
And for some people microns just won't do, nothing above subatomic nano gets them 'excited'

Who said size don't matter. lol!

QUASAR9 said...

does sun activity have any causation of whale movement

you know as in human
sun worshippers sun bathe when the Sun is brightest & warm, but not too hot otherwise theu frizzle

GW Mush said...

Leesa looks pretty darn good thanks to inetia!

mal said...

inertia can be defined as the energy required to achieve a change in motion of a body at rest.

Momentum can be defined as the energy imparted in a body that is no longer at rest.

You have overcome inertia and now have momentum. *S*

Getting debt free was a big boon for us. The OH exercised a lot of fiscal discipline for us and now we are clear of ALL debt. It is an empowering feeling

~Deb said...

You know what the funny thing is? I'm allergic to latex. Can you imagine me in something else please? (ha)

THAT is my problem right there----going out to dinner. I enjoy dining out with my girlfriend and having a few wines...or more... but, it's bad for my weight. I really need to cut back on that, and maybe I'll have more money.


Leesa said...

Since moving to the woods of Montana, where there are no fast food restaurants, actually there aren't any restaurants around, we've saved money and lost weight.
Course you don't lose as much when winter hits and you can't go anywhere ;)

Cinderella said...

Life is strange that positive sets off a train effect of positive events. That's great deserve it...

Leesa said...

quasar: at least the pounds are not coming off of my chest!

gw: thanks, sweetie.

mal: now I think I may have missed something.

~deb: how about a silk kelly green nightie?

leesa: I bet you did not have much weight to loose. I would think running away from all of the wildlife helps too.

cinderella: thanks, sweetie.

mal said...

Leesa,,,nope, you missed nothing,,,the concept carries nicely *S*S*S*

QUASAR9 said...

So Leesa, does that mean you are not only feeling fitter
but looking twice as good. Wow!
I might have to sign up at this gym, does it have a pool or at least a spa & bar?

nosthegametoo said...

I'm always amazed by unintended consequences.

Leesa said...

mal: thanks, sweetie!

quasar: a pool, yes, a spa, no.

nos2: me, too, I love unintended consequences.

QUASAR9 said...

A pool is cool
love getting inmersed
love swimming whether pool or sea

Neers said...

i know!! its crazy, how we use all those high school stuff, sometimes without even realising it!