Thursday, November 09, 2006

Luck of the Irish Setters

I am not a terribly lucky person. I am not talking about having a roof over my head or enough food to eat. I am very blessed for those things. I am talking about entering contests and winning prizes.

Case-in-point: I went to some trade show where you place your name in a fish bowl and they pick someone for a prize. I was one of three names for this one vendor who had a really crappy location. He also did not have any freebies and so not many people visited him. Okay, I had a one-in-three chance to win a really cool electronic gadget that I did not need and you know what? I did not win.

A one-in-three chance and I did not win. I also have entered many more of the contests that day, and did not win a single prize. I know, odds were against me winning, right? How come everyone else I knew won something? Again, odds.

I once attended a lecture, and at the beginning of the lecture, we all handed in names for prize drawings. During the three hours (yeah, needed something to keep this interesting), he would pull out names and give prizes. It made that lecture on "Worker's Comp in an At Will State" much more interesting. By the end of the talk, all of the pieces of paper had been pulled and prizes handed out, and you know what? I did not win anything. My piece of paper was not in the empty fishbowl. My luck.

I once was pulled over by a gay cop, and no amount of cleavage could have gotten me out of the ticket. I was thinking about telling him about my boyfriend problems (you know, perhaps he had similar boyfriend problems), but you know, as luck would have it, we probably shared a boyfriend at the time.

When I have a report that is due, I frequently save the report because I am sure my computer will re-boot automatically. True event: once I was doing this, and the entire block lost power. My document was saved recently, but because the power was out, I still missed the deadline – and was unable to call or email the excuse because when you have fancy phones, when the power goes out, you are screwed. I mean, someone does not come under of the cover of darkness and screw you. You are just screwed in the bad sense of the word.

So you lucky souls, fill out cards for stuff, drop your business card in the fish bowls. Me, I must have been a bitch in a previous like, because like the song proclaims, "if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all."


~Deb said...

Every time I play lotto, I always think I'm gonna win something. I get to the point where I'm almost SURE I will. And then reality hits me and I end up losing.

One day, right? It's due for the both of us girly!

Anonymous said...

You should have stuffed the one where you had a 1 outta 3 chance to win....a couple more entries there you're odds would've been 50/50.

LarryLilly said...

My wive belongs to several environmental/outdoor/wildness groups, goes to their meetings, enters her name into the fishbowl, and dam if nearly every time she comes back with something. Me, I get the paper dust at the bottom, I am like you.

But occasionally she gives me the trinket, like the backpacking toothbrush holder, whoo hooo!

Me, I couldnt select the largest goldfish from a 10-gallon Petsmart Fish tank using a five-gallon net.

Dont fret Leesa, sometimes getting what you covet is death in a different form.

As far as reports, dealing with a myriad of versions of regulations that we write, only to find that version 13 was not the REAL final, by accident you saved the real final onto version 12, and well, guess which one was sent out to public notice? yep, version 13. LOL

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