Friday, November 03, 2006

Fire and Ice

I like warm weather, which is pretty good since I live between South Carolina and Hell. And I don't mean to disparage those in Florida, but Georgia is sort of hot. Most of the time. I can remember many Thanksgivings when I am still wearing shorts while getting ready for the festivities. In short, Georgia = Hot Place.

I don't like being cold – feeling cold. When my hands get cold, it is sort of like there is a nerve that reached down to the core of my being and makes me feel like ice. I could never live in anywhere cold. Not Wisconsin, not South Dakota, not North Dakota (if it even exists), not Michigan. All so darned cold for too long.

I am not sure that North Dakota even exists. I have never met someone from there, and I have not even known anyone who has met someone from there. Some doubt that we landed on Mars; I doubt that North Dakota exists. I think they made the whole thing up to either even out the number of states (to make our flag a kick-ass flag), or to give one political party some more votes in Congress. Then I looked at North Dakota's alleged governor – his "name" is Hoeven. Have you ever heard of someone with that name? And, I might add, blatantly implanted in his name is the word "even." The state flower is the Wild Prairie Rose (or Rosa arkansana). Note that the species name is practically Arkansas. And I can say this because I can't offend anyone from a state that does not exist.

Now I like winter in other places. If someone would say, "Here are two airline tickets to [insert cold place with snow, skiing, hot tubs, and fireplaces here]. Spend a week freezing your ass off." I would go. I would freeze. I would drink adult beverages by a roaring fire. I would hot tub until my skin resembled raisons. I could do that . . . for a week.

I just don't like cold that much. Colorado must be a really nice place, but it is way high up, and it gets too cold. Plus every once in a while everything burns. The problem with pristine forests is that they occasionally burn. Not like a house, where you have two fire trucks to save the people, pets. We are talking about fires that burn for days/weeks.

I see, on occasion, smoke when traveling down I-95. I assume forests are burning, but they are not in my backyard. And what is interesting is that it is not like California – these fires cannot be found on CNN, with people saying that they lost their houses. The fires burn and I hear little national news about our fires. Maybe they are Florida fires. I really don't know. I have not been that close to them.

Excuse me while I brace myself for the weekend. We will be in the 60's. and I will not be freezing my ass off. How I love Georgia. Go Jackets!


kathi said...

I would like to live somewhere with all 4 of the seasons...with the hots not too hot and the colds never quite reaching the freezing mark. I love sweatshirt weather and fireplace weather, where you can sleep with the windows open and the covers pulled up. Maybe I need a good real estate agent.

~Deb said...

See, that's why y'all need to come to New YaWk! (Did I just say, "y'all") See what Kathi does to me when I see her?

Anyway, it's so lovely when the leaves change over here, and the seasons have different types of weather.

The best thing about winter is snuggling up near a fireplace with your sweetie drinking hot cocoa and (or wine) and enjoying the snow outside. When I go skiing, I'm at the lodge. Never outside.

GW Mush said...
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GW Mush said...

ohh, ohhh, ohhh, Leesa's post today is annoying me. May she be cursed with a cold weathered place runney nose all day today as Karma for her post! hehehehe

Leesa said...

kathi: tell me where that is, kathi. I want to know.

~deb: sweetie, I want 5-7 days of cold. Is New York like that?

gw: testy. testy. Are you from South Dakota?

Bruce said...

Two days ago, it was in the low 70s here. Tonight, it's supposed to get down to around 20. Welcome to day to day life in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Leesa said...

I love the cold, the snow, everything. I guess good thing considering where I live.
But I do hate the fear of wildfires ever year. This year we did practically have it in our backyard.

Being from Texas though.. I hate the heat and don't miss it at all :)

KYCM said...

Being from Kentucky (thus the KY in my nic and not about that greasy jelly lubish stuff that some enjoy so much... lol) I can say we do have 4 seasons here. Fall and Spring are wonderful. The only problem with Winter and Summer is there is a time in each, when it gets really hot or really cold. Otherwise, it's nice. So nice I moved here, left and moved back again. Right now, the trees are still beautiful with the leaves, but many have fallen already. Also it is a little cold and had to scrape frost this morning. Sunny and Bright now!
Come see me Leesa.... I'll make sure you have a good time. (no mention of jelly you notice) I'm a good boy sometimes!!


QUASAR9 said...

Well you've heard about keeping the home fires burning while the boys are away - might have something to do with cause and effect - you know pour destruction on Vietnam, korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, and well so you get New Orleans and a few fires and storms.
Coincidence? - who cares, eh

QUASAR9 said...

PS - I'm like you
a week or two snowed under in a log cabin ... I love
But only as long there's plenty of fire wood, good food, good wine, good brandy and good company
Once they start to run out, well you know I'd probably get to digging our way out.

PS - Is there anywhere other than Georgia, whether hot or cold you would not get itchy feet after a week or two?

Tony said...

Mmmm hot cocoa and wine in front of a fireplace. Good setting for some nude pics ;)

Growing up in Ohio I loved the change of seasons. They were all distinct. Now, living in the south, I love the heat, but I miss the snow and the distinct difference in the seasons. We seem to go from fall to spring.

GW Mush said...


Now you know someone from North Dakota:)

Memphis Steve said...

My wife's father graduated from GT. His brothers all graduated from Georgia. So whenever The Game is on, she just sits quietly and doesn't say a word. Secretly, though, I think she's for Georgia.

kathi said...

Babe, if I knew where that place was, I'd be there by now. :)

Dwardisimo Rex said...

Um, holy crap! That's your funniest post since the one about "delivering" "Girl Scout Cookies" in a Girl Scout uniform.

You hit me squarely in the funny socket.

mal said...

There really is a North Dakota and I have been there! I even know people who live there....all 20 of them

Leesa said...

bruce: No commonweath in Georgia, a state founded by criminals.

leesa: I like the heat!

kycm: there are areas in Georgia that have a nice Autumn/Winter, but not here on the coastline.

quasar: I have not visited a lot of the US, so I don't know where I would get itchy feet. I have heard that northern California is really beautiful.

tony: at Christmas, I miss having the opportunity for snow.

gw: I thought I might.

memphis steve: and GA lost to KY this weekend. KY - they are a basketball school.

d rex: thanks, sweetie.

mal: thanks for the information. All 20 must work for the state/federal government.

Just-Me-Jen said...

God, I hate being cold, too - 's why I live in Florida. =)

Loved the YouTube video - you might like Brookers, too...