Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ms. Insensitive

You know, I have noticed a lot of negative messages lately.

On someone else's site, somebody corrected someone for their description of the type of poetry written – and please don't ask me to remember what it was. Iambic Pentameter. That's not it, but it's one of those things most of us have forgotten since high school literature.

From my own commenters, I have seen a little bit of biting as well. Someone said something about my Atlanta comment. Apparently solo was hurt, and lashed out at Savannah. The traffic in Atlanta is bad, and I would never live there. Not a real slam, I thought. I did not say anything about the Atlanta Braves. Just strange.

He did say he was kidding after I wrote this. Darn! Guess I am a little sensitive right now, even after writing insensitive comments.

And then when I mentioned something about GLM (good looking mother/mom/mum), an RN said, "I never have seen this in any charts." Now, this person is a friend of ~debs, which makes her seem like a good person. Some people have good halos around them, and in my little brain, ~deb is one of those people.

From Doctors deny insulting patients with slang: The report by British doctor, Adam Fox has revealed for the first time the extensive medical slang used by some doctors to insult patients, or even colleagues. It notes that the age-old practice of medical slag has been dying out, due mainly to the number of lawsuits and the dangers involved in odd acronyms appearing on medical notes.

It was a common term that was once used in pediatric populations. But as this article (and others) suggest, litigation is taking this type of charting out of the medical records. Some of those slang terms, though, probably were more evident in Great Brittan. Or England. You know, those two islands off of Europe confuse me – I mean, does Great Brittan consist of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales (with the exception of Northern Island). I really don't know, and I don't want to google it right now (see Prata's discussion on Google – I am boycotting them today, in honor of Prata). I visited once, and they all had their own money – but I think it was more like the state quarters, you could use them in the various parts. But I never got to Ireland, and I wanted to go there. Irish Stew and all. Irish Sweaters. Irish Setters. Man, that rock in the North Sea sure does put out product!

Back to me, please. Focus (said to me, not my kind reader). These little comments really don't bother me; or maybe they do. If I was writing better – thinking better – perhaps I would not even have noticed them. But I am in a bit of a funk.

These seem like little things, I am sure.

I have been reading Prata's new blog – I think some have gotten lost looking for it since it is not on Google's Blogger anymore. But it makes one think.

I am a bit sensitive right now – and I can tell that funny comments sometimes get to me. And it is not only here – part of the reason is I got a little promotion recently, and it has become the bane of my existence. For an extra $2,000/year, I have to work full time now. You see, before, if I was honest with myself, I was working perhaps 15 good hours per week. Now it looks like I have to work 32 hours per week (I am actually at work 40 hours per week, but you know what I mean).


Grant said...

You actually have to work 32 hours a week? You're swamped by my standards. I'm lucky if they have enough to keep me busy for 20 (although I must admit I've been very "lucky" for the past few weeks). In my old clerical position, I considered it busy if I had more than 10 hours of work per month. The sheer boredom is what ultimately introduced me to blogging.

Monica said...

Ewwwwww....32 a week?! Yeah...blah blah blah productivity blah blah economy...whatever...that sucks. One of the advantages to getting an education and high paying job, is that you get the major down time. (right) if you wanted to work the whole time you were at work, you'd be in retail. Yeah....snippy comments do tend to settle, I have noticed this in some of my friend's lately....I just it sympathy hormones? (Do I get to be the Alpha Female!?)
Sorry---need more coffee (ducking before someone lobs something at my head)

Prata said...

*hurls a canteloupe @ monica's head and completely misses because he hasn't had enough Mt. Dew to get that whole hand-eye coordination thing goin' properly yet*

I did try though! ^_^

I don't think I'd call that a promotion, I think that's more of a downgrade. I'm just sayin', you're work to downtime ratio is now competely hosed. Quit while you're still ahead! Or somethin' hehe.

Holy crap I got a link! *blinkles*

Thanks Leesa for boycotting google for a day! I promise I'll leave you somethin' in my will. Like a caramel or somethin'.

Leesa said...

grant: I think 32 hours is pretty much my max, actually.

monica: you can be the Alpha Female. I want more downtime. Plus, I am not really upset over the comments. Just a bit bitchy myself now.

prata: I know the promotion was really a demotion.

Mike said...

I actually wrote a post last week about how some bloggers seem to be getting mean...and just seem to want to make comments to slam the post or the author of the post.

I usually don't have to deal with this due to the fact that I write about things that are non-threatening in nature but the few times I make a serious post the nature of the comments do seem to change.

(It's usually hard to take sides on a bathroom post I've

Kalani said...

Sometimes I get sensitive like this too. But I think it's more of a misunderstanding or maybe I am just naive but I know my intention in saying that I have never seen abbreviations like that wasn't to say it doesn't happen. Obviously it has but in the same aspect in defense of the medical profession it's not rampantat least in my experience. :)

I think so much is lost in communicating over the internet all the fine nuances that usually clue us in as to where the other person is coming from make a world of difference. I have found if I am unsure where someone is coming from I ask for clarification because I seem to take them negatively when that wasn't their intention at all.

~Deb said...

Sometimes text can be misunderstood a lot of the times. I'm not sure what happened ... (I'm making my way down ;) I have to check out the final comments left on the previous post.

I get comments that are semi-offensive due to weird questions, but I don't take it as an insult. People have their own ways and own views on things. Let me go look. I'll be back.

Oh.........and if you were referring to "me" in this post.........the halo is held up by my horns! ;)

You're too cute. Don't you wish you can eat your words right now after seeing my post today?

(mua hA hA hA!) ;)

~Deb said...

OKAY....Here's my "human judgment" for the day.

The RN didn't say anything bad...she just stated she never saw this before. I think text is so misunderstood and little remarks can sometimes be misinterpreted. I wouldn't sweat it. I don't think she was trying to be confrontational at all.

BUT--that is just my two cents on that one.

Your feelings ARE valid, but sometimes we take things in a whole different light.

Hope that helps sweetie!

Monica said...

Prata! You could've at least thrown chocolate!!

Mutter mutter.
And I don't think she really meant to be snippy either, but she was uuhhhh...curt.
Some people are so sensitive (hrumph)

Video X said...

hmmm. well i am not a fan of sarcasm...when it's mean stuff. i dont really know...but i think that sometimes gets to people. i know it gets to me and then i can be accused of being overly sensitive. i decided that's a bunch of hogwash though...i just dont like it when people think it's funny to be mean.

Video X said...

HAHA! i just remembered...this is good...i am called a "filthy nigger licking tramp" in my blog...and then the dude tried to say he was "just kidding." haha...what was especially funny was that i thought he was referring to the past weekend when i did lick a lot of people of various sexes and colors....and perhaps he had seen me or something. not the case...anyway...i didnt like the tone for a few reasons (but he wasnt inaccurate in his assessment, just used horribly language)...the point is...i try to wait until it's pretty clear before i get too sensitive. after that...i dont care.

Leesa said...

all: I am just having a bad day.

Video X said...

sorry bout your bad day. screw bad days. they are the pits.

kathi said...

I'm sorry you're having a bad day, leesa. I think that people who leave the nasty mean comments are having bad days, even a bad life. Sad. There are a few blogs I come across that I may not want to read or am a little offended by, and I just move on. When they leave you a bitter comment, maybe they're just needing some recognition of their own.
I love you though, girl. I think you're honest and an amazing woman. Big hug, sweetie.