Monday, February 13, 2006

Calling in Sick

Cough, cough, hack, hack.

You may have noticed that I have not posted yet today – I called in sick this morning, and I slept. I really hate calling in sick, partly because of the "act". I have to sound like I am teetering on life and death, ensuring that the only reason I am not going to work is that I am selfless – I have a horrible disease, and I do not wish to spread said disease to my co-workers.

Cough, cough, hack, hack.

You see, when I am sick, I don't really sound all that bad. When I have a cold, of all things, I sound horrible – like I have just been released from the Intensive Care Unit. I simple, fairly non-spreadable cold. I read somewhere that once you have cold symptoms, you are most likely past the infectious stage. And I sound like crap then.

But if I have something more serious, I sound fine. Delightful. Heathy. Just my luck, because I don't sound sick for my boss. Part of me wants some thermometer that I can plug in the computer, so I can prove I have a symptom that would require me to miss work. I know, what would keep me from placing the thermometer in a cup of very warm water (but I think it would be fairly hard to get a cup of water between 100 and 101 degrees, the most common flu temperatures). I can see me with a 114 degree temperature. Call the undertaker, my goose has been cooked.

Cough, cough, hack, hack.

So I am laying low today. Which sucks in a way, because Mike and ~Deb are newlyweds, and I want to know how they are coming along.

Have a wonderful day! I will be in bed, watching old movies. Sleeping. Feeling guilty about not going to work today because I sound fine.


Mike said...

Awwwwww.....I missed work on Sat. and Sun. due to the flu....and I actually have today and tomorrow off as well...which is a plus....because this stuff sucks!!

Feel better soon!!

Prata said...

*approaches in his haz-mat suit and some flags and tape to cordon off the area*

This is unit 2-6, please advise?

*damnable radio chatter*

Do not be alarmed. We're here for your safety. Hope you feel better.

Cool AC said...

At my old job, I was not allowed to call in sick. My boss wanted me to show up so she could determine if I was sick enough, like she was a doctor or something. Only after she felt I was sick enough to go home, was I allowed to go. She was nuts!

TennisTitan said...

As a new reader who has come to enjoy Leesa's stories I hope you use your time of rest productively. Your mind is always fertile if indeed your body is temporarily infirmed.

Giovanna said...

Feel better Leesa. Have some tea and sympathy from me.

Bruce said...

Just so you know, I'm wearing gloves and a mask while I'm typing this, just so I won't catch anything. Hope you feel better soon.

Sass said...

Feel better. If i was there I'd make you hot chocolate.

Grant said...

Do what I do and call in insane. You don't have to do the stupid voice then. Cheerfully leave a message on your manager's voice mail stating "I can't make it into work today because the voices in my head are commanding me to worship Satan and polish my chainsaw." Or just call in well. "It's a beautiful day and I'll be damned if I'm going to waste it on you lot."

Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well...

Leesa said...

mike: I remember a cartoon saying 40% of sick days are on Monday and Friday. And the point is the boss is suspicious of the employees - but that percentage is in line with what should happen. You work on Sat and Sun - what are you, a rock star?

prata: Just don't place a hasmat triange near me.

cool ac: I would want to sneeze on her and get her sick. Oh, how horrible, sweetie.

tennistitan: I never could find your first comment. You were talking about a misspelled word, and I could not find the post. Help.

g: hot tea, oh how I forgot about that.

bruce: you sound like ~deb. Thanks for the thought!

sass: hot chocolate? I never got that when I was sick. How lucky you must have been.

grant: I could say, "the voices are just too loud today. I can't concentrate." I had a GF that would call in and blame it on severe PMS. And she would be laying out in the sun. Apparently her PMS only acted up during the summer. And it really helped her tan.