Monday, December 01, 2008

Recovering from Thanksgiving

When I was a little girl, Thanksgiving was not one of my favorite holidays. It was actually pretty low on the list. The list went something like this:

1. Christmas
2. Easter
3. Independence Day
4. New Year's Day
5. New Year's Eve
6. Christmas Eve
7. St. Patrick's Day
8. Halloween
9. Mother's Day
10. Groundhog Day
11. Father's Day
12. Thanksgiving

Over the years, some of the more adult holidays made their way up the list and St. Patrick's Day is a bit special for Savannah – it's not that I am Irish. Point being that Thanksgiving was not really that enjoyable for me. But as I have matured, I have really started enjoying the holiday.

Every second or third year, I work at one of the homeless shelters. There is something very rewarding in serving those less fortunate than us. I enjoy the church homilies, the family gatherings, the food, and even the shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

I always sensed that the adults enjoyed the holiday more than me. When you have food, football games, family and conversation, as a child, it is a bit of a yawner. Actually, perhaps it is a bit better for the guys. At least they got to play touch football in the backyard after the dinner. I was on "clean up" duty. Not sure why a uterus is necessary to clear the table, put away the food and wash the dishes, but when I was growing up, I did not question such things.

And several days later, I think I still have a tryptophan-induced content feeling. I hope my boss does not think he will get any work out of me today.


~Deb said...

I remember hearing the football game while cleaning dishes too. The only difference with my family was: they never went outside to play the game or burn some of those extra turkey calories off, but instead sat around with their pants undone smoking cigars and being "men". I don't recall exercising after dinner either though... :|

Kinda' off-topic, but there are so many people who get rushed into the ER because they have "holiday heart". A few people around my area had heart attacks due to the rich and salty foods. To even think that one day of binging can tear you up like that. Scary, right?

Grant said...

Halloween should be higher on the list. I think you should volunteer then instead of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving volunteer work is so passe.

LarryLilly said...

When I was a kid, well I am still a kid, but when I could do ALL the things that kids can do, it was Christmas, my birthday and halloween.

Thanksgiving day was not much of a biggie, since it was play, get called in to have food, then go back out and play. Having two older sisters helped the kitchen chore thing. All I had to do was make sure there was split firewood available.

Leesa said...

~deb: holiday heart? I am glad I read this after Thanksgiving.

grant: Halloween always scared me.

larry: I love Thanksgiving now.

Blue said...

As a grown up I dont' like Thanksgiving so much. But I love Christmas, even though they both create the same amount of cleanup needed in my family. I think Christmas is brighter and cheerier, and I get a present!

~gkw said...

Growing up the holidays were Christmas and Halloween. You know, holidays where we got "stuff". Now I still love Christmas although for different reason. But I love Thanksgiving too.... I love seeing family members that live states away, love the big family portrait we always take, I love watching football, I love that weeks before thanksgiving we write on strips of paper the things we are thankful for and then read them off on thanksgiving. There are always so many things written down. It reminds me I've come a long way from the "wild child" of my youth and that I've been given soooo much.

Advizor said...

As my kids have gotten more in to it, I have really started to love Halloween. We don't do scary costumes, but we've done a family theme for several years. This year was Peter Pan, I was Michael.

Thanksgiving has become a great holiday. I always play flag football in the morning with the guys from church and then it's back home to finish cooking and head off to the in-laws. I used to host every year but since we moved 40 miles way from the rest of the family, we are off the hook. They would rather cook than drive, and that is OK with me.

Christmas has gotten smaller each year. With more and more kids and cousins, it was too expensive to keep buying gifts for everyone, so now it's all about family and the Christmas story, and heading to the snow.

But let's not forget Arbor Day... the best day of the year.

~Deb said...

I know, right? I had anxiety over it while eating Thanksgiving dinner.


Leesa said...

Blue: I love Calvin and Hobbs (your avitar). Such an intellectual cartoon.

~gkw: and Birthday. Don't forget about your b-day.

advizor: Christmas is still a big deal for us. It does get a bit sad, sometimes, without kids.

~deb: and now you have transferred it to me. Thanks, sweetie!

btsea said...

When I was little I only liked the turkey, mashed potatos and pie. But you had to try a little bit of everything, it was the law. So to get from the turkey to the pie, you had to navigate the treacherous minefield of the hated cranberries, stuffing, sweet potatoes...blech blech blech...ah, pie in sight! ;)

Now I like all of it!

Leesa said...

btsea: I loved the stuffing. Still do.