Friday, December 26, 2008

Leesa's Mailbag: Issue 5

Dear Leesa,

I was wondering what you would suggest for someone looking to purchase an interesting gift this year that does not involve batteries?

Leesa's Answer: Perhaps you could order a photography book. Perhaps a book that focuses on Polaroid photography. With the economy and everyone thinking about how tight things are, perhaps a book that is shows the wonderful world of Polaroids. Maybe it will remind us of how things were in the late 1970s, the last time I remember when things seemed bleak.

Dear Leesa,

Why are you such a whore? Why do you write such slutty things?

Sign Me,
Puritan in Peoria

Leesa's Answer: At first, I was going to defend my writing, but that's not really objective. Then I remember reading a post by A Little Off Kilter that talked of a ratings site where you can see what your blog would rate. Sort of like the motion picture industry. Actually, I think the people (a dating site) who created it might have some copyright infringement, but I don't really want to go there. I ran my site through, and I got a rating of R. And the blog who recommended it got a worse rating (NC-17) than me. I mean, I write about oddly shaped cum stains. And I have a stalker who basically says I am some sort of sperm fiend.

I don't know why I write such slutty things. But according to the site, they are not as slutty as they could be.

Dear Leesa,

What was the most interesting thing you thought today?

A Friend

Leesa's Answer: Well, today is not over, and I hope I think of more interesting things, but it occured to me that it is a pity that no one really famous died on the day I was born. I was looking at a quiz here that tells you who died on your birthday. I mean, Austrian writers and Ugandian bicyclists are mentioned, so I think the list is fairly complete. No deaths of importance on my birthday. Pity. I guess.

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Anonymous said...

filthy filthy filthy

Grant said...

All sorts of famous people died on my birthday, including (to name very few) Japanese emperor Go-Ichij┼Ź, Emily Dickinson, June Carter Cash, and Jerry Falwell. I am death incarnate - w00t!

Make a mental note to whack someone of worth on your next birthday so your future results won't be so bleak.

~Deb said...
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Anonymous said...

The Tranny lives for drama.
She could X out her thoughts and stay out of it.
Simple for some but very hard for a drama tranny.
I take it as a compliment that the tranny needs to comment about me :)

~Deb said...
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~Deb said...
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Anonymous said...

All the nasty words by some who wrote a book about prayer and healing.
Someone cant live what they preach. Go read your book instead of looking for people to insult online.

~Deb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryLilly said...

Lots of comments deleted. Why do people comment then come back and delete it? Do they type with their fingers before first licking the cum off them clean? Talk about cyber-interruptus.

As far as people dying on ones birthday look at it this way, you are BLESSED to be so worthy that no one important died on your birthday.

The only people that died on your birthday might be called nebbish.

Anonymous said...

Larrylilly's comment deleted

kathi said...

Leesa, I'm not going to put a lot of stock in the rating bit because I just ran mine and it gave me an NC-17. ?? Seriously, you know I'm pretty much pg-13 on my worst day. :)
Just for the record, at the most I might call you 'spicy', but I usually ask for triple spicy when ordering most things. ;)

Leesa said...

anon/amy: what, no comment on the previous piece?

grant: not sure that would be worth the prison sentence.

anon/amy: thanks, ms. drama queen.

larry: it was Ms. Amy, my stalker.

kathi: thanks, sweetie. I like being spicy.