Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuning In

Taking an Ear Bud out and tuning into life.I woke up this morning and wanted to just tune out of everything digital, everything that some may consider noise (music in the background that you are not appreciating). And this little blog is noise as well. But today being Monday, I had a freakin' blog to write.

Well, my mind will be baking in the sun of some far-off island, no ear buds in my ears, just daydreaming about whatever.

Things about Christmas make me want to abandon my normal routine. I want to just bail out of work – but I really can't do it. Wouldn't feel responsible, me ditching work for an – cough – imaginary cold.

Well – cough, cough – I am going to take the day off. Sorry, I have an imaginary cold.


~Deb said...

I used to call them my "mental health" days.

Enjoy sweetie!

Ian Lidster said...

I think the cure for an imaginary cold is a real-time trip to Hawaii.

Mezo said...

Enjoy the fresh air :P

life without electric waves all around

Advizor said...

There are days when I run with my iPod at full volume, my speeder sunglasses on, and my long tights and my gloves and I run to be fast, to sweat, and to get tired.

Then there are other days when the iPod is left behind, the shorts are short, the t-shirt is light, my socks are off, and and I run to be outside.

Different moods, very different workouts, and very perfect in their own way.

damn_yankee84 said...

much like ~Deb, I've taken my share of "mental health" days....

There is also the sick day because you have trouble with your can't see going to work that day!