Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Perspective

Picture this. A 12-year-old girl in a floral flannel nightdress. She is listening to a record player – a Christmas album – as she gazes dreamily at the family Christmas tree.

Then the song comes on the radio – "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus". And I really listened to the words, words that disturbed me because of my belief in Santa Claus. In today's terms, I was really bothered with Santa hooking up with my mother, a mother who I was not sure was sexually active. I have heard many people disclose that they caught their parents "in the act." I never did. Thanks goodness, I might add. They kissed and hugged; that was the extent to what I was exposed to.

And at the time, I was more concerned that a saintly figure would be forcing himself on my mother. Santa was a trusted figure when I was a child. But through a child's eyes, so was the president. Of course, the president to me was very close to the no-name president in "Frosty the Snowman." Someone who wore a suit and we through confetti at. Actually, that sounds a little like Obama.

I digress.

I still believe in Santa Claus. Those who don't believe miss the magic in Christmas. But now the song seems more endearing. So a song I once hated I see in a different light.

Perhaps we would lead richer lives if we looked at our world view from another's perspective. Just a suggestion this holiday season.


Grant said...

Thank goodness you didn't hear the one about someone being run over by a reindeer instead.

Anonymous said...

I think Travis Tritt has a version of that song I really like. Or is it John Mellencamp?

Ya, my SIL caught her parents in the act. She leave the room when we bring it up. I do remember hearing my mom, "Have terrible nightmares in the middle of the night and moaning." I felt bad for her. Now I know they weren't dreams.

And ya, the death of Santa innocence is sad too.


BBC said...

I hate christmas and how Americans treat it, I'll be camping, and thinking about the 30 thousand women and children that will die of starvation that day because there is nothing I can do about it.

So, you think you are not an evolved monkey? You think some god created you? The same god that lets those women and children die?

Now I'm wondering what makes you special.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps we would lead richer lives if we looked at our world view from another's perspective."
That is why I read your blog, and thank you.
Conversely, there are eyes I can't, won't or shouldn't look through.
Leesa these types of thoughts are tantalizing and cause for me to think you rock!

btsea said...

Most kids wouldn't understand the song, so it's good that kids can be kids. Many adults have forgotten the magic of Christmas. I remember my sister and I waiting anxiously for the Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog to arrive. Then we would spend hours picking out what we wanted...and playing Santa Claus, doling out coal for bad kids, and cans of house paint for good kids (why house paint I don't know). And then there was the older kid across the street who told us authoritatively that he saw Santa's sleigh crass into the power lines ;)

Gary Baker said...

Santa is the magic of Christmas for children, and that's fine. As an adult, I need the magic year round, so I look to Christ. It's all of the magic with much less stress and no long shopping lines

If I were to sell everything I had, I might be able to supply enough food to provide a meal for thirty thousand people. If I were able to get a very good deal, I might even feed them for a day, or several But no matter how much I own now, or could hope to own some day, I would never be able to buy the things that people need. These include peace, joy, love, and hope. Christmas is a time that reminds me these things are not for sale, but can only be gifts from God.

Leesa said...

grant: Santa was not run over by a reindeer until I was in middle or high school, I believe.

knot: I remember John Mellencamp.

bbc: non-cafeinated coffee will do you wonders.

anon: you humble me.

gary: Saint Nicholas was fairly special, too. And a devout Christian.