Friday, December 12, 2008

Leesa's Mailbag: Issue 3

Dear Leesa,

For purely experimental reasons, I was wondering if you could point me in the directions of efficient bomb-making from household items.

User at IP Address

Leesa's Answer: I am unable to adequately answer your question. I forwarded your request to Georgia Department of Homeland Security, PO Box 18055, Building 2, Atlanta, GA 30316-0055 days ago. I hope you still have Internet access so you can read my response.

Dear Leesa,

I have tagged you and others for "blogs I read" so I can stalk some peeps myself, however I am not able to get that little widget where their pictures show up because I have not switched to the layout version nor plan to because I don't care much for the format. It makes my blog look weird... Any tips that you can give to switch and have my blog look exactly the same?


Leesa's Answer: Okay, I understand the question, sort of, but I am wondering how to answer it. A similar question would be "I really like my 8-track tape player and don't want to change to CD, but I want to be able to play CDs on my 8-track tape player."

And then I looked and looked and looked for the answer. Bottom line is that I now consider myself a complete moron when it comes to everything HTML, Blogspot, and so forth. I have a feeling Google/Blogger really does not want to support the "Classic" version of their product.

Dear Leesa,

You are an excellent writer. Do it for a living! Good luck!


Leesa's Answer: That is not a question, you moron. Oh, you like my writing. How sweet. Does a compliment from a moron count, I wonder? Probably not.

Follow My Blog
Google/Blogger has a relatively new widget for following other bloggers. They wrote about it in August, actually, but I am sure many of us don't read "The Official Blogger Buzz." Whether you think of the follower widget as a way to stalk people, show your support to other bloggers or just a way to be part of a croud, please add me as one of the blogs you follow. It might not make you feel better, but it will make me feel better.

Write Me
Please contribute to the questions asked on "Leesa's Mailbag." Over the last few years, people have emailed me with questions, and I have answered them on an individual basis. Now, I think I will answer them on a blog entry. I will do it on Fridays when I have enough questions to cobble together a post. Sort of an Ann Landers with attitude. Just write to the following email address:

Also, let me know if you want to be acknowledged or anonymous. Makes no difference to me. For those who use the comments section to ask a question, I will assume those are public posts.


"Chris’s presentation was very motivational. I’m ready to go for it!"

-- Vickie Butler Bindes
Quality Manager, BJ Services

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Grant said...

I didn't know you were on the side of The Man. I thought you were with the people. You should have told anonymous to buy the Anarchist's Cookbook. It has recipes for drugs and explosives.

Or so I've heard in bible class.

~Deb said...

OK. So I have another question for you. My thing is, I hate the new version of blogger, because of the formatting. I want my photo and 'about me' section to appear on top like yours does. If I switch to the new version, how do I get my blog to show like yours? I am happy with my layout and the way it is and would love to change, but how can I alter the look to appear the same?

Yours truly,

Anonymous said...

Your writing is fantastic!
It isnt as good as the tranny's writing, maybe she can give you lessons?

~Deb said...

Anonymous: The word "isn't" has an apostrophe in between the n and t. Please make a note of it.

Oops, my wig fell off.

damn_yankee84 said...

Oh, c'mon, don't turn in the wanna-be bomb-maker.

Instead, tell him to rent the original Terminator. Reese gets a bunch of stuff from a grocery store to create the pipe bombs used to separate the Terminator's legs from his torso....

Also steer them to where old MacGuyver episodes are available....

Or maybe even the AMC series about the chemistry teacher making meth in the desert in an old RV....