Friday, November 28, 2008

Leesa's Mailbag: Issue 1

I was looking at some things I did on my blog last week, and here are a couple of things that did not stand the test of time (they ended up being sort of lame):

1. YouTube Reviews. I started writing YouTube videos in December 2006, initially because I discovered it for myself and I wanted to give people exposure to their videos. I try posting them on Saturday, and you can see previous reviews by clicking on my YouTube label. But then I got bored with it. Perhaps I will write a YouTube video review every once in a while. We will see.

2. Web 2.0 Commentary. I have start writing certain blog entries that deal with Web 2.0. Mostly blogging and vlogging stuff, but I hope to add value to this important topic.

I think the YouTube reviews were lame for two reasons: (1) writing about homemade videos is more boring that watching homemade videos, and (2) I had to watch a lot of YouTube videos. The reason Web 2.0 fell out of favor was that I really did not know a lot about it.

Well, I am trying a new weekly, monthly or semi-annual blog entry called "Leesa's Mailbag." It will depend on the interest. Over the last few years, people have emailed me with questions, and I have answered them on an individual basis. Now, I think I will answer them on a blog entry. Perhaps Friday. Not sure I will get enough questions to do this often, but I will try to answer questions. Sort of an Ann Landers with attitude. Just write to the following email address:

Here are some questions answered in recent comments:

Knot wrote: I used to have a friend who told some of the most convincing stories. Not sure how many of them were real, but I guess 60% were false.

Leesa's answer: It is simple math. If you know what percentage of them were false, you can calculate the percentage of them which were real. The calculation follows:

Real % = 100% - False %

If 60% were false, then 40% would be real. But don't worry, love, congress has the same problem when balancing the budget. Of course, their confusion costs us money.

Funny thing was that I looked at a bunch of other answers I gave, and they were all not funny and a bit boring. Now I am wondering if doing this will be sort of like my other endeavors (see YouTube Reviews and Web 2.0 Commentaries above).

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a new Blogger gadget (I think they call them widgets) called "follower." I actually found a blog using the widget who had no followers at the time. That made me sort of sad.

And I got a question on followers: Anonymous wrote: how does this follower thing work?

Leesa's answer: Looks like Google/Blogger has a new widget for this. They wrote about it in August, actually, but I am sure many of us don't read "The Official Blogger Buzz."I think it is a way to stalk people. It might not be as satisfying as going onto their page and refreshing every few minutes, while cackling maniacally, but it still does the job.


Anonymous said...

Follower is interesting. I guess they stole it from Twitter.

Check your mail bag.


Leesa said...

knot: you are the first one to write a question, and a doozy at that.

Anonymous said...

You're lucky I didn't do a whole interview.


~Deb said...

How in the world would I have ever found the only woman I would leave my wife for??? Ysabella!

(One of my favorite videos)---even though it's only her bloopers.

Ever since you've introduced her on your blog, I have been a faithful follower of hers. She's talented, beautiful, funny, beautiful and, did I mention beautiful???

As far as your mailbag Leesa, I'd like to ask you publicly.

Dear Leesa,

I have a dear cyber stalker who treks into both our blogs. She used to be an "old friend" of mine but now has resorted to obsessing over the doodling of our lil' ol' blogs.

She also insists that I'm a "tranny". I take this as a great compliment, only due to the fact that most transitioning "women" are tall and thin.

Any tips?

The Hunted

~Deb said...

Ever been to Glen Spey, NY Leesa?

Leesa said...


Ysabella is a peach. I went to the link you had, and you know, I did not realize how beautiful she really is. I started watching for the music, and after watching the bloopers, I can see why you would consider her.

And thanks for the question. Perhaps I will tackle it next week.

~Deb said...

Those EYES of her's. OMG! Ok. I'm married. I have to stop coveting and breaking one of the ten commandments---possibly 2 with adultery. :| Didn't realize that being married would have me committing more sins!!! Thought it would make me an "honest woman". ha! ;)

OK. Med cart is rolling down the corridor. Gotta go.