Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Blog Following and Anal Sex

If you have not guessed, I have been a bit distracted lately. Not bad distracted, but distracted from everything blog-related. Actually, this has been an evolutionary process, and I have been more dispassionate the last year to eighteen months.

By dispassionate, I don't mean I don't care at all. I usually care so damn much about things that interest me. For instance, when I was first blogging, I would hit 20 or 30 blogs per day, making comments about half of them. Witty comments too. And not about panties or cum stains (hard to believe, I know), but about living with loss, hand regeneration, bio-nuclear engineering, and pop tart art. I fancied myself the Michelle Angelo of blogging (yeah, I know it's Michael, but there did not seem to be a bunch of well-rounded women in the Renaissance period (I mean, Bottochelli's female models were rounded, but not well-rounded).

Anyway, there is a sort of new feature called Blogger Following. The feature lets readers/viewers publicly subscribe to your blog and, if you want it, can add a "Follower" list to your blog so that people can see who follows your blog. It lets you know who is reading, and they don't miss a single sentence fragment. I don't know if I want to add a follower list – it looks cool, but sadly, I only have one follower. I mean, an army is a cool thing, but an army of one, well that seems to be fairly pathetic. Incidentally, that is also the US Army's current tag line. Oopsie.

The following is a clip from an HBO show called Lucky Louie. It is making its way around, and although I don't particularly like the subject, I was rolling on the floor laughing. Perhaps because I don't like the subject (anal sex). It's of an adult nature, so it is tasteful (unlike some of my posts).

I don't know why I am mixing these two very different subjects – just say my medication levels are off, perhaps. Oh, and I am not sure you should mix anything with anal sex – that has led many a person to the local emergency room. Remember, don't replace light bulbs while engaging in anal sex. It goes badly for those involved, but it does provide wonderful joke potential.

The first post after the election – deals with leaders and anal sex. Makes sense to me.


Lara said...

I missed the jump to anal sex. Not sure quite how you got there. But I guess that can be the case with anal sex many times... you're often not quite sure how you got there.

Oh wait. That wasn't my point.

My point is that I have an army of one on my blog too. And I just can't bear to let people know how pathetic I am, so I don't put a followers widget up.

Hey, if I follow you and you follow me, we could each have two. I wonder if that's how people get so many... reciprocal following?

Anonymous said...

That was funny on so many levels, even the woman logic of identifying her. I think I could identify my wife that way.

Anyway, I use the follower thing and I like it. I do. It's a nice feature.


Grant said...

I don't use the follower thingie, but I have added people who were begging for attention. Promise me lots of anal sex (preferably with Japanese schoolgirls) and I'll add you too. Then you'll have an army of two, which makes you precisely twice as powerful as America.

LarryLilly said...

Grant, you need help

or older Japanese schoolgirls perhaps!


better to be memorable to one than lukewarm to many!

~Deb said...

Oh no. No way. Exit only. I'm with him on this one!

This was hysterical.

I also just learned about the following thing---but blogrolls do the same thing right?


~Deb said...

Silly question probably, but how do you follow a blog? Is there something you click on?

Joe said...

Blogging is like anal sex. That analogy sprung to mind, but I have no idea how to tie it all together. Can you work on that for me?

~ deb: The blog owner has to install the widget in their sidebar (it's available on the blogger page) and then readers just click to add themselves.

Grant said...

~deb: or if you want to follow a blog but not bother adding the widget to your template, you can add blogs to follow from the blogger dashboard. It is like other blogrolls, but the google widget only shows which ones use the google blog-follow list.

QUASAR9 said...

Aah so the comments box did open

QUASAR9 said...

Obama (like Tony Blair here ten years ago) appealed to the new generation the 18-30 voters
And the majority voted for change (and possibly belatedly against the war on Iraq. Bye bye Blair, bye bye Bush)

Leesa said...

lara: sorry, the video was about anal sex. Hence, the jump.

knot: the woman identifying herself was not about identifying herself; it was about her mate knowing her.

grant: thanks for the explanation. I had no idea.

larry: so very zen of you.

~deb: I will post something about "exit only" Friday.

joe: I just finished writing something for Friday on this. Thanks for the suggestion.

quasar: you do realize that Bush was not running? He was scheduled to leave anyway.

~Deb said...

Thanks guys! I'm gonna check out the widgets and start adding. But doesn't that take away the entire purpose of a blogroll? Ok. Off to add some peeps.

Exit only Friday? Great. Count me in! Well, ......out. :|

QUASAR9 said...

lol Leesa,
I do realise Bush was not running
neither did Tony Blair

I meant bye bye - as in glad to see the nack of - to Bush & Blair
the leaders wgo destroyed and invaded a country (Iraq) just because they could.

I think as much as the black vote, the anti-war vote (sentiment) was instrumental in getting obama and the democrats elected