Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sad News from ~Deb

I just read on her blog that ~Deb is quitting blogging. I have been toying with the idea, but I am not as brave as ~Deb.

~Deb is such a creative writer. I love reading her – it is akin to eating her up with every blog entry.

I was just finishing an entry that will be posted tomorrow (and I am proud of the entry, actually), and then I thought I had a few minutes to catch up. I am pairing back my time to devote more of it to writing, and then I see this.



グラント said...

I just saw that. I'm hurt too. It's like a friend suddenly announces he or she will no longer be a part of your life, then turns and walks away without discussion.

Plus she was hot. The bloggysphere needs more vixen bloggers. I command you to stay put.

Anonymous said...

I never read her blog until today, but I know how fond of her blog you were. I guess some times it's time to stop. And that's the down side to blogging, the losing of a friend even if it is someone we don't physically see all the time.


Tim said...

Damn!!! I just saw Deb's note before reading yours. I only read 3 or 4 blogs and now one is gone and you are thinking about it..... Damn!!!

GW Mush said...


I wont be happy if you stopped blogging too.
I like you and enjoy reading your blog.

Oh, and like that guy above with Japanese synbols is it?
After years of reading Deb's blog, I'm surprised she didnt let us post our goodbyes. Ima lil hurt too.

kathi said...

I'm sure she has her reasons, but that won't stop us from missing her terribly.

Leesa said...

grant: I concur. A hot blogger that both women and men desire. Hard to beat that.

edge: you missed a treat.

tim: I know.

gw mush: perhaps she did not want to read them.

kathi: I can understand her wanting to stop. Just sad for me.

~Deb said...

Thanks, Leesa. Although I won't be writing in that blog for now, I will still visit yours, as well as all of our blogger friends. I didn't say I'm going to quit reading. You all are just too damn interesting. And you said something in the comments of my blog, which is the main reason why I feel I had to stop writing: I feel examined. And not even by people who do not know me - it's people who know me personally in real life who've been examining me and criticizing every detail of my life. I guess I should be stronger and overcome all of that, but I admit it...I'm not as strong as some thought. I can't even put two sentences together (aside from this lovely comment), or even write a decent post any longer.

Maybe in time that'll change, but for now, I have to rest my pen.

Love you Leesa and will still be visiting you and putting my two cents of a comment in!

Thanks everyone! It is like a "family" here in Bloggerville.


LarryLilly said...

Its ironic, isnt it.

Debs leaving the blog world, and the book that she wrote dealing with loss, and now, they are intertwined. What perhaps she created, the loss of a blog-mate, she has provided a way to resolve, her book.

I found her style, like some others out here, and yours, to be akin to a stiletto, not heavy with words, but yet a deep piercing effect.

Yes, she will be missed, but her comments which i am sure she will post as she dwells on subjects near and far, will be nuggets to be gleaned wherever and whenever we find them.

~Deb said...

Just wanted to say thanks to you Leesa and everyone. I didn't know not opening up my comment section would actually upset some. I had a few emails that were unsettling, that indicated that I didn't care for anyone's feelings regarding not opening up comments.

So...I opened them. My apologies. I'm still "here" and reading though! I'm not giving up my blog or my favorite bloggers. Just taking a LONG break probably... until the "examination" process gives in a bit. Tired.

Love you all.

Pittchick said...

I was sad to read that, too.