Friday, April 18, 2008

No Naked Pictures Here

Sorry guys, ~Deb is still on my mind.

Okay, I know, for many of you. A smart, hot, lesbian is something that you think about often. Granted. ~Deb’s absence has sort of made me think more and more about my flirting with giving up this blogging thing.

I know I am thinking out loud, but sometimes I wonder if decisions we make, I make, keep us from doing the things we were meant to do. I am not suggesting that I will stop blogging – or that ~Deb is taking a break because she needs to work on something else. Why ~Deb is taking a break is ~Deb's business. If she were to post naked pics on a sight, that would be my business.

Sometimes we don't take risks. To continue to write on this blog is not risky. To scale back time on this blog to pursue a new interest, a bit riskier. Especially if the other interests are new, that makes things risky.

I want to write, but I don't want to write the same sort of thing that I do on this blog. I want to write a novel. A novel has a beginning, middle and end that grips the reader. My trite little bursts (in this blog) are written to capture one's interest, stimulate a bit of discussion, and then I am out the door.

To write a novel, I always thought you had to have the entire novel all mapped out. But the more I read about writing, the more I think that novelists are just making things up as they go. One novelist suggested that writing a book is like driving at night, the headlights illuminating the next thirty feet of road. The author, nor the reader, really knows where the story is going.

I like writing three times per week. I have spent my extra time this week catching up one work. Yeah, my employer has benefited to date. Next week I hope to start writing something.

All I need is a subject.


Deb said...
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~Deb said...

believe both are a risk: retiring from writing, knowing when the story is finally over AS WELL as to continue on pursuing what you love. I admire you for shooting out a post every day. I wonder, if you put every single post into a memoir, would you choose to publish it? I've been reading you for almost 3 years now. I'm still hooked. :)

Now, if I posted naked pictures on my blog, I would be forced to end the damn thing for people fleeing from the horrific photographs! *sigh*

I was watching the news this morning and they were saying how the pope is this incredible writer. They also said something interesting... One broadcaster said that a person who is a good writer is an excellent thinker. If someone can provoke thoughts by mere words on "paper", then their thought process and intellect are on a very high level.

What do you think about what she said?

グラント said...

Why don't you write a story about a woman who blogs and has a hot lesbian pal she would like to kiss so she can post pictures on said blog but then suddenly the GIANT ATOMIC CHICKENS™ ATTACK IN ACCORDANCE WITH SATANIC PROPHECY! There is pandemonium in the streets as the two heroines scramble to locate the weapons they will need to survive while still making out and looking for a Japanese schoolgirl to add to the mix. There - that ought to get you through the first few pages. Let your mind wander from there.

And I agree about not mapping things out. I tried writing from an outline and was frustrated when my imagination wanted to wander. Over time I realized that the story is supposed to take on a life of its own.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I've read several books on writing and they all made it sounds as if everything needed to be planned out.

the I go to Laurell K. Hamilton's daily blog (she writes The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series which are best sellers) and she kind of just muckity-mucks along. Sure, sometimes she'll have to go back and re-write a chapter to fit with the last chapter she wrote but still...she doesn't really know where she's going to end up till she gets there.

I once had a writer tell me to NEVER go back a re-read your story until you are completely finished...because then you never will'll keep changing stuff and changing stuff and before you know it, you've been working on your novel for months and you're still only on chapter two.

Ian Lidster said...

In novel writing, at least for it to work, the thing has to assume a life of its own, I have found. I am currently in the middle one in which my hero, my focal point at the beginning, has now been murdered. Where do I go from here? But, the idea of killing him off actually manifested itsel when I realized I did not like him very much, and he basically deserved it. He did something so despicable to his ex wife that he did not deserve to live. Good luch with your writing, Leesa. I've said it before, and shally say it again, you are really very good at the craft and produce one of the more readable blogs to be found.

Video X said...

Perhaps.....this blog is keeping you from writing a novel of some sort. perhaps....this blog is an excuse? or not. it's easy here. nobody is going to hurt you really...even if they make mean comments. but what are mean comments compared to having a publisher turn you down if you fail? do not let fear of failure ruin you,...better not let fear of failure make you keep a blog for comfort.

Leesa said...

~deb: I am trying to post three times per week now. Not every workday. I am going to try to write, really write. Sometimes excellent writers are good thinkers. Sometimes, however, some with good editors make good writers as well.

grant: I like your story. In fact, I think I am living it. Even the chickens.

stacey: the more writing books I read, the successful writers don't plan things out. The stories are born and takes on a life of its own.

ian: I just wrote something (above) that uses almost the exact words you used.

VX: I think it may be an excuse. That's what concerns me.

~Deb said...

Good, I look forward to reading your posts! I'm glad you have a fire under your ass! I love your writing, whether it's flirtatious, intellectually stimulating or just funny.

You rock!

~Deb said...

Don't think I'm not going to stalk you 'cause I'm not writing anymore.