Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Fools, One Day Late

I was trying yesterday to think of a good April Fools joke. I thought of a few, but all of the jokes seemed a bit cruel. April Fools Day seems to be a cruel day, and I don't want to be cruel.

A while back, I announced I would start posting three days per week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And I kept my promise for a week or so. Then I went back to posting five days per week. I had the energy; I had the words; I had the drive.

I was ahead of the game, writing the blog entries days before posting them. And I got busy again. And I went on vacation, doing my best to catch the alpha and beta rays, as well as punish my liver. Isn't that what vacation is all about?

You know, I have sort of enjoyed watching the Writer's Strike. As a non-TV-watcher, it did not really affect me. Plus I think it gave other people a taste of not having to change their lives around their favorite shows. But it got me to thinking: what are the best television shows that got cancelled?

One of my favorite shows that got cancelled was "My So-Called Life". It starred Claire Danes, and I assumed at the time it was because Ms. Danes asked for too much money. Well, the show was on after I was in high school, so I was not watching a lot of television (and could not care about Entertainment Tonight-type stories). Well, the show got cancelled, and I think it was due to low ratings. Anyway, the show was good – the writing was really good. It took ordinary situations, and made them into poignant vignettes.

I have heard that "Freaks and Geeks" was a good show, but I never saw it. I don't know anything about the show. And now I am wondering about starting to write about televisions shows like I am some sort of expert. Because I really don't know much about television.

I mean, if we want to cancel something, how about cancelling some sports teams? Perhaps we could cancel the Pittsburgh Pirates. I would love to cancel the Atlanta Braves, mostly because I don't like their fans. What kind of fans don't attend the first round of the playoffs because the team makes the playoffs nearly every year?

I guess I should post once per week, because I am practically on empty. Have a good day. And luckily, I can't cancel my blog due to not having anything to say.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Cancelled? I'm not sure. I always liked "Yes, Dear"...and "Still Standing"...they disappeared off the radar and I didn't even realize week, they just weren't on and that was it. No "season finale" or anything.

My MOST favorite show ever wasn't cancelled...they just decided it was time to end it..."Friends". I still miss that show...:(

Right now, I am a "Survivor" junkie....Thursday nights between 8:00-9:00, my big butt is parked in my recliner and I'm not getting up until it's over.

~Deb said...

I hope you don't go on a 'blogger's strike'. Is there such a thing?

I don't watch TV all that often, so I really didn't know much about the writer's strike other than leaving Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno with bad jokes.

Other than that, it didn't affect me personally.

SSC said...

I am with Deb don't go on a bloggers strike!!!!!

I enjoy reading your posts. You really capture me with your words and writing style.