Friday, April 04, 2008

Random Friday #19

I keep vacillating from planning on posting five days per week (Monday through Friday) to three days (Monday-Wednesday-Friday). It all boils down to my simple rules concerning blogging. You need to post on a routine basis in order to hold people's attention. The thing is that posting every work day is easy for people to remember. Posting on one day per week also is easy to remember. Posting on Monday-Wednesday-Friday confuses the hell out of me. I wonder if it confuses other people.

Part of my change is that one third of my entries would be random posts. I started posting randomly to get rid of ideas that did not have enough substance to make a regular post.

I have always liked Target. I pronounce it "Tar-shea" and have ever since I was a teenager. I am not sure it is any different than Wal-Mart (they can't squeeze their wholesalers like Wal-Mart), but I have always liked them. What I never understood is why they would want to use a hunting target as their image. Yes, we want our customers to think about shooting arrows into bails of hay decorated with our company logo. Just does not make sense to me. But I like their stores.

Wanting to publish a book seems to be a common fantasy, but I have thought about authors, and the one's you know about seem to have pretty messed up lives. I mean, if they are not snorting cocaine or being alcoholics, they get hit by cars or shoot themselves with shotguns. Who knows. Several of them have done three or four of those activities.

YouTube Partners
To drive content creation, YouTube has established partnerships with people to encourage them. You notice that Google (same parent company) has not done the same with Blogger? I mean, I don't want any of their money. But I find it interesting – and I guess they don't have to pay writers because so many people want to write. With YouTube, there are tons of other places to post videos and I guess they want to keep them on YouTube.

Captain and Tennille
I was thinking of a song the other day. I don't know the name of the song, but, embarrassingly, the version I have in my head is by Captain and Tennille. One of the lines goes, "once is never enough with a man like you." When I was younger, I really did not know what the song was about. Now that I am older, okay, I still don't know what the song is about. Partly, because I can't remember all of the words.

But the line got me to thinking: is she saying that for some men, once is plenty. I mean, she does not say that, but it is inferred. And I think that thought is hilarious. Captain and Tennille also sang Muscrat Love. I am not sure they could have gotten away with that song now-a-days. Animal love is verboten.

You know, I thought Toni Tennille died, but after Googling her, she has a fan website, a blog (she is also thinking of taking time off), et cetera. I really thought Toni Tennille died of an eating disorder. How could I have gotten her confused with Karen Carpenter? Both are/were a husband and wife team, where they featured the wife.

I got a message from Blog Catalog, touting a new widget called Jargon Fish. My first reaction is that it looks really crappy. I don't like junk on my site. But I like the idea of a tool that would link similar ideas from my site to other sites. For instance, if I was writing a story of cum stains that resembled certain personalities, you would probably want to read other similar articles? True?

New Source of Stem Cells
When I was in college, people made extra money by going to the blood bank. Now, I can imagine a menstrual fluid bank. I can see it now, "Wanted: Kind, courteous support staff to help with harvesting of menstrual stem cells. Must be willing to take abuse from some who have PMS into days one and two." Actually, I did not know any women who sold their blood (or more accurately, platelets). Now college co-eds will have something to sell for beer/pizza money.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Lara said...

Random comments to a random post.

No one would want to pay me to write. And it wouldn't be socially acceptable for google to pay me to post naked pics. Guess I'd better keep the day job.

Isn't that song "Do that to me one more time"?

When do we see the Britney Spears cum stain?

Anonymous said...

Menstrual stem cells ( pause ) ... is this a new job I can threaten my kids with? "If you don't go to college all you'll be qualified to do is dig ditches, clean toilets and collect menstrual stem cells."

Can you imagine that job?


GW Mush said...

Hi Leesa,

I too like a simple blog without the jargon fish and all the cluttering gimmicks.

Have a nice weekend :)

Leesa said...

lara: Thanks for the name of the song. And I think Google should pay you for your lovely photos. They are artistic, not erotic.

jef: nice way to threaten the kids.

gw: yeah, I am into simple.

richmanwisco said...

Leesa, I wouldn't put too much into your posting frequency. I subscribe to your blog through bloglines. When you post, it's there, I don't miss a thing.

seattledrizzle said...

Looking back on it, Muskrat Love was actually a pretty good song. I doubt a song like that would even get released now, which is unfortunate.

You owe it to yourself to buy their20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Captain & Tennille, which has my three favorite songs of theirs:

Shop Around
Love Will Keep Us Together
Lonely Night (Angel Face)

Interestingly, Neil Sedaka co-wrote Love Will Keep Us Together as well as You Never Done It Like That. He also wrote Lonely Night.

Can you tell I'm a fan? ;)

~Deb said...

My mother calls Target, "Tar-shea" all the time. She also goes to Kohl's, and calls it, "Koolatas", just so no one knows she got her wardrobe there.

I have to say, in my own personal opinion, authors are very much like "artists". They usually write in their most deepest emotional state. Of course, I can only talk from experience.

I write about relationships, God, and off-the-wall topics that would contradict myself. It depends on my mood, my emotions and a whole buncha' other b/s. Writing is an outlet and when that outlet doesn't provide much of an income (eh-hem, my book has a HIGH ranking - which is BAD BAD BAD!), then I can see some getting very depressed, if that's the only thing they depend on for an income. An ex of mine thought I was rich because I had a book out. (HA!) Yeh. Right.

Anyway, just wanted to stop in and give you my 2 cents, and some change...whatever I made off the one book I sold this year. ;)

mal said...

I love random posts.

TARGET- I have some background for you. Daytons spent years developing and experimenting with the TARGET format. Supposedly, "TARGET" was an outgrowth of them trying to define what their target was. Thats the local B school legend anyway.

TARGET does have the clout to abuse their vendors like Wal-Mart does but chooses not to. Also, a certain percentage of everything they sell goes back into local community charities.

I like and respect TARGET as what an American company can be and seldom is, a good citizen

Frankly Speaking said...

I like Target. I feel better shopping there than I do at Wal Mart, which always clutters its aisles with random stuff and feels distinctly low rent. Target is still inexpensive but feels classier somehow.

The Carpenters actually were a brother-sister team.

Ian Lidster said...

I always found Toni Tennille very sexy, and I'm not even sure why.

Joe said...

With respect to blogging routines, I'm pretty sure that all of my posts are pretty routine so I'm set there.

I love these "house clearing" kinds of posts. I'd imagine that most of us have tons of unfinished drafts, and it's great to get the ideas out there.

Leesa said...

richman: thanks for that.

seattle: I loved Capt and Tennille.

deb: I want to write a story that has layers of meaning. And it does not even have to be published, just finished.

mal: I know they kick 5% back to the communities. It is not why I shop there, but probably why they don't have some of the problems that Wal-Mart has.

frank: brother and sister? Oh.

ian: Toni Tennille never did anything for me. I was a little girl and loved her songs (and her television variety show, though I can only remember watching it a few times).

joe: yeah, I love cleaning house. And these are the most popular posts because, I think, there is something for everyone.