Wednesday, June 27, 2007

iPhone Lust

I have seen commercials for the new iPhone. And the iPhone looks so cool. I mean, it looks sleek, sexy, and well, simple. But you know, I am not sure it is as simple as that. I mean, I have an iPod, another elegant device. It looks sleek, sexy, and well, simple. See above.

Well, when I first got my iPod, I was so excited. I easily loaded a bunch of songs on the thing, turned it on and listened. I even figured out how to control the volume. I was so excited, and I listened to great music. Then I went to turn off the iPod, and I could not figure out how to do it.

Here I am with a new piece of technology and I cannot figure out how to turn off the iPod. Yes, I did not turn it off. I just re-charged it the next day. Then I "googled" it (yes, the directions were at home, the iPod was at work), and figured out how to turn the device off.

The iPod only plays music. Okay, it does other things, but that's what it is designed for.

The iPhone. Well, it is a phone, but it surfs the web, it can serve up YouTube videos, it can get your e-mail, it can play music, it can do so much. And you know, I don't really know how to use my cellular phone. What chance will I have knowing how to use a iPhone? And I don't want to get one of these devices and not know how to hang up the phone. I mean, think of the bills.

But the phone looks great. It looks sexy. And I want one nonetheless. Now that is great Apple marketing.


Gareth said...

Because it's Apple it will almost certainly be easy to use. I think when you're on a phone call with an iPhone there is a big "End Call" button displayed on the touch screen ;)

Have you seen the newest videos APple has posted? They will just increase your lust even more. As far as I can tell the biggest negative is the slow web-browsing on the Edge network. if you have access to a WiFi network you should be OK.

RWA said...

Well, it works, huh? They've sold you on a $500-$600 phone. Have fun.

The reviews I've read have been mixed, and I would probably have to decide against it - even if I did have that much money to spend on a phone.

TrappedInColorado said...

At $500 and limited to ATT.. I wish I was rich like Leesa! :)

Anonymous Boxer said...

Oh, I have a little crush on this new phone too. I'll take another look in about 12 months when the price is down to reasonable.

P.S. I love Google.

~Deb said...

They say that the graphics are hard to read -- I would wait out the consumer testing period if I were you- but that's just me.

Also, the way I turn off my iPod is pausing it and clicking that little "hold button" on. How do you turn it off anyway???????

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Z said...

I just stop it, leave it and it turns itself off. Is there an actual 'off' button?

We in this country are very appreciative of America for trying out the iPhone and ironing out any problems. I want one too. I don't actually need one, but I want one quite badly.

Zibi said...

Might be a while before it reaches these shores.

Yippeeskip said...

I have wet dreams about the iPhone

LarryLilly said...

Its made by Apple

Repeat after me, Its made by Apple.

Remember the first mac computers. I do, when they first came out, they were simple, and very good. And Apple priced them that way.

This item fortunately will have a clone made by mid next year. Its not that good at any one thing, its just a new toy that lumps them all together.

It too shall pass.

I will wait for a better clone to come out, and half the price, and even then, i still wont buy it, because I am cheap, and for me, i dont need to have my fingers sliding all over the place.

Can you see a dyslexic using that thing?

He will make a call to China as he tries to download a vid of him and his GF the night before.

kathi said...

Oh, sweet darlin', I want one too! But, there are things I want more, like groceries and to keep the boys and I out of the local, it'll have to wait. Maybe by the time I can afford it, more than At&t will carry it.

Kat said...

My son, the technology guru, tells me its slow. Slow enough to incite sufficient rage to smash it on the closest sidewalk. I want one, but I think I'll wait until they work the bugs out.

Dayngr said...

I lust too but, I know that just like the iPod, the price will come down soon.

Dr. Deb said...

It does look like a great piece of technology.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice that Apple is not making a computer that works any better, just products that are peripheral devices. Who needs a $3000 computer that has no software to load on it. It then becomes a $3000 iPod that can't be shut off.

I'm not an apple fan.


Prata said...

Apple has always had very good UI designers. They have ALWAYS had good UI designers. Their hardware isn't really all that special. he OS is pretty. I like it, because it's based on BSD. ^_^ I do not like that their marketing blinds people to some basic truths about computing. So, $500 dollars for a phone that doesn't actually do anything more than a phone does from That's dumb. Phones in asia and expensive phones here in the US already play videos. You don't need an iphone to do that. It's really kind of a waste. I know in China they have been using the 3G network to stream video for a while, same in Japan. So yah...anyway...there's that then.

mal said...

no argument, it looks WAY cool!

I am not an "early adopter" however (surprising for a tech geek) I usually wait to see how well people adapt to it.

Of course I still prefer using tranparencies and over head projectors too....*L*

~ Amanda X&O said...

I'm gonna bet that in 6 months they'll have all of the 'bugs' worked out and the iPhone will be a much better thing than it is now. So everyone that stood in line for 3 days to buy one will shell out another 600 bucks to go buy the latest version.

But still, I want one too.

kathi said...

Amanda is so smart. :)

Where are you, Leesa? Hope you're okay.