Thursday, June 21, 2007

Internet Stalkers

I want to talk about stalkers today. You see, I have my very own Internet stalker.

First, a few notes about stalkers. Most stalkers are men. Women, in general, don't stalk men. I mean, for the men out there, the odds of getting stalked by a deranged woman is extremely small, but you know, if you do, watch the heck out. Women stalkers are extremely dangerous. Think boiling the family pet when they get pissed off.

Anyway, I have my very own Internet stalker. He got my email address a long time ago, and every once in a while, he writes. And I ignore him.

His note: "Just checking in."

My response:

His note: "Thinking of you."

My response:

His note: "Are you pregnant."

My response:

I am not sure he knows he is a stalker. He just writes me and I don't respond. Oh, yeah, and years ago I said something like, "Please don't write."

His response was something like, "Do you really love your pet bunny?"

I don't often give out my email; yeah, some of you have it. But I do rarely give it out. Not that I am afraid you will cut me up in little bits. But you never know.

Women live in fear that men just don't get.

When I walk into an elevator and only one other person is in the elevator and a man, I get anxious. And if I get creepy vibes, I get off the elevator. Why would you ever be enclosed in a space with a man who gives you the creeps? Yeah, most of my girlfriends think I am strange (they politely label it as cautious). Yeah, I have a thing against germs as well. On and off. And sometimes spiders. Rationally, I know spiders can't hurt me, but then I see their eight legs and imagine their 240 eyes just staring at me, pondering how to catch me in their web, bite me, immobilize me, and then suck all of my blood out of me.

If I think this of a spider that I can crush with a sneaker, guess how and Internet stalker makes me feel?


Ian Lidster said...

Like you said, Leesa, female stalkers are more rare. But, they exist and, having been the victim of one, they can be equally frightening and destructive.
A horrible feeling of vulnerability ensues and it's a hideous feeling to be constantly looking over your shoulder or thinking that the people you cherish in your life might be under threat.
Good post,


RWA said...

I don't think that's strange. There is nothing wrong with being cautious - especially when a person has dealt with a stalker (male or female).

That's interesting about the spiders, though.

Leesa said...

ian: I knew someone who was stalked by a woman (and no, not stalked by me).

rwa: I like being cautious.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I have no problem getting out of an elevator is someone gives me the creeps.. I think it's important to listen to our internal warnings. I also have to say that much of my appreciation for boxing came from knowing if I ever do come face to face with a spider, or a stalker, or creepy elevator person, I have a wicked left hook.

Sorry someone has something of yours that they shouldn't.

kathi said...

Had one in real life, had to have him arrested for trying to break into my home and following me to and from work. Turns out he had a warrant out for him anyway...on a sexual assault. You never can be too careful. I'd never met him in person ~ he just saw me walking my dog a couple of times and that was all it took to set him off.

GW Mush said...


We need email anti-stalking laws, hehe

JD said...

i've had a stalker too, so being careful is just smart. now about the spiders thing... nah, it's pretty normal too. my dog got stung by a brown recluse, it was not pretty.

now i know why you'd never given me your email. hmmm. ;) jk.

the pet bunny line made me chuckle, thanks for the interesting post, as always.

~Deb said...

Well, are ya pregnant? (hehe) Sorry about all those annoying emails. I'll keep it to a low roar! ;)

I've misssseddddd youuuuuuuuu!

Prata said...

This is why you learn a killing art. Me: not afraid of dangerous people because I am dangerous too. Yes yes, I know...violence isn't the answer....

Violence is the question. Their death is the answer. ^_^

richmanwisco said...

do you like to walk in the rain on a hot, summer night?

Dwardisimo Rex said...

It puts the lotion in the basket, or it gets the hose again.

Carmi said...

It frightens me to think how easy it is for someone to stalk me. Technology has made it amazingly simple to do.

Thankfully, technology has also made it possible to track the creeps. At least it gives us small hope that we can at least begin to protect ourselves.

Sigh...sometimes, this world is too scary for words.