Friday, June 08, 2007

Bad Haircuts and Boobs

A couple of weeks ago, I was doing some errands with my husband. We had to drop off my car to get it serviced, and then after that I dropped off hubbie while I did some shopping. I offered to go into the salon and talk with his hair stylist because the last couple of haircuts he received were bad. Hubbie, in typical fashion, did not want me to go into the shop.

Well, I did my shopping and returned when he said his haircut would be complete. Well, he was not outside of the shop, so I parked and entered.

Upon entering, I see him getting his haircut. There is this incredibly built hair stylist cutting his hair, her body a bit close for my taste. She is blond, has large breasts and is attractive. She does, however, have sun-damaged skin, and she is a bit older than me.

I come up to them and say brightly, "Hi, Sweetie!"

Susan answers, "You must be Mrs. _____."

Then, through the course of the conversation, I learn that she had started cutting his hair at the same time his haircuts started looking worse. Now it does not take a research scientist to draw the correlation. Pre-bad haircuts: no big-breasted blonde cutting my husband's hair. Post-bad haircuts: this big-breasted blonde cutting my husband's hair.

But here is what I don't get: why get your hair cut by someone who cuts it badly just because she has nice breasts?

Sort of reminds me of this one particular server we would have at one of our favorite restaurants. She had large breasts, and every time she filled my husband's water glass, he got a brush with them. It was so obvious, and at one point, I nearly said, "What about me? I am paying tonight."

I did tell him about it after we left one. He shrugged and said, "What 'chu gonna do?" At that point, I did not know if it was appropriate for me to correct his English or tell him he should have said something nice about me. Instead, at least, I put him on notice. I couldn't have him thinking about her breasts later that evening.


Anonymous said...

The lady who cuts my hair doesn't wear a bra it took me about 2 years to keep from being distracted. But I'm not attracted to her. They are the average woman breasts.

And yes, a guy will get his hair cut poorly just so a pretty girl with big boobs will brush against him.

But here's what I have told my wife. I can look at a woman and think, "Mmmm sex would be nice," but the minute she leaves, it's like she was never there. She was amazed men can get women out of their head so quickly.


LarryLilly said...


Look at it from a womans perspective. In both situations mentioned, the woman is a "service" employee. They are using their womanhood to enhance THEIR income. Sex sells, and it provides tips as well.

What edge says is also true, its eye candy to a man, but its not something that you endanger your real relationship with (unless that one is on real bad grounds).

You know full about fantasy's, your own deeds have shown that, but hey, the 10 minutes of getting a womans hands on his head, some eye candy in his face isnt going to make him see anyone else but you later that evening.

Besides, from your description of her (a bit older than me) would make him say, do I want hamburger (her) or steak (you)


~Deb said...

I hear that Hooter's has some great wings! ;) I have a male stylist, thank God, because if I were to go to a busty blonde stylist, I wouldn't care how my hair looked.

LarryLilly said...

And my wife cuts my hair, and does a great job, She gives excellent "head" LOL

(thats bad I know LOL)

T said...

Nice one to end the week! of coourse it is also a reminder that I now have my hair cut like Bruce Willis.... ahhh yes, and I remember when I went 5 years without a haircut or shave... lol
I agree with Larry's post, she is using what she has, or what she has left it sounds like, to add to her income. And of course your husband is the one walking around with a nasty haircut.
You could always offer to give him a shampoo.... could be interesting. Probably make him forget the eye candy at the bottom of the bowl. Have a great weekend.

Ian Lidster said...

'cause sometimes the breasts press against you when you're getting your hair cut. Anyway, my hairdresser isn't big breasted, but she's cute and smells nice. Bonus, she also gives me great haircuts. I've gone to her for 10 years and I am intensely loyal to her.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I keep offering to cut The PK's hair but he always tells me "No thanks."

Maybe if I get me some bigger boobs? ;)

LarryLilly said...


You like me, have found that years has reduced what she can cut, making what was once a 20 minute pursuit of happiness turn into something only lasting 10 LOL

Leesa said...

edge: yeah, I thought this might be the case with some other guys as well.

larry: thanks, sweetie. So I am steak. Nice.

~deb: I used to have a male stylist who was gay. But he moved. I loved chatting with him, and I got the best styles.

larry: that sort of gives me an idea for a short story.

t: thanks. This has been a rough week for me.

ian: I am extremely loyal to my stylist. 4 years.

stacey: somehow I don't think bigger boobs would get him to trust you with scissors near his neck.

larry: funny!

GW Mush said...

Leesa... excellent post today!

You got me in the mood. Now im going to go out and get my haircut, hopefully get rubbed up against with nice breasts, mmmmmm yummy.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I am annoyed to think she is working the breasts more than she is working the scissors. Grrr.

I've been in a similar situation, EXCEPT she cuts his hair FABULOUSLY so I am screwed.

~Deb said...

GW: I found out you go to the same stylist that I do to. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ;)

RWA said...

Come on, you don't really think that he lets this woman cut his hair regularly just because she has big boobs, do you?


kathi said...

Your hubby is a lucky man. Got his appetizer at the salon and the main course at home. Me...I think he deserves the bad hair cut. :)

Leesa said...

gw: I got you in the mood for a haircut. Great.

boxer: I wonder if they teach that in beauty school?

~deb: perhaps they are twins.

rwa: er, actually, knowing my hubbie, yeah, I think he does.

kathi: thanks, sweetie. Cute comment.

Mark said...

I must be missing out -- I haven't had my hair cut in 3 years.

Warrior said...

You could have just said "oh so that's why your haircuts are so bad,........nice'on we are leaving " Then brought him to a barber :-)

Leesa said...

mark: too bad for you.

warrior: it is his hair, though. I am not that agressive.

Sheen V said...

I prefer that I sit in the barber chair next to the stylist with the big boobs, or the nice ass, or the make-me-melt eyes - its much easier to stare at her that way.